Friday, July 26, 2013

Colloidal gold a theory or a madness

found something in this article that would help explain the colloid gold theory

the tiny particles of gold vibrate within the cell and thusly prove the theory that colloidal gold does indeed help

you see what the article provides by proxy is proof the the colloidal gold would indeed absorb energy from EMI entering the cell and turn it into vibrational  and or heat energy ... the relevance of this fact is that the energy no longer diminishes the DNA and other cells organisational states by basically redirecting energy that would introduce unhealthy forms of chaos into the cell...

the difference between gold and other metals is gold is heavier and thusly the vibrations are slower when the energy is converted and also it is heavily electron shielded so is unlikely to split and conductive so can provide electrons and it also rarely reacts and almost never oxidises so stays an uncompromised metal of conductive properties

DNA breaking etcetera and thusly to my surprise colloidal gold may indeed be more than a spoon idea

and logicically chemicals like this can help with radio therapy and cancer in general


quote from newer research >

By merging gold and iron oxide particles and adding antibodies to guide them through the bloodstream, researchers managed to target and kill cancer cells with absorbed infrared heat.

Cancer cells need to be heated up a few degrees to die, and this technique targets them better without causing damage to healthy tissue.

Read more: via Cornell Chronicle

Image: TipsTimes/Flickr


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