Wednesday, December 11, 2019

CPU & GPU Problem Solutions

CPU & GPU Problem Solutions: Updates happen

Screen flicker Problems Games & Browsers/OS:

The reason for the flicker may be because of ram page overlap in the pre-fetch/Buffer... due to large ram sizes in the PCI fetch...
Glitching may occur with a low level driver with exceptionally low levels of buffer / Stack cache...The suggested frame buffer is 3 frames,

I optimise Frame cache to 7 the octagonal source code requirements of fetch and pre-fetch CPU/GPU processing tip should be overlapped by a pre organised DMA Compressed data fetch...The same goes for fibre channel architecture..

The frame buffer automatically allocates a loose Paging system.. flex Muscle: Align code & RAM Fetch/Write to Kilobyte Order boundary.

Ordered to be data aligned with the requirements of the cache cycle and data size...

64Bit processors order on 4Kb boundaries minimum up to 64Kb optimum... Larger buffers can afford to lose a 1 to 63 KB but not more to obtain optimum ram boundary aligned cache burst DMA Cache fetch & set/write.

In Vulkan and DX12 over estimated buffer may introduce latency, DMA Cached fetch is the answer.

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