Sunday, November 22, 2015

Humanity - zero point

may your heart heal after you reflect on your humanity..
life needs another helper and it was not your day,
remember your life probably had no cause as you fell, but awakened in a new being..
saved for the higher cause.

let your day of learning bring you lessons for the future - teach to others as you heal & let no hand go empty.

rest well in your dreams for you are awakened.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Endometriosis - thoughts and possible treatments


Thoughts and theories of treatment (c) RS

Basically the cells of the uterus spread though the body cavities ..
just like a cancer (However being composed of healthy cells)

The problem with these healthy cells is that they are located throughout the internal canals of the bowls (normally)...

When your menstrual cycle occurs the cells inflame and renew, bleed ...
just as the uterus does itself !

So various problems occur .. swelling of tissues ( the uterus cells send distress signals and thusly cause inflammation message’s in the wrong place; Within the body).

So what about solutions and treatments ? (copyright RS)

1 : ... Anti inflammation drugs ... preferably local; one suggestion would be aspirin... or other chronic inflammation drugs... in a mild form or preferably delivered locally though a patch or needle.

2 : Application of localized laser burn to the clusters of uterus cells that inhabit a wrong part of the body, (Located with a sensitive X-ray presumably computer processed against an ideal form of what the body would look like healthy ( Because these are healthy cells chemo is definitely not an option..)

This option also works for cancer and fibres or misplaces surgery tools or bolts etcetera.

3 : Control of the hormones of menstruation , The pill (birth control and hormone) should do wonders here because of the lessening of menstrual symptoms that these wonder pills are well documented to provide.. (indeed many woman experience almost no bleeding while on the pill).

Personally i believe the majority of the problem to be related to an immunity deficiency; The body simply does not kill the cells when out of the correct location...
Such illnesses do occur on other occasions; and for different reasons..
AKA muscle growing in the brain; (Rarely but it does appear to happen).

(c)Rupert S