Sunday, November 22, 2015

Humanity - zero point

may your heart heal after you reflect on your humanity..
life needs another helper and it was not your day,
remember your life probably had no cause as you fell, but awakened in a new being..
saved for the higher cause.

let your day of learning bring you lessons for the future - teach to others as you heal & let no hand go empty.

rest well in your dreams for you are awakened.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Endometriosis - thoughts and possible treatments


Thoughts and theories of treatment (c) RS

Basically the cells of the uterus spread though the body cavities ..
just like a cancer (However being composed of healthy cells)

The problem with these healthy cells is that they are located throughout the internal canals of the bowls (normally)...

When your menstrual cycle occurs the cells inflame and renew, bleed ...
just as the uterus does itself !

So various problems occur .. swelling of tissues ( the uterus cells send distress signals and thusly cause inflammation message’s in the wrong place; Within the body).

So what about solutions and treatments ? (copyright RS)

1 : ... Anti inflammation drugs ... preferably local; one suggestion would be aspirin... or other chronic inflammation drugs... in a mild form or preferably delivered locally though a patch or needle.

2 : Application of localized laser burn to the clusters of uterus cells that inhabit a wrong part of the body, (Located with a sensitive X-ray presumably computer processed against an ideal form of what the body would look like healthy ( Because these are healthy cells chemo is definitely not an option..)

This option also works for cancer and fibres or misplaces surgery tools or bolts etcetera.

3 : Control of the hormones of menstruation , The pill (birth control and hormone) should do wonders here because of the lessening of menstrual symptoms that these wonder pills are well documented to provide.. (indeed many woman experience almost no bleeding while on the pill).

Personally i believe the majority of the problem to be related to an immunity deficiency; The body simply does not kill the cells when out of the correct location...
Such illnesses do occur on other occasions; and for different reasons..
AKA muscle growing in the brain; (Rarely but it does appear to happen).

(c)Rupert S

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Human - Genetic compatibility

Human – Genetic compatibility 
(c) RS

Considering verities of birds and for example zebras and horses...
Genetic compatibility of human verities is amazing!

Take the following examples :

Humans from south Americas had enough differences to be having trouble eating wheat,
Enough differences from an over 2000 year separation to have different faces and different bums ..
Different skin colors and hair,
Bone structures are different to a degree..

Size and shape..

Japanese verities have different shaped hair.. Recognizably different eyes.. Ears etcetera..
Indian verities are prone to multi arm ism... And are also different !

However when Europeans when’t to explore the world,
Even though it was frowned upon; they bred with the natives all over the world,
Mongols did the same or rather they had a policy to rape the locals and in china they did that over and over; Quite deliberately to spread Mongol blood and to maintain control.

However : the question remains a simple one ! why are all verities of human compatible ?
The fact remains that human genetics are almost amazingly adaptable and for that I and we should and shall be thankful.

There are still people in the jungle with little resistance to the common cold and however separated by time and isolation (more than 100 to 5000 years of evolutionary adaptation.) I still anticipate them to be genetically compatible with a polish ... Russian ... or African seed,

Even apparently Neanderthal; now that is amazingly close to a miracle.

That is an amazing thing ! for that is not so with many verities of other genus.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Trans Sexuality in teens

i don't honestly like this transgender teen movement thing ....
sorry but every teen goes though hormonal shift and if we offer a "quick solution" in the form of drugs then loads of teens will be taking hormones ...

it has become an easier path to treat an uncertain teen with hormones than wait for their own systems to kick in !

when i was a teen i wasn't even hormonal until like 17 and until then a little out of place with societies expectations...

teens learn now : if you are uncertain then it is because you do not belong !
but this is not the truth for indeed many peoples hormones kick in later in life and giving them treatment so that they can never have kids is simply wrong in my eyes.

sorry to you if you believe giving hormones in the teens is acceptable .. to change sex.. because frankly no it is not.

frankly teen hormones are rocky, there is achny and there has been for more than 2000 years.

teens are hormonal and the great writers of greece even wrote about teen troubles.

