Saturday, July 7, 2018

Univers/e/al Algebra - Paper

Univers/e/al Algebra - Paper

Creational diversification of universe creation though algebra expression.

Imagination and will power in the data space.

Universe,Integer,Float,Rand,Chaos - Computation.

Firstly Algebra fits all theories nicely in a mesh... will algebra hold onto all our data ?
To explain definitely but singularly!

Quantum physics is an export to algebra's precision...
or the input into algebra's certainty.

Expanding upon algebra with Expansion floats... Or returning to certainty from the clarity of quantum improbability..

Add to the theory of data and command execution and we may incert all code after the rules as long as we do not mind the result and the outcome.

Probable and usable theory creates rule sets for a universe even if not our own.

Thus we can provide a space for programing logic and algebra in universe creation, To provide the key pre expression note...

To consider the rules one may well define the layout of the source, "The Creative Machine".

Multiverse theory though mathematical, programmatical and chaos fractal origin.

(c)Rupert S

Combining these three allows complexity within subjective conception or to the observer a view of complexity in simplicity.