Saturday, October 3, 2015

Human - Genetic compatibility

Human – Genetic compatibility 
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Considering verities of birds and for example zebras and horses...
Genetic compatibility of human verities is amazing!

Take the following examples :

Humans from south Americas had enough differences to be having trouble eating wheat,
Enough differences from an over 2000 year separation to have different faces and different bums ..
Different skin colors and hair,
Bone structures are different to a degree..

Size and shape..

Japanese verities have different shaped hair.. Recognizably different eyes.. Ears etcetera..
Indian verities are prone to multi arm ism... And are also different !

However when Europeans when’t to explore the world,
Even though it was frowned upon; they bred with the natives all over the world,
Mongols did the same or rather they had a policy to rape the locals and in china they did that over and over; Quite deliberately to spread Mongol blood and to maintain control.

However : the question remains a simple one ! why are all verities of human compatible ?
The fact remains that human genetics are almost amazingly adaptable and for that I and we should and shall be thankful.

There are still people in the jungle with little resistance to the common cold and however separated by time and isolation (more than 100 to 5000 years of evolutionary adaptation.) I still anticipate them to be genetically compatible with a polish ... Russian ... or African seed,

Even apparently Neanderthal; now that is amazingly close to a miracle.

That is an amazing thing ! for that is not so with many verities of other genus.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Trans Sexuality in teens

i don't honestly like this transgender teen movement thing ....
sorry but every teen goes though hormonal shift and if we offer a "quick solution" in the form of drugs then loads of teens will be taking hormones ...

it has become an easier path to treat an uncertain teen with hormones than wait for their own systems to kick in !

when i was a teen i wasn't even hormonal until like 17 and until then a little out of place with societies expectations...

teens learn now : if you are uncertain then it is because you do not belong !
but this is not the truth for indeed many peoples hormones kick in later in life and giving them treatment so that they can never have kids is simply wrong in my eyes.

sorry to you if you believe giving hormones in the teens is acceptable .. to change sex.. because frankly no it is not.

frankly teen hormones are rocky, there is achny and there has been for more than 2000 years.

teens are hormonal and the great writers of greece even wrote about teen troubles.

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