#transgender #hormones #science #biology

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The big bang & wormholes

The big bang & wormholes by Rupert S ©

The biggest problem with the big bang (that big explosion) is how the universe got so big.. So fast..

If worm holes where opened by massive disparities of energy levels...
So if we use lightening as an example ...
Then wormholes are a way for massive amounts of energy to dissipate.
So in order for wormholes like this to form :

Point A lots of energy forms a link to point B with a lot less or non..

Think as the universes existence layer as having a very high resistance..
For if it had non then all the energy would dissipate..
Let us just say for the experiment that the theoretical volume of the potential universe is infinite,
However once the universe has expanded beyond a certain point ..
The opening of energy transfer portals is improbable..

Energy tunnelling over massive distances and dimensions is therefore most unlikely ...
When the source energy level is comparably similar to the closest points where that energy may jump to,
However that may still happen on occasion .. For when there is a massive differential in energy levels..
The resistance is overcome..

However how long that portal/wormhole remains open is debatable..

However the jump distance may vary or indeed be very short…
As one expects that pre formed big bang wormholes are 90% of the time of a short range in U shapes..
Still as this is still faster than light one would think..

A possible reason for that super fast initial expansion of the universe..
Ether though billions of micro jumps or and though larger jumps that massively accelerated the transfer of mass and or energy ..
through the expansion phase of the universe,
Within the initial seconds of massive energy differential that the big bang/energy release represented..

Further more may also expedite the understanding that energy concentrated in irregular massed and hence formed the universe as seen today.


However in essence we would expect an uncontrolled wormhole opening to lead towards a space with very little energy, or at least with a lot less..

This may produce results of unfortunate consequences if opened up on a planet..

Such as the removal of heat or other forms of energy such as electrons or air..

As one could see this may be something one would prefer to avoid.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Expanding universe and explosions - time relative to the speed of light - the dimensional axis

Because of the big bang and ourselves apparently living in a vacuum...
The nature of explosions to expand ...

There is reason to assume that most things within an explosion/continuum will continue to expand..

Relative to the point of origin..

Now obviously things in the centre of an explosion expand less quickly,
Those on the outside expand faster ...

Now obviously considering the size of the big bang and how much matter it created ..
Most things where moving as fast as they could within the continuum of space time,

The question has always been how big is this explosion ? how powerful and what from was it formed..

So naturally energy explodes outward in our dream of a world...

However when something is close to something else (like two cars on a road) the expansion or speed of one thing relative to another, within that space is not apparent to the observer !

We ourselves observe how much energy it takes to get matter close to the speed of light, the closer one gets the more energy needs to be expended to get a little closer..

In fact Matter going close to the speed of light passes virtually no time compared to us..
the closer we get matter to light .. the slower time is relatively.. so essentially the reason light speed is almost impossible to reach with matter is that the wave of time comes to a standstill compared to us relatively.. so to move forward in virtually no time is in fact fast beyond belief,

Hence closer to light speed means time changes relative to other observers,
still thy lips for time has stopped.

In our big bang the energies unleashed where huge.. So every piece of matter within that explosion is pushed by an initial burst, Calculations show that the explosion was intense, violent and extremely fast.. (apparently faster than light but that is explained in fact by the explosion being relative to the continuum.. perhaps also moving at speed.)

Now because the speed of light and the speed of sound appear to be fixed within a material of certain densities .. depending on how dense space really is, the speed of light/sound within that medium relative to an actual empty void is always going to be greater..

space has a mass and a physical presence, Believing that space is empty is one of the biggest mistakes one can make !

however compared to what a true void looks like, the reality of our positively expanding vacuum is definitely not empty,
Relative to ourselves space is empty and however we have shown though experimentation the force of vacuum energy, so space is far from empty..

