Sunday, August 31, 2014

dolphin birth

while watching this i was wondering about this "babies born tail first so they can breath" thing....

my thoughts are as follows :
dolphin skeletons and spines favour the forward movement ...
so a baby skull would be inconvenient if placed in such a place that it interfered with the mothers movement while bringing that baby to life... in the womb etcetera.
so the best answer should be that the baby is best advantaged while copying sympathetically the movements of mother as she swims , during pregnancy and during birth..
since because of the shape of the tail it might make it harder to birth tail first ... but then pushing on the head while the baby is inside to push it out would probably make more sense from a physics opinion.

Hologram Universes

Hologram Universes (c)RS

Vectors i believe are an ideal of a system that represents the hologram
my argument would be based upon the principles of geometry and the laws of conservation of energy.

geometry states : between two points the most efficient way to get from point A to point B without granularity is a line , a line is a vector.

if the universe stuck to the pure rules of geometry without error then the line and the circle are ideal examples of rules that are simple to reproduce and efficient in concept.

one would assume that simply sticking to the rules of geometry on an infinite replicating medium - represented within a hologram would in principle stick to an error free copy with exactingly perfect mirror effects.

a mirror effect could be proven when both the left and the right side of your face where exactly the same ( not many people are exact ideal representations of left and right replication )
the same for below as above within a fractal in an ideal environment.

so what are we to assume about the universe ?

few forms of life are perfect vectors
in a vector hologram universe the ideal is geometric symmetry for that is in theory the most efficient.

the brain is an example of a replicating system that follows rules to reproduce,
the brain is not perfectly symetrical mirroring ( however the brain does work well and reasonably error free )

hands for example are of a differing shape and size on the same body...
a fractal represents perfection perfectly ( it can also not if the rules are right )

based upon the assumptions of perfect replication and perfect reproduction one would assume that a hologram universe would be ideally perfect according to geometric principles and if it was not, that the product within it would almost certainly go back to perfection - because within maths perfection and simplicity are ideals not only of the mind but also of efficiency..
however perfection is perfectly boring is it not ? but then we do instinctively strive for perfection and efficiency.

result = (effort) x (knowledge + power + brain power)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Turning classic film into 3D footage (c)RS

Turning classic film into 3D footage

(c)Rupert Summerskill

proof of concept and patent app

by taking classic cinema films (the originals) and using 6 lasers of the 2 polarities and passing them through a frame of a film (a classic example alien) or Casablanca...

it is possible to analyse the crystal structure of the constituting frame and produce a frame of information that reproduces both the formation angles and structure of each grain in high resolution....

this allows for the post production process to take the data and map the light angle of each pixel from the camera lense and also the distance to target for each pixel within the frame bearing in mind the focal length of the lens used and the depth within which each level of blure and or sharpness is produced and upon which part of the pigment splodge the light arrived and in theory the exacting polarity characteristics of each pixel....

mapping these together and interpolating the data to produce high definition frames with a 3 dimensional content and other cool features such as white balancing and light characteristics / energy spectrum....

this process can also be applied to film for cameras and to some degree to darkroom printed mediums.

using GPU and or cpu processed data can be filtered and interpolated into properly amazing product worthy of cann and other places where classic footage is admired and played... for many seasons to come.

Pt 2:

Focal depth calculations 3D: using ML depth of field calculations based no blur & sharpness,
comparing lens information for F point and focal depth, The recovery of this information is entirely possible..
Additional information about the size of objects and people also helps clarify 3D estimations & Enumerated table emulation for 3D redistribution.

Putting the focal information in to VR is also possible, Ether to turn that information into 3D..
Or to visualise depth of field/view.

VR-VMP-3D - Vector tables/SIMD/RayTracing/High Precision Float & Light/Shade & Colour HDR Mapping & Polymorphic HDR 3D Sound, Texture emulation of feel, touch and sensation though Direct Compute Shaders & poly numeric maths.

Haptic 3D feeling/Sensation/Visuals/Sound & Audio for JS/script & code/Open CL/Direct Compute for 3D/Video/Internet HPC.

Friday, August 29, 2014

petroleum - the cost of burning

the hidden sides of burning gasoline and diesel

when ever a gas company is making profits off of burning gasoline and diesel in engines they take for granted that at a later date renewabls can be developed (after being stunted and slandered by the petrochemical industry)

but in this great famine of the gasoline world what will really be missing ?
what is the most invisible side of splurging all our gas on 1970 onward american gas guzzling cars ....

ill name a few things we shall miss :

plastics : glasses , lenses , steering wheels , car seat belts , wheels , paints etcetera...

pharmaceutical industry : solvents , drugs (plastic syringes also)

computer components : diode's , screens , cases , paints

shoes , socks , coats , hair combs , hair clips

phones : padding foam , cases , screens , L.E.D's

plastic films on things , water repulsive films

ladies and gentlemen the economics of the petrochemical industry have us burning it in cars and trucks when those things can easily be replaced by electric or organic.... people think that petroleum should be burned....

should it ?

#gas #Economics #environment #news

Friday, August 22, 2014

order disorder - chaos and entropy

order disorder - chaos and entropy


well ordered things always work as expected .... <> perfect order never exceeds expectations or does anything surprising...

order is efficient <> creativity comes from surprise

life is a system of ordered originality, how does that work*

one cannot expect every thing to work out as expected and have anything outside of that be true....
you plan for war is the survival of a man or a single family in the middle of a bombing run an act of perfection ? or an act of expectation.

do you imagine out perfectly ordered exterminations during purges will leave a single wild flower free ?

would you say in truth that Einstein exceeded his position as the executer of postage stamps... of staple things and an ordered rigid society. :-)

regulation is designed to handle the difficult assumption that a child - woman or man where capable of deciding anything that the rule parenthesise....
an assumption that a person is incapable of a single good act without fear can be proved true or false depending on how a child was and is raised... and bearing in mind the mind of the individual to self differentiate in expression but hold the hands of two twins , are both minds made up about the same facts to follow expectation - just as two bound electrons are supposed to be of opposite values within a synchronocity ... the quantum world differentiates by cause and balance's by act of war - Check mate

for a single most puzzling fact about the beginning of the universe is that order was not present in the actions of the big bang/inflations and sudden appearance of matter and according to our own desire to believe in the impossibility of something not appearing without it's corresponding pair (like socks eh)
for in the presence of created negativity , created positivity..

relationships can go years without the total destruction of love by the desire to get your own way and or be destroyed by getting it.

end of the day the world runs according to lose expectations of what a average person will do and say,
for the desire for perfectly predictable behaviour within a system you create perfect death , perfect slavery and perfect boredom..
100% predictability provide well planed results and 0% likelihood that a system will be as we are today...