Wednesday, December 18, 2013

radiation in the magnetic field a cause of many mysteries

The discovery means that Saturn's moons and Jupiter's are very likely bathed in high radiation fields for parts of their lives and could even be a contributing reason for the volcanic activity with deep penetrating radiation from the field....

Could lead to the formation of life and of course the dissolving of it.

Whirls in the field or vortexes could also be a contributing factor to volcanic excitation.

Whirls like cyclotronic generators emitting radiation as they lose or gain energy.


>> quote :

Scientists solve a decades-old mystery in the Earth's upper atmosphere:

New research published in the journal Nature resolves decades of scientific controversy over the origin of the extremely energetic particles known as ultra-relativistic electrons in the Earth's near-space environment and is likely to influence our understanding of planetary magnetospheres throughout the universe.

(Image: Jacob Bortnik/UCLA)

<< end quote

Monday, December 16, 2013

interpolation for devices

GPU, TV/Monitor, audio interpolation circuit

Interpolation is a method for Combining bit's of information into a usable form that improves the clarity of data, photo or sound & video..

the method involves taking a data set such as multiple local data points in a set and making a sub table that smooths a set of points between the existing data; That will provide additional calculation or visual/audio/media data..

Table of method:

Wavelet compression will be inverted so that the data point set becomes more precise..

Float and remainder are used to evaluate the difference between point of detail A and surrounding points; In addition modifiers can improve existing points by using surrounding data to provide additional input that improves the precision of the data.

Data can be expanded with MMX and AVX/Vector instruction sets and dithered in a higher precision.

Capacitor combined with resistor can be used to average the Sound/RGBA/Video/Data between digital points of a circuit.

Basically by interleaving the bits of 2 bit of color or sound videos can be built that fill the gap in the data table with a combination/additive color the circuit cross adds a portion of the other bit and adds a layer of combination taking a small bit away from the other to form a very high potential analog signal and or digital with random loss bits.

(c) Rupert S

Sunday, November 17, 2013

there is no such thing as nuclear waste (c)RS

There is no such thing as nuclear waste


Every form of nuclear decay can be used as a source of energy....

For example Caesium Tokma reactors designed by Russia can convert lower forms of radioactive materials into energy.

Radio energy can be converted into power using an antenna .....

So really there is no form of radioactive waste that is not usable for power.

This realisation is a revolution.

The primary principle of the Tokma is that Ionised & Ionising Atoms (As in carrying a charge)
Travel to a Metal plate and transfer electrons to the plate..

The principle of the battery works by ionising acid & alkaline interactions...
In essence the charge carrying radiation acts like an anode/Cathode pair for charge transfer...
Ions are in effect Dipolar; If you regard the separate poles of - & + as separated...

So an acid, Alkaline battery joins Atoms in a chemical bond; though an electron resistant layer...
That layer is transparent to the Atoms themselves! But not if the electron cannot form the bond!

A Tokma in effect is an electron plate that receives the bond of an escaped Atom with a spare electron; But also a plate receiving high energy Radiation & so creating a free excited electron..

Solar cells work this way, The light activates a chemical or compound to release an electron..
That electron creates a current over a small distance; We use that current...

So principally all this comes down to is : No Radioactive Compound is useless!

We can also use Radioactive compounds for other tasks; let your mind roam free.

Rupert S

Given the long life span of radioactive waste ...

All of it must where possible be used for the benefit of the community...

So for example radioactive compounds can be used bonded with antigens to target cancer...
(not that safe but sometimes necessary)

Radio-actives can be used in thorium reactors ...

They can be used for pacemakers ..
They could be used for more clocks ....
For computer clocks for mainframes ...

For random event harvesting for Chaos RNG devices (Entropy T Rings)  centralised in servers ....

Radioactive compounds all have uses ...

Stable isotopes can be used in space if a small amount of radiating compound is acceptable !

There are many uses of waste - use it or lose it !
No-one wants to lose 1.3 million tonnes of polluted water into the sea.

There is a use for every chemical; there is a use for every compound ...
There is a use for all that energy ...

Fluorescent bulbs ...
Lasers ....
Energy for spaceships & satellites ...

As references for scientific study ...

There are millions of uses for compounds and isotopes ...
Find a use for every mole of pollution .. that we create,
Waste is wasted ... Now we do not want to get wasted by an inability to create Eco-friendly solutions.

End the need to bury the rubbish by recycling all of it - wherever possible.

products of reactors >
recycling radioactive's >

(c)Rupert S

20-june-2016 Given the long life span of radioactive waste ..

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Holographic microscopes (c)RS

Holographic microscopes an idea by me (c)RS

since using a laser for illumination is possible ....

the idea can be taken further to use classic holographic techniques to project a hologram of the material onto the eye or onto holographic film and media...

the beam is simply split and sent through the lenses phased just as it is while making a hologram of for example an apple or germs or a piece of skin,

using this technique allows the hologram to ether be seen physically or examined under magnification ...

allowing samples to be seen and calculated in 3 dimensions.

In Addition VR Can be implemented, Also 2 Lenses can focus on the object.

Monday, October 21, 2013

mass of stars and gravity of light

mass of stars and gravity of light

in my view the light bend of gravity can be worked out by measuring it round the moon's curvature...
since we know its mass and daily rotations ....

from that information we can work out the size and mass of any object in the cosmos...
related to cos and sin relationships of light to gravity....

the influence of gravity on an object of supposedly almost or Zero mass will correlate to the gravity mass relationship and also tell us the mass of light....

the objective is thus proven to be certification of mass.

 the finding of the mass of a black-hole and its gravity influence over aria and thus test the laws of gravity and power reduction over distance

Friday, October 4, 2013

ecology for a better world

the simplest thing to remember about the world is that even the sea should be farmed rather than raided...

basicly fish bring minerals and resources that the sea needs to the surface , where bacteria and the vital flora of the sea produce all our oxygen..

remember : no air no life : no fish no food

fishery stocks must be regrown and planted > egg farms

a selfish fisherman would say : the sea does it by itself ! in our age we know massive over fishing and sadly that is turning the sea into a waste land where it is hard to find the food we need.

quotas are not some selfish government plan to make fishermen poor , it is a means of sustaining fishery stocks so we can carry on earning a living ; feeding our people and conserving the natural resources of the world.


the same goes for trees and crops in africa and other nations...

americans have seen the dust bowl of the 1980's in america where the soil flies away because of huge mono culture fields..

in africa simply planting more trees and shrubs that can hold down the land allows the furtherance of the future and well-being of africans ; as well as saving lives ; making africa more beautiful.

ecology : plant what you need , plant what you should , plant some trees today and also shrubs
holds the earth down and maintains water and nutrients in the soil and can also be a resource.

ecology is not some namby pamby idealism it is a realistic management of the environment for the benefit of all.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

viking discovery

a friend of a friend of a friend discovered viking coins in america i do believe and an unknown mark...

more will be sayed about this later ... very exciting ...

proof of eric the red i wonder

according to online documentations it doth seem that it could well be of dubious origin but still could be very old


Thursday, September 26, 2013

how atoms where born in the aftermath of the big bang

link to a Harvard publication about light interacting as atoms

in the experiment they list light passing through the low energy medium as coupling together into an atom like structure... however i saw no data about how that matter behaved and it set me thinking.


our universe as perceived by us involves the formation of atoms after the big bang ....
many would wonder how this happened ... but this experiment provided me a vital clue ...

in the medium the light gelled together to form an atom like structure but in the high energy big bang as the energy dropped it must have encountered a field (hig's boson) within which the energy was forced into bonds...

using likeness theory we can see the pure energy of the cooling big bang collecting into atoms in the presence of the field , much like curdling gravy round tiny dust particles ....

in short my theory is that based upon this experiment ... higher energy states and light of an extreme energy state form into the matter we see today in the presence of the folding energy field and its glutinous mass

a brief history of the big bang - link

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

relativity in magnets

explaining that a moving cat that has a positive charge will be affected and not a still one is essentially false...
since the electrons are all moving on one direction and thusly the positive moving toward the negative will experience an energy gain a
s it falls towards the electron ...
and moving away will make an energy loss and so the positive actually moves toward the negative to gain energy because positives and negatives pair ...
while an object moving in parallel to the electron field will infact be being approached less often by electrons so the sum of the charge is less... because the electron density competitively diminishes as the electrons don't add together as often...
fewer electrons acting over a given time frame = less charge , where as moving in the other direction increases the amount of electrons interacting in an opposing vector ...

opposing vectors acting on one another sum to zero ; where as vectors moving in the same direction add together ... objects that mutually attract also mutually encourage and share energy and vectors

imagine 2 groups of people mildly touching in opposite directions they lose energy and going the same way they mutually support ... one going faster transfers to one going slower or detracts in opposite direction .. in short it in a light energy transfer as if they made contact but less so.


in argument to the quoted document below :

quote :

relativity in evidence in magnets

Did you know special relativity makes magnets work? Magnetism always seems pretty magical, but this new collaboration between Veritasium and Minutephysics will blow your mind!

Watch the first part of this amazing collaboration here: or click here if you're on a mobile:

: end quote

now fields with a set vibrational frequency passing one another interact going toward one another in a higher frequency because of the wave length compression effect ... so overall interaction and frequency transfer should be in a higher frequency range (higher energy) but the total time spent passing one another is equivalently less  in line with mores laws related to voltage versus amps...

so two objects moving towards or away simply alter the frequency and voltage with a comparative drop or rise in amps , in line with the conservation of energy.

thusly the energy gained from moving towards one another is at a higher interaction frequency (voltage) as they pass by one another and moving beside one another in lower voltage but longer interaction thus preserving the total energy transfer to within the system....

all this is related to the wave length perceived by the interacting parties and basically follows the same laws as taught to do with electric currants , volts and amps and relates directly to thermodynamics and conservation of energy within a system.

frequency raises in light as you move towards it to preserver the property of light and lowers frequency as you go away also to preserve the basic property of light while respecting the basic fact light doesn't change speed but there is more energy moving towards it and less moving away and so the frequency shifts as the aria the wave covers is converted into a smaller or larger space for its set vibrations per relative atomic action

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Self Healing polymer

self repairing cartilage replacement for knee ops
self repairing phone protectors
build your own castle Lego that binds .... and self heals
self repairing knife handles and jackets

quote : >

It has been dubbed the “terminator” polymer, based on the T-1000 robot from the Terminator franchise that is able to shape-shift and repair itself. When the two ends of the cut polymer meet, the regeneration process begins. After only two hours, the bond is strong enough that it can be stretched and manipulated without breaking.