No in fact space is not empty at all,
We all move, How fast is the mystery..

*remember "time is relative to dimension and velocity" so actual time and experience is directly related to the speed travelled.

The big bang continues, relative to our time line.


Friday, September 4, 2015

life in space - light speed

due to the time it takes for light to travel between the galaxies and stars and us ....

the intervening period of time between our seeing a habitable planet and us being able to arrive ...

is often in the order of millions to billions of years ...

when and if we do see an inhabited or living star system ... the light may have been travelling to us for over 1 million years ...
think about ice ages and other events, planets we see today that are outside of the milky way may have been in a super nova or life changing event ... by the time we dream of travelling there,
however if we do spot a habitable planet life may have already flourished there and be alive - evolved today..

what looks like a barren planet in our telescope may in-fact have more than dinosaurs there by the time we shift our asses to more than light speed or have used wormhole technology..

however there is still hope of finding life, even if by our measurements a star system/galaxy had usable planets after the big bang..

personally i believe it to be improbable that actual universal scale wormholes exist for vast distances ...

due to the spin associated with light - it's origins and end point atoms .. one may believe some sort of connection exists between such points .. however i am dubious as to the certainty of this connection being wide enough to be opened or to transmit data though .. other than spin...

both us and the civilisation would have to know about spin, unless some other effect exists..

while i am hopeful that there is life out there other than crazy dark forces (sith :p ),
i do still have the problem that science explains ! all that we look at has and will be in a location other than where it looks in the sky ! that goes also for planet development.. and craft.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

consequences of oppression - genocide - deprivation and war

unfortunately western and eastern imperialists seem to be under the illusion,
that fractioning war "in the name of liberty" using militant and extremists determined opposition by badly organised jihadists (who's ideology and opinions we do not in fact support) is a good idea...

the problems start with basic needs and human rights ...
schools, hospitals and other advances that benefit a society, are usually the first to be used by militants, or bombed by terrorists....

desperate people will travel if they can, there is no wall around Syria .. no wall around deprived parts of africa or other nations where war and deprivation have become the only food for a starving and desperate people.

we can chose to allow a flood of dissident but hopful people to come to us from nations .. deprecated, destroyed and ruined by war..

that flood of scared and poor people will not be stopped by simple walls .. the tactics we would have to use to stop them coming; would be the equivalent of hitler's campaigns to discourage the poor and the sick of Germany or Austria.. and frankly we do not want that !

however we must face the music presently, not in 5 years .. not 10 years..

if you want to help these people feel welcome at home, there must be a reason they stay at home,
desperate people do not travel with virtually nothing from home and by foot 300+ miles because home is a good and secure place now...

think about this : you wanted Assad out, you wanted libia "better ruled by a western idealised democracy", you wanted south africa to be free of bad governance...

that last one is to prove that not all plans are totally bad, however face the music !

the middle east has a lot of muslims and other ethnic groups, leaders of arabic nations have generally held a certain secular - powerful governance in order to maintain peace between hostile and militant religious peoples.. these peoples are often ignorant or totally opposed to a view other than their own !

not surprisingly, when an ethnic/religious or social group's personal saviour, comes into power ..
the group most privileged within that society is the one a leader came from.

the hutu tutsi genocide is an example where no matter what ethnic origin the leader is from another side will find fault... in fact when any government offers visible or imagined favour to another ethnicity or origin .. there will be strife if there is no presence of social order and honest justice..

the criminalisation of local social gathering and or events in sympathy to a populace feeling the butthurt for perceived injustice .. is another cause of armed rebellion and resentment,
In turn an insufficient suppression of the popular rebels will inevitably lead to a gathering of momentum towards a violent rebellion "for the seeking of justice"..
however martyr's to the oppressed, killed individuals end up leaving generations of people angry and bitter and quite often this desire for "justice" leads to bitter feuds and sectarian violence,

for the record Ireland is an example, Ireland was able to partially leave the feud behind.. however not everyone is happy with sharing and without a strong political and policing presence .. further violence and bitter strife would inevitably fill places like germany and great britain with further migration..

