Sunday, November 25, 2012

Space is not empty vacum energy

Very interesting and logical
 (c) RS
space is not empty
like a spring it unfolds -- imagine space as the guts inside a human..
 it is folded and then unfolds (multiple dimension reality)
its expression is complicated but simple and elegant from the right angle.
truth is space is enything but empty and can be torn or rendered ...
one can hang things on space and decorate it or even rely upon it.
it is not simply like living in a hollow tube
because space is in every direction occupied by unseen things and perhaps even living entities.
in short the void is not a true emptiness  and occupies a dimensional reality ;
most probably twisted in every centimetre.
just as the picture below is not empty if you can see it properly >>

Sunday, November 11, 2012

the brain and evolution

the brain and evolution

In many ways we wonder about the value of our genetic code and its seemingly redundant sections....

The basic truth is the genome is built around optimizing features already found in nature...

and even within basic organisms...

To those that say man could not have been created by evolution i simply state :
Bearing in mind how much crap is present within our code one can only presume that years passed and bugs crept in :p

While the human form and our neurons are indeed miracles ; thy are not the be and end all of evolutionary design...

In germs the evolutionary process versus redundancy is strict and thusly prunes non usable code..
in things like mammals our shear survival characteristics permit lazy coding ....

The older the code the more streamlined it is likely to be !

In the case of this growing biological sample you can see the obvious similarities with nerve structures ... or trees and thusly can prove that evolution of our profoundest features has come from the ground up...

In short the whole point has to evolve from the simplex code of our origin's..

Trees birds humans and life in general is built to exploit the entropy / thermodynamics of the cosmos and ultimately have been made with it , through it and by it....

Even thou the basic instinct of entropy is to burn it all at once ... rules forbid it..
Even though a simple explosion would burn it up quicker ... evolutionary chaos has prevented its demise.
even if you where to understand this simple thing:

Life has evolved to fight entropy and chaos by using it to survive.
Entropy kills and grows through pain and life has evolved to be mud banks slowing it down while using it to shape and live through...

Life , death and decay are attributes of our world founded on the fact that genetic code was designed to fight these effects while maximising profit : Life , Creativity and evolution of better ways to exploit what we have to maximum advantage.

The matter on your brain was crafted from basic picture sets evolved before even the sign of an actual brain was seen and most certainly before planned parenthood (eugenics) would change by the precepts of man.

The basic function of instinct is older than the brain and ultimately lead to its production to further reactive capacities.

(C) Rupert S

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Creation being and theory

the emotions of a cosmos cannot simply be put down to sound
but frankly theoretically sound wave strings are a logical conclusion..

as are bubles of pure thought traveling within multipe dimensions both up and down at the same time...
across a metamorphic sphere

other reasonable theories exist but non are mine like the last 3 :)

simply state the universe is recursive symbolic poetry ,
one can interpreter it many ways for it is beyond one simple understanding,

to think one understands the universe is to understand that you are a fool to have simply not admitted it was a wonder.. ;-)