Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Anti Matter and the universe

**Anti Matter and the universe**
By Rupert S

Essential theory of how black holes come to emit oppositely charges patter from their poles...

In essence a black hole is only capable of being a store of a vast mass:
Of positively or negatively charged matter if the matter does not contaminate with the equivalent oppositely charged particle,
Most probably the presence of the theoretically positive proton(+p) & (-e)electron still allows the black hole to exist with mass..

Due to the fact that the black hole repels oppositely charged matter (antimatter in our case) out