poverty and social justice must be delivered with a fair but strong hand..
no-one must be under the illusion that revenge and personal feuds/bitternesses will be left unchallenged with by honest, true leadership..

so we come back to syria and the middle east !
face the music and deliver justice.. honest and fair,
feed and rebuild the nations destroyed by the basic acts of ethnic/faith/bigotry.
come to terms that deliver meaningful lives to the people;
not a "we don't like Assad the people will it and so we trained Islamic State to bring order"

Monday, August 31, 2015

The computer that does not run - thoughts and application

Scientists prove that an off brain is arguably processing data ....
translation you died but you still think (c)RS

You will understand what i mean : when you think about a computer that does not run (that the article describes) ... because it means a dead brain may be thinking ;-)

Now apply to Einstein.

now i know you are thinking, well that article is about a computer that does not run... 
so how on earth could that apply to a frozen brain ?

Simple answer : Quantum effect.

The brain may or may not run, however it could have run...

Sounds very dubious i know, however in the quantum universe it really doesn't matter in the brain/computer did run.. because measurements can be made for any point where it may have run. 

Let me re explain it : they made a machine they said was off ... with a preferred answer in code...
The reality is the machine was never off, but that the answer is achieved when the machine is off...

however in this case, off equals a pattern...

ergo the computer ran but only the off state was valued,
In reality the quantum computer was obviously on...

So if something is off ... is it ever really off ?

Friday, July 24, 2015

ROEHSOFT PARTITION TOOL for android - review


Mini Partition magic on the pc/windows is the best example of an easy partitioner …
followed by the likes of Druid or suse linux partitioner …

however comparable AParted is (the tool installs the .so libraries necessary to understand a few file systems, automatically.. which ROEHSOFT PARTITION TOOL does not)

however on the usability side this tool looks better (still like a linux command shell tool, rather than a proper GUI interface “point and click”)...

the tool is usable for a guy like me who has in the past made many errors – formatting windows install when using Redhat Linux 3.2 …
resizing partitions in incompatible tools (bad tools don't understand the exact sizes as created “older linux and windows tools”)

several errors are to be noted however : the tool does not understand Guided Partition tables (my phone does)

you cannot use extended partitions … (many phones do not correctly support them for some stupid reason....)

for the record it would be better if the tool would install the .so libraries that AParted does, because this increases the available file systems compatible with your phone...

however the tool is way more usable (if not close to the point and click pro tools on the pc)

I find this tool useful because sometimes my SD card gets an error – the system immediately unmounts it & it is not usable without being fixed on windows... however this tool will allow me to repair the file system on the card (have a care not to click the format or delete partition option close by in the menu...

options to have your card auto fixed before mounting on boot would be useful....
bigger menu's would be useful, a manual for in experiences users – would be very useful to them...
a genuinely proper GUI look would improve the app, auto diagnostic would be useful...

however all that said – this is the best partitioner on android – simple ? No, usable yes...

as of the moment learning from the manuals of disk druid or Fdisk are your best options for understanding the basic use of this tool.

Thanks for creating the tool I like it, ps make a resizer in it – and create a manual, create a guided swap partition creation (with a normal partition + a mini swap partition 512mb to 4GB suggested for swap) since swap partition tool s suck with file swap (since file swap often errors your file system & thusly invalidating your mount of the drive “this has to be fixed in this tool like every day, so is a fail” also file creation for swap is 90% slower than a swap partition & does not create problems when you mount your phone to windows as external HDD..

yours kindly Experienced User.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Natural Oils - the place of oils within the body

Natural Oils - the place of oils within the body (some of them anyway)

In today's world with so many fat people (in some richer parts of the world)
Energy value of a food item .. is purely regarded as a negative !

