Monday, February 27, 2012

Gas Energy Capacity and gravity

in view of this video i decided to make a blog post...

he asks about gravities affect the energy within atoms...

it is my view that gravity make the energy emission spectrum of atoms different for several reasons:

1 : the gravity clamps the average energy before light emission
2 : gravity encourages the gaining or loss of energy into the system by rewarding fall with energy and taking it away from rising particles obviously.

3 : gravity obviously encourages concentration of gasses and thus energy ,
Such as in earths atmosphere or the sun.

thus in space due to the frequency of light emission versus absorption the average energy level is quite low where as in an atmosphere the energy would be stored or intercepted due to concentration of gasses and solids ,
where as in space the warm gasses would be leaveing the aria and dispersing ; while at the same time losing energy and with the atoms being so far apart there is little chance of it being received by anything that can defract it into more than one form of energy release.

How does gravity afect energy mantanence .and how it afects the transfer of force inside grease and water

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