Researchers hope that this polymer will be used to increase the longevity of plastic parts that are used in cars and homes. Additionally, as the current compound is somewhat soft, they hope to make a more rigid polymer with the same self-healing properties.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

supposition states the transverse of 3D data into a 2D map

supposition states the transverse of 3D data into a 2D map (c)RS

using geometry it is provable that the transfer from multi dimensional base reality into multi phase singular dimension is possible...

a black hole is a point of no dimension but rather a single point of supposition states ...
in effect a 1 dimensional hologram...

how is this possible ? wave forms are not digital and thusly between 2 points there are an infinite set of sub measurements just as with a fractal and chaos theory..

thusly everything in a black hole is a supposition of complex data into a minimal dimensional map and theoretical'ly an infinity of sub sets could be formed within the data set ,

this supposition fits in my theory of infinity bubble universes where the sub bubble can be outside or inside ... the virtual spaces and dimensions and infinite and almost immortal..

no limit to maximum data and the theory is infinity as a true form of subsets.

((n1,n2,n3)(abc)+((n1,n2,n3)(zxy)) (merged mapping)

dimensional space mapping of multi dimensions

however within entropic theory there is a gamut of possibility and if one where to take the point of view that entropy stays at a static value versus the ever subset'ed universe hologram there would be a limit and the closer you got to the minimum point the entropy value would outweigh the original data and at the end there would be no data , only noise.

light stars and satalites the GPL edition

light stars and satellites the GPL edition :

When the object turns in the frame by frame animation the maths can be used to make a 3D image of the object ....

The shifting angles of objects change shape and so points of reference make triangles that can in turn be transformed into 3D objects ...

So a telescope can make an image of the moon for instance and as the motion moves the object the objective angles change from 1 triangle to another and thusly define height as well as distance due to triangle symmetry to reference points....

The same maths that turn a 3D vector into a flat two dimensional image can be reverse engineering from a few frames ...

Just like with a fraction the maths is reversible using simple algebra

reference document for 3D transformation maths


Two ships in the past used signalling through flicker glass and light and the light from the sun can be focused on a satellite orbiting round a close planet and fill it with energy,
At the same time send code using liquid crystal that can send a pattern of images of a good definition to the satellite and at significantly less cost and faster speed than other wise able...

Complex patterns as seen on bar code strips and anagrams can be sent ... Complex ones that represent a significant improvement over binary for the fact the data degrades less fast over distance and can be of better bit rate "width"

(c)Rupert S

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Optic Resolution

the human/Being etcetera optic nerves and their resolution.

The resolution of the typical eye could be said to be somewhere in the region of 80 mega pixels...

My reasoning's are simple and comparative....

I took pictures of the moon and its details on a 80 to 200mm zoom lens and compared relative detail...

Such comparisons can be drawn in art where a particularly good surrealist is asked to draw something or paint it...

Comparisons between two pieces of clay face moulding can be run side by side one made from photos and the other made by a person who can look at the subject...
A third can draw it from an officers description who is standing in the next room looking at the suspect at twenty  to 50 feet.

We can basically conclude that human optic nerves improve with practice and that they will generally get better if used and not stressed ...

The nerves get a worse signal when stressed or dazzled.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

light a theory on the creation of a 3D image from a light source

light a theory on the creation of a 3D image from a light source


imagine light having several properties ...

polarisation for example comes from how the electrons are arranged in the atom and also contains a space so from that data alone we can build a data picture...

light from a source is quantum linked to that source , mabee even through time.
and thusly it is possible for a message to travel to the source if one can manipulate the light / energy
and creat an image of the state of the origin...  a holographic one.

lights colour is defined through its place in the spectrum but if one isolated individual wave lengths by single photon one can actually build up a map of the atomic composition of a star , planet or person in a very detailed manner.. (c)RS

one would simply have to create a photon reception array that responds to single photons individually using a nano particle mesh..


there are several points about wormhole connections using classic wormhole ideas ....

energy transfer along the wormhole would usually mean that the energy between the two would balance as it travels through the worm hole.... which would destroy the classic universe in an instant.

however if the wormholes have zero energy transfer are they wormholes at all ?

classic definitions of linking might not work but i would propose a new model involving the state storage in an alternate dimensional state where for example data (qbits) are stored without any relative dimensionality being present to separate the particles...

such a proof would prove that we could possible be inside a black hole for the relitive term for infinite energy in an infinitesimal dot is black-hole... and thusly possibly provide proof of the fact

the other conditional assumption of Zero energy transfer wormholes is a total lack of relativistic terms or conditions and thusly infinite energy transfer across a boundary of Zero time.

yours sincerely (c)RS

Quote following >
Worm holes in atomic synergy

Via Max Tegmark: "Are entangled quantum particles connected by wormholes? Wormholes, posited shortcuts through spacetime, have long been fodder for science fiction stories.

Now a radical new idea is creating buzz in the physics community: that for every pair of particles that are linked by so-called quantum entanglement, there's a wormhole connecting them.

Maldacena & Susskind proposed this two months ago
(, and the other day, fresh evidence for it was presented by my student Hrant Gharibyan and our postdoc Bob Penna (, who showed that there's a beautiful duality between famous theorems about quantum information and theorems about wormhole geometry.

I think it's too early to bet the farm on wormholes, but their stock price has definitely risen!"

What are wormholes?

Uber nerdy: If spacetime is built out of quantum bits, does the shape of space depend on how the bits are entangled? The ER=EPR conjecture relates the entanglement entropy of a collection of black holes to the cross sectional area of Einstein-Rosen (ER) bridges (or wormholes) connecting them. We show that the geometrical entropy of classical ER bridges satisfies the subadditivity, triangle, strong subadditivity, and CLW inequalities. These are nontrivial properties of entanglement entropy, so this is evidence for ER=EPR. We further show that the entanglement entropy associated to classical ER bridges has nonpositive interaction information. This is not a property of entanglement entropy, in general. For example, the entangled four qubit pure state |GHZ_4>=(|0000>+|1111>)/\sqrt{2} has positive interaction information, so this state cannot be described by a classical ER bridge. Large black holes with massive amounts of entanglement between them can fail to have a classical ER bridge if they are built out of |GHZ_4> states. States with nonpositive interaction information are called monogamous. We conclude that classical ER bridges require monogamous EPR correlations.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Colloidal gold a theory or a madness

found something in this article that would help explain the colloid gold theory

the tiny particles of gold vibrate within the cell and thusly prove the theory that colloidal gold does indeed help

you see what the article provides by proxy is proof the the colloidal gold would indeed absorb energy from EMI entering the cell and turn it into vibrational  and or heat energy ... the relevance of this fact is that the energy no longer diminishes the DNA and other cells organisational states by basically redirecting energy that would introduce unhealthy forms of chaos into the cell...

the difference between gold and other metals is gold is heavier and thusly the vibrations are slower when the energy is converted and also it is heavily electron shielded so is unlikely to split and conductive so can provide electrons and it also rarely reacts and almost never oxidises so stays an uncompromised metal of conductive properties

DNA breaking etcetera and thusly to my surprise colloidal gold may indeed be more than a spoon idea

and logicically chemicals like this can help with radio therapy and cancer in general


quote from newer research >

By merging gold and iron oxide particles and adding antibodies to guide them through the bloodstream, researchers managed to target and kill cancer cells with absorbed infrared heat.

Cancer cells need to be heated up a few degrees to die, and this technique targets them better without causing damage to healthy tissue.

Read more: via Cornell Chronicle

Image: TipsTimes/Flickr


black-holes as a space to store infinite information

black-holes as a space to store infinite information (c)RS and Steve

due to light bending round a black hole it is possible to store an infinity of light in it...

by bending that light around a tiny hole...

when you can calculate the bending versus wave length of the light it is possible to set it so that the light goes close but doesn't pass the point of no return,

passing though what would be the event horizon at a different angle...

simply because the light will never bend enough to fail to escape...

and thusly to make the light go around for a certain amount of time before leaving the temporal distortion.

the wavelength of light relates to the bending of light by gravity because i am quite sure i can postulate that there is a direct correlation between the wave and when it bends in gravity...

and honestly i believe i could prove it. passing it round a highly dense object.

the moon would be useful for a proposed experiment for that correlation as a mathematical formula of bending versus temporal shift,

i propose micro blackholes may not even have a sideways event horizon at all because of the mass and thusly size of the event horizon being too small.

copywrite RS

Light in stasis and its cosequences to technology

reading the below quoted scientific publication i have a proposition to make :)Light in stasis and its uses (C)RS

crystals can be extreamly pure 
the light held still makes for two and merged possibilities ....
random access memory and quantum computing...
you see the memory would be able to switch states like a processor and or be stored to a defined setting...
bits can modify to make processors and be kept solid to make traditional type ram
bits can go through state evolution to reach a quantum state = processor
and or used like a traditional processor only one made with light transistors and light diodes..
no more need to replace data with complex and slow gates or normal storage
in addition because light is extremely small and capable of holographic interference pure hologram ram can be used this century.

cross phased light in a quantum state = perfect quantum ram
it also makes for a perfect point to access light transistor gates from within themselves of caching and pre-fetching...

both traditional and quantum gate technology is possible and quite patentable (c) RS :-) 

bit modification of light quantum states by manipulating the second photon makes the light processor programmable from outside subzero temperatures and able to store data from normal processors at the speed of light.

light gates prismatic , optical , chemical (chemicals that change density through reaction and or electric , magnetic manipulation) , physical through physical motion of nano particles and of-course gravimetric shift and temporal buffering through interactive prisms

quote :
"While light normally travels at just under 300 million metres per second in a vacuum, physicists managed to slow it down to just 17 metres per second in 1999 and then halt it completely two years later, though only for a fraction of a second. Earlier this year, researchers kept it still for 16 seconds using cold atoms."

Read the full article here:
: End quote

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nano tubing a potent source of cohesive light

nano tubes have potential as a source of lazier light what's more white lazier (c)RS

due to the stated 1 dimensionality they have the capability of being use and harnessed as a source for concentrated light that does not come from a traditional lazier source ...

they also can be used to create focus effect

quote :

Light-emitting nanotubes get brighter with zero-dimensional states:

Carbon nanotubes have the potential to function as light-emitting devices, which could lead to a variety of nanophotonics applications. However, nanotubes currently have a low luminescence quantum yield, typically around 1%, which is restricted by their one-dimensional nature. In a new study, scientists have demonstrated that artificially modifying the dimensionality of carbon nanotubes by doping them with zero-dimensional states can increase their luminosity to 18%. The findings could lead to the development of nanophotonics devices such as a near-infrared single-photon emitter that operates at room temperature.

(Image: Yuhei Miyauchi, et al. ©2013 Macmillan Publishers Limited)

 end quote :
so it can be proven that the material is usable  for purposes such as signalling and fibre optics and other uses such as monitors where LED's need a replacement and this is an ideal material both because it is strong (scratch proof) and resilient.

and i propose the idea also of using it in mobile applications such as phones or laptops and window displays

(c) RS

dolphins the untrained potential

like i always believed having a brain about the same size as a man/woman can indeed be correlated to intelligence of an equivalence ...

suddenly deciding that a big brain is some how stupid is scientific'ly hypocritical

further sympathetic training and understanding is necessary for in an age of brain augmentation and electric telepathy they will make good allies and friends

If you think about the varied perceived level of intelligence shown in the man ...
the same man cultivated or as a barbarian peasant.

you can understand the underestimation of those who never receive a good informative upbringing  ...

potential other than 4 fingers and a thumb exist, even on earth or elsewhere. for more information

Thursday, July 11, 2013

super coolant (c)RS

a possible new super coolant for CPU's and other tech is available...

liquid water at -207 (c)RS

thanks to a paper at Arkansas university it is evident that the new super fluid would work as a very efficient coolant for CPU's and quantum state computing..

as a result i believe it can be used for multiple applications ....

super clean water can be used as a cleaning agent...

combined with ionic's as a conductor etc

as a lubricant when associated with micro ball chemicals as in many fluids used to lubricate ...

so useful for space research and satellites and optics

vibration ejection systems in plants and wing vibration modulation in the honey bee

vibration ejection systems in plants and wing vibration modulation in the honey bee

an interesting observation that the buzzing bee withstands 20+ G buzzing to get some forms of pollen and the formation of vibration energy ejection systems amongst plants

as we can see the bee uses centric floid Bernstein chaos modulation and basic nodal responses in the brain to create centric vibration along the centre of the bee's body...

to which the plant responds by turning a side to side motion into a forward moving force ejection..

presumably using bellow like ejectors.


classic systems use the nectar with pollen coating >

Monday, July 8, 2013

Relativity versus Gravity

Relativity versus Gravity

gravity is defined as a field ... however in all energy related tasks the amount of effect a given mass and momentum has on another also relates to how much of it it is experiencing...

due to the almost minimal passage of time in an event horizon the relative amount of matter you are experiencing compared to the actual mass of a black hold ... should be almost infinitesimal amount..

lets put it like this gravity relates to a given mass and is supposedly a field (although Einstein says its not if you look closely) ... now a field in a gravity well would have a slower clock and thusly a slower wave ...
the simpler the wave the slower time related to this would be to the observer..

so effectively the argument would be slower time versus the outside = less force in a given time period.

however if we can prove that gravity doesn't vary with mass and time we can prove that time is most probably force vector on a bran.

if we can prove that gravity relates to a force that is not effected by time but affects it we can prove it is a root force. and leads to time

a gravity well with its time slowing properties makes for a puzzling concept ...

for when we relate time to gravity the force all seems to be one way ...
if a force affects another it is normally also true due to the rule of opposites that time will affect gravity and thusly we should be able to prove the relationship between gravity and time..

mass distorts space time ... mass makes gravity as an effect on the continuum ... in computing terms mass uses more clock cycles that massless space and thusly is observably slower ; relative to space without mass.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Quad bike seat-belts

Quad bike seat-belts .... (c)RS

the reason's you don't use a seat-belt on a quad bike or trike..

 it can roll on you and a seat-belt would make you kill yourself then or at least come to harm

your motion is restricted...

however if the seat lines are attached to your body armour
and detect when the bike is over 40% sideways so it can release easy
(with force clips so you don't actually have to replace it every time)

(and if your in a roll cage) a light one would do you don't need release bolts or springs etc so can use a secure tag line seat-belt

Friday, June 28, 2013

a new bug called Rosotcavo

a new bug called Rosotcavo

here are some pictures..

as can be seen the beetle has legs like a grass hopper so it can almost certainly be classed as a type of grass hopper ... but its yellow and black are very like a bee so it most probably uses that as a type of camouflage to say its dangerous ...
it can be seen feeding on nectar so it most probably is a pollinator ... (but has no hairs that i could see)

smaller eyes and large anteni make it interesting... and are all carictaristics of a grass hopper


Thursday, June 13, 2013

ideas for a no armed lady (c) RS

(copyright) RS

seeing the video below i thought we might cover some of her issues

no arm lady putting her stuff on by herself with her feet

as you can see from the video she uses a tool perhaps of her own invention and perhaps they can pay for new stem cell generated arms or bio mechanical implants....

any way devices need to be made to help people like her

a half circle with a back brace that one can slip cloths on to that one can slide into tops by standing up and or lean back onto

using a hand replacement that can be controlled  with the mouth and another with the feet

an artificial arm that can be controlled by using the shoulder muscles ... shoulder muscle contraction and or electric biofeedback based upon little pellets embedded in the skin to act as a joystick..

obviously the arm and leg replacements are the best for people ....

leg replacement wise i would use a balanced wheel system that will allow the hips and belly muscle nerves to control its motion and of-course spinal nerves that are not in use can be trained to control the biofeedback nodules we will implant in several places from pelvis to the lower tail of the spine and or abdomen.

Friday, June 7, 2013

milky way observations

gravity tendrils the star masses around one after another ...
transferring the spin from the core,

this acts much like viscosity and has a specific amount based on the density of materials concerned and interacts fundamentally like viscosity.

frond like formations ( like simple leaves ) form naturally in likeness to early life forms..

the centre is an equilateral division but off centred at right angles and is a very interesting phenomena. and worthy evidence for examination of the Einstein gravity space warp study

a study of light wavelength colour shift in the miky way and a proper picture of each star arranged in a proper 3D Star map of the galaxy could prove useful from several angles ...

the vector of the milky way can be worked out from it...

also the exact mapping of gravity can be made from it and likely scaler differences.


Monday, May 27, 2013

Vector Energy Entropic Chaos

inertia is the force of resistance against movement...

an example :

The mat is ideal example because when you beat the mat you apply energy into the system ... that energy transfers to different parts that are joined together (the mat)
the mat move but slowly because of mass (resistance to movement)
not infinitely fast and the dust jumps off the mat as it creates patterned wave forms in the mat that counter the energy input and the dust leaves in another direction (aka off the mat)

the wave forms however store the energy rather than transfer it into a direct vector reaction and thusly heat is created rather than motion

such a thing is called Vector Energy Entropic chaos (c) RS

basicly the energy finds multiple forms of low energy expression based on how pure the energy transfer and expression is...

how hard , how flexible , how dense etcetera

another perfect example of this is a high density bullet piercing a lighter armour ...

ripples in the armour deflect some of the energy from direct transfer and also convert some into lower energies like heat.


energy is a stored vector ....

energy is a wave form , a wave form is a vector that vibrates up and down or side to side and when released becomes a vector with the same properties,

light (translated into movement) is a perfect example of this - in short all energy is a vector that is stored.

Quantum foam and relativity

Quantum foam and relativity (c)Rupert Summerskill

addressing the nature of quantum foam , people don't really seem to understand what it is ...

What it really is is boiling ; you see the big bang never went away and we are still hot relative to the environment..

in the order of eternity our universe is a hot rich place and it is slowly burning off into eternity..

an eternity of void and emptiness ..

we are beings composed of entropy counter agents...

basicly humanity thrives by living on the edge of cold places and using up available energy which it gathers and then uses by funnelling this energy into low energy environments , productively rather than all at once..

high order beings are designed to mitigate the total wasting of energy and are fundamentally storage devices to save energy.

as can be proven the universe unfolds and boils in an absolute vacuum because space is fundamentally energy and what does energy do in a space in thermodynamics ? spread

the laws of thermodynamics apply to the space the universe is in..
except that here we are born into infinity ; our feet hanging over the biggest empty space in eternity...
and we are lucky to be alive.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

cosmos in balance the life in the machine

cosmos in balance

life comes in sections , slivers shivering down your spine
life burns inside you the storm of a thousand burning suns
life flows through veins hot burning alive

who are you to say we are not alive

simply put the cosmos was created in an instant so hot beyond comprehension to mortal man ;p
is it not a comment that when angry we do our worst works and desperation frightens us into a fury of trying.

devotion to cause makes a reason seem in excess

time does not come quantifiable by simply expressing the chemical reactions for provably time is chemically  related to the use you put it to.

when you need to work fast the metabolism and chemical flow paths (blood and vein's) are pumping your system to top performance and so the time allocation system undoubtedly adjusts..
noticeably so in fact.

common tasks carries out efficiently through years of practice flow with ease and deftness ...
untrained tasks take more time than you think they will and is often botched.

notably all functions are thusly proven to be adaptive rather than direct task preprogrammed tools,
life would not adapt so well to modern challenges and even an ant can partially succeed ..

so for a fact programming of the nerves did not happen at birth and or before it , but that it be a partial programming.

so provably we are adaptive technology and not pre programmed machines.

Monday, May 20, 2013

cell repair cycles and rebirth

cell repair cycles and rebirth (c) RS

There are many factors in the war on or for cancer..

Replication of DNA can lead to some error they theorize but evolution happens that way.

In order to argue for the non cancer function of replication lets talk about sperm..

Spermatozoa rarely have defunct DNA even with millions of replications per spoonful :-)

So talking about replication error is marginal at times ... Obviously some changes do and can occur during sperm production, and the results are called evolution or problems..

Cancer cells themselves are living entities with functioning replication cycles

But first one must keep in mind that DNA is repaired during replication and that thusly cell division has advantages to a living host as well as the possibilities of transmitting an error...

In computer code there is a Key to a file that can be used to decide if the code was transmitted properly and in DNA this sort of thing undoubtedly exists to rectify blatant mistakes,

Small errors or completely missing code , probably not and so overall the message is because you remake the cell during division it is good for the host to divide.

However benefits from stable code when not reproducing mean its unlikely to create as many errors during gene copying, However basic functions are still carried out daily ; enzyme expression and other cell functions that clearly would lead to further problems ..
and of-course benefits like cell repair are more frequent during birth and reproduction.

Simply put cells replicate by design and so doing it is fundamentally safe guarded by evolutionary or creational flavor's :-)

Rupert S

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ten most sacred truths , the law unto those who live in sciences name

hath thou not heard of the ten commandments of science ?

Ten most sacred truths , the law unto those who live in sciences name

thou shall go forth and observe
thou shalt bringeth forth the flames of curiosity
thou shall knoweth what you observe and record it justly
thou shall bringeth no harm by thy work that help not the lesson learn
thou shalt understand before thou speaketh with thy gob
for any who shalt learn the teaching of the craft is a necessity
thou shall crave to dream and do so but maketh up not one word of the craft of lies
thou shall cast forth all doubt in the face of proof but await that truth to be true in thy heart and mind
what you know can never be unknown to face a spoken lie to thy profit or comfort but must always be kind and truthful in the act

under no circumstance are you to reveal the truth that binds all to that which makes us hope for you live under it and above it

(c) RS but for all

Sunday, April 21, 2013

spin control 3d Maping of multiple dimensions

Several methods of Dimensional placement (c) RS

Coloured numbers on the 3D picture to represent the accociated vector in 4 to 13D space
Discs that both point the vector and directionals of the object on colour coded disks
Colour rendering encoded to associat the rainbow effects with 3D logic
Algebra of course can be used to sum the directions in a table :-)


The reasons for using these method's is that they are as close as 3D can show 4D etc while maintaining eyes meant to see in 3D.

Originally i just thought of using colour ranges to represent distance but it logically meant the picture was black and white.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

junk the genetic survival trait

junk DNA in genetic is a survival trait

simply put if you put all your valuable genetics close together and then expose it to radiation survivability is minimal,

genetic junk ism is more a method of preservation and life extension and adaptability than simple pure code would ever be...

additional features can be made from regular code and salvage , in addition badly written viruses end up in junk code and lost.. good riddance.

i would say this of man and the other species of the earth survival is a big game in genetic terms...
and for that potential to exist one must have undergone genetic fragmentation on the order of a billion billion...

monkies don't type on their own you know ;-)

yes the big apes of earth have learned to code wow...

new viruses new forms of elitism , new forms of social bigotry well done.

current and public dispersal of common genetic root stocks is too late to get back in the bag and some one or some thing (alien , demon , reptile plot believers this is for you ;-p ) will create a super virus or germ or make planet destroying nanites ...

for in the words of artists in every culture destroying revolution every when ...
art , history and the truth are the first things to go before the fires...

one cannot build without changing but in a world being divided every day in hatred , it is inevitable that the usual suspect burners  ... people haters , animal haters (myxomatosis for rabbit haters)
and other forms of hater be they atheist or not will have their day of theoretical glory with a doomsday device... and science at its peak is to be blamed for the used the ignorant use it for...

from atom bombs to satan himself man is always playing an angle and who's to say no one else is too ?

the inevitable result of wanting a "pure" race or genetic code is a lack of survivability

yours sincerely RS

(c) RS

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Brain Work out

culture is a very important factor in evolution of the right mind set...

when all things are considered the learning environment makes a big difference to how a brain functions and is used,

im not pretending an ape will be a human or a human an ape but fact is if your life is full of un-complex drivel particularly if its unsophisticated emotionally can lead to significant loss of potential in a species...

that's why adequate attention to apes and ubos orang-outangs etc pays off with an increase in potential,

as can be seen here in these specimens the education and testing of animals in challenging environments causes development of the folds and nature of the brain..

for those who don't believe in such things simply look at trained versus untrained brain damaged patients after strokes , simple fact is train = gain

can't do better than your best but can do a lot better than you did or do.

training a society to not think or overcome challenges is like reverse engineering a society into stupidity and a lack of good education and or environment makes the society and its people weak stupid and uncompetitive.

the harder it is to understand without thought the more you accomplish by understanding it.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

wave theory at its purest

the essence of wave form theory (c)RS

wave forms essentially define reality
from the atom to the particles of dust in your vacuum the essential truth is wave form dynamics have defined vertically every form of reason we have defined within a subset of wave theory

from the realisation that circles of light interacting globulate generate atoms to the theories of light itself , almost all definitions used to define anything from gravity to electric fields and atoms them selves is defined pre eminently through wave theories ...

think about electrons ( move in waves ) atoms react to heat ( a wave ) by waving

the essential truth is wave forms define reality in all its forms

every thing from magnets ( a defined and steady wave ) electron spin (wave)

protons ... neutrons in fact everything you can dream of in reality is defined by wave theory without even defining a particle at all

a particle is in fact by definition a bent wave through multiple dimensional realities and not even a defined point but rather the centre of the wave form as defined through infinity and thusly is also summed to zero

define reality ? reaction and positive results from the formation of real objects and shapes through the defining wave form..

that is what a string theory truly is a wave form reality.

true light interaction is defined by its primary attribute and what is that :-)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Star shap and formation and the forms it takes during an autopsy

Star formation and the forms it takes during an autopsy

as we can see here the nature of the explosion will indicate the original layering and temperature of the materials forming the original material before it exploded..

so for instance we can see bright high energy matter has travelled further than its lower energy components that where passed through , presumably when travelling from the source of the explosion... at the centre or close to it...

the blue flaming aria for example is smooth in its content and thusly suggesting a light gas ...
one ejected from the star earlier in its life one might suggest...
or from the top of the star layers where it rode on the cushion of materials rising from underneath.

large dark patches reminiscent of the formation of the energy/magnetosphere...

yes overall a lot of tea leaves to read from such a good picture..


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Genetics and a study of

Genetic Manipulation and thought links

Modern genetic evidence of genetic shift link

another example of earlier evolutionary ^^ trends

modern manwe is so certain of its uniqueness and yet so unwilling to think about how this came to be..

earlier trends in genetic shift and mixing of the ancestors has left us puzzling over how to cover up obvious truths..

the genetic manipulation of populations to introduce traits that other genetic paths occupy,
has been done earlier in our history than the introduction of modern man or indeed genetic manipulation through the use of actual lab based gene swapping,

for examples :
the carrot
the potato

commonly it is assumed these days that genetic manipulation is the mainstay of a modern science ...
where as in fact it is much much older than that.

what we see today is an assumption of laboratory usage being necessary for genetic manipulation..
where as infact basic observation techniques are more than adequate in most cases..

this can for example be proved by the various types of dogs available today , most of which was made by creative breeding.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bubbling ferment

Bubbling ferment (C)RS

when you look at space closely  it bubbles with the sub particle creation...
people might be wondering  : why is this happening ?

its simple : its boiling

to explain this is simple , Space is within a vast space of substance well below Zero kelvin..
in order for the universe to exist it constantly gives off energy ,
every day more energy is released to keep existence alive ,
what you are seeing is space boiling in a vacuum of vacuum's ,

entropy wants to win and it does so by sucking energy from life ,
Before you whine about this realise one thing ..

Life would not exist without it , in fact life is there because ; energy existed within chaos and another thing wanted it all ,
there is balance and thanks to that we exist.

maintain the balance because to much entropy would wipe us from history and too little would mean no existence at all.

Friday, February 8, 2013

holographic theory

the wonders of a theory that says every thing is inside every thing else....

for instance visual life holographic representation the visual system represents that at some median distance from the observer the hologram displays from a single point so that it is 2 triangles back to back...

now back in the days of Aristotle and beyond the triangle was used to represent the visual system ...
since this is entirely logical,

deeper analysys of holographic theory can yeald results like :

the entire universe is visible in a single piece...
all matter is interconnected and destroying a single piece effects the entire cosmos.
the universe is a fractal

yes holograms represent an image that from most angles will yield a result and if cracked will display the entire image ...
thus proving the wave entanglement of light is true , if both photons are of the same wave length..
for infact holograms prove light does entangle.

but if one is to presume that the image in ones retina is a hologram one must also prove that the light entangles across wave boundaries... or that the holograms merge in the eye.

now a perfectly logical presumption of light is that it bounces into your eye.. and forms an image.

However a hologram in the eye would mean a maximum resolution image existed in every receptor in your eye and if it did i imagine your eyes would function differently.

a hologram receiving eye only needs to be a few photons across and probably bugs would have them...

the perceived resolution of the image would be accurate to a single wave of light and of course that would be a lot of data...
forming a camera like that would mean a vertualy infinite camera sensor and thus no storage space on your camera and the need of a quantum processor to process the image...

in addition a fully copied picture at full resolution would effectively be a copy and real as you or me.

holographic theory is appealing and from the very fact a hologram exists at all means there are some features that are holographic (wave entanglement).

(C) RS

Saturday, January 19, 2013

electron light interaction theory

electron light interaction theory (C) RS

metals in particular express an idealised electron net or mesh where free electrons transfer between differing atoms

because metals are not transparent to normal light ( not xray for example )
we can prove basicly that the electrons act in their wave function durring the passage through metals

the reason being that the metal is not transparent to the normal light (red green blue)

however we can prove that lower energy levels interact to differing levels with the electron mesh and the energies from particles (electrons) within the atom ( where electron density is higher and energy absorption options are greater due to the weak and strong force , positive and negative charges etc)

however we can prove the electron web has absorption capacities limited by its energy level limits and thusly is transparent to some forms of light where the atoms themselves are the only absorbers of light.

thusly thin metals can be transparent as in the case of mirrors and mirrored glass

so the energy pattern absorption options available within the field of an atomic matrix , varies with heat , thickness and atomic bonding...

differing materials have differing interactions of electrons and thusly absorbtion and other features are modified by how closly to atoms the electrons are bound and also interaction patterns as with ions and the free electrons assume a common wave pattern across the solide

so that materials layered upon other compounds absorb the wave pattern of the sub layer
as a lake would absorb the wave patterns of a smaller lake connected to it.

so a material will affect another based on closeness and thickness of the materials.

quantum tunnelling has in part been due to the fact that a material that transfers electrons is close to a blocking material and that the wave pattern from absorbing materials and doped materials transfer to the closely meshed materials.

in short one material affects another through wave pattern dominance and sharing.

yours lovingly Rupert S