For example i have read recent reports to the effect that, by cooking food a certain way one can effectively half the obtained calories of that food ...

Now in this world, half of it's people live with less than the recommended daily energy requirement..
so in order to counteract the tenancy of western nations to:

*western negatives*

"think of calories as the enemy"
"Thinking people excuse the greed of excessively fat people - saying : it's the environment"

with half the world hungry; It is time to switch places for a second..

"Think of food, for what food is" :

nourishment & the ability to "live, work, rest and play"


So about oils : well ?

Oils provide more than one benefit...

A: oils lubricate the body - the skin, the hair, the heart, the eyes, the muscles...

B: oils help repair the body - applying a mild oil to bruises and or cuts can provably aid healing...
and also keep the skin sanitised, clean and well + stop bleeding.

C: Many oils & vitamins provide anti oxidant buffering & or mitigation...

D: Oils provide cleaning services in the blood stream + generally around the body...

d1: Oils will dissolve fats coagulating in the blood and or on vein walls...
d2: they will aid or buffer reactions...

E: oils provide a source of energy and or nourishment.

Essentially - oils rock... not all oils but a lot of them,
Some are better than others however...

In addition oils are proven to make food taste better.. (if used with care)

Yours kindly (c)RS

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sacrifice and nobility - Fukuyama and Chernobyl

To wage a war is one thing...
To send men blindly to their deaths is another...

To be the one who faces harm or death for a cause, Entirely different.

The mind has to be clear, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
There has to be a reason, and someone who is willing to make a choice.

Honour, Sacrifice and bravery are the worthiness of those who are deserving of memory,
The helpers, the nurses & doctors - People of all classes who willingly take time to make a difference.

Only time can tell if you are worthy,
If the tribute that you pay to others is truthful & deserving of gratitude.

Worthless is the heart of a battle made entirely for selfish ends.

So to the point.

Men of Fukushima and Chernobyl, We salute you,
Your worth is not forgotten,
Make no doubt we tribute to your courage, Sacrifice and worth.


Of other times and places, A few have shared the cause of millions ..
Millions the cause of billions of others.

You made a difference and as a brother i salute you.. So shall we all.

fukushima water - what to do with it

Fukuyama water - what to do with it

In essence? Why Waste Radio Isotopes! Why treat poor people to time in hospital with a curable cancer..
Mary Curie got famous for it! :p

What would you do with 600 metric tonnes of nuclear waste contaminated water ?

Is there anything that can be done...
wouldn't it be a disaster of it got within the environment...

well yes ! so here is a break down.

Chemical bonding of the isotopes and filtration....

Magnetic filtering...

and my favourite : use distillation ...
Distillation can be done with sun heat in glass chambers, as the water is heated in turky and other eastern lands (even at hotels)

the simplest plan is to filter the waters using salt panning ...

Now obviously that water would have to go though several pans ...
and should essentially come out as pure water,

The nice thing about pure water is that it cannot be radioactive.

The idea is not expensive, especially when compared to poisoning the entire pacific.

But we do not have to Waste the advantage of having Radioactive compounds..
There are many paying options for Radio Clocks & devices; Or scanners & Smoke detectors!
Lots of options that we can use!

Rupert S : Reference use :


20-june-2016 Given the long life span of radioactive waste ..

Friday, May 15, 2015

Rotational force and gravity (the power of a force)

Take any mass, for example a single penny and rotate it fast enough to orbit...

The question is how strong does the string have to be .. ?

Now take the string and make it 16cm long and rotate the penny... how strong ?

Now take the string and make it 30cm long and rotate the penny... how strong ?

Now take the string and make it 2 meters long and keep that penny on a level orbit .. how strong and thick does the string need to be ?

Now make the penny rotate in the orbit of the moon upon the earth and measure the force both on the string and upon the pivot points in both masses..

Now by example theorise about a string that holds the milky way in the form it has been for over 1 million years..


How strong is the object that holds the point of gravity as a force between the atoms of the milky way so that it rotates as fast as it does.. ?


Now think about the fact that some galaxies are moving away from us at some factor of the speed of light...

Measure the force expenditure to increase the distance between us at a constant rate...

Measure the required energy to force these large bodies apart faster and faster and if that happens the acceleration rate.. + energy expenditure


If gravity pivots on the atoms :

Does it pivot on the force within the atom ..

Does it pivot on parts of the nucleus differently ?

Does that force have the capacity to separate the parts of an atom..

What would happen if that force where nullified upon the atom :

Would anything be lost ?
Would anything be left behind ?
What would happen to the atom or the thing composed of those atoms..


So finally what is the gravity constant ?

What is it's relative strength ?
What is it's relative density ?
How long does this force last ?
What power is expended in the gravity force being applied ?

Where does the energy go or come from ?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

hologram and the universe

Well of an interesting note do multiple equal luminosity rainbows happen in holograms ?

** in reference to the following singular source claim a set of double rainbows :


The photo itself is of interest and as a researcher one would undoubtedly need the source image/file..
and to prove that it was un-edited or digitally mastered/modified..

The two rainbows are also at two differing angles and yet align at a central point...
The predominant colours at that point appearing to be yellow and orange..

The two rainbows also appear to be of the same luminosity scale on the image..
so one could presume discounting a reflection off of a building... ?

The rainbows appear to be made from light of a differing source distance ...
to explain this i suggest the following .. :
The diameter of a rainbow corresponds to both the diameter of the source and of the target for refraction..
and the distance to the target from source


holograms : why did i bring up this topic ?

Because in holograms there is a singular image, that image fragments into smaller images when a hologram is shattered into pieces.. and re unites when the pieces are placed seamlessly together...

Holograms prove a unique property of light and the eye..

to place these pieces together into a whole is the function of thinking minds and i personally would like to think of this as a project for all.

So the question is : Is the universe a hologram ? ;-)

Thursday, March 19, 2015


About time to believe in equality..
Yes women and men are different in so many ways..
That does not however mean that they lack fabulous attributes

women are smart..
women can multi task
women can do sciences , art , cook , create , make and build etcetera..

women can go to war or fight (not that i want them to have to)
women can shoot a gun.. if they have to

women can,
women can 
simple as that man


about time for people to open their eyes,
see the light where the women learn,
as always they have to make a curry at home - not at work do they burn ?

to educate..
to spit words women are irate..

don't over rate a testicle..
being more selectional..
when you count a girls brain can you be sceptical..?

oh the vision is clear..

let the ladies walk and do as they might
by feminine right.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

uranium in a cloud chamber and the things worth thinking about

things to think about with this simple experiment

should you be handling it without lead gloves ?

we can see the radiation penetrating or interacting for about 10 cm..

not all radiation seems to come directly from the uranium...

what patterns and statistics can we gain : covering every radiation source would give a lot of information for analysis...

are there any lessons we can learn about radiation from this simple experiment ? : i believe it to be as interesting a CERN in some ways..

can we learn about ...

how much energy is transferred per interaction.. ?
can we learn how fast that energy makes an atom move ?
can we learn to realise the density of atoms within a material .. when we compare it to how long it releases for and how much versus the studied imitation probability.. ?
can we grasp how dangerous radio active compounds are ... for example with samples of germs at specific distances from the source.. ?
can we use light/uv/infrared etcetera arrays to study the ways that energy is cast off from individual reactions to further study the results..
could we study the resulting atoms at specific distances ... after they finish moving (like CERN)

in short there are many valid experimental paths for basic experiments : never under estimate the basics.

also there are a fair few videos so some research might not even need you to do more than contact the sources and analysis the source videos with computers and neural nets...

in reference to :

Cloudylabs cloud chamber working approx 50 min [720p] - other videos also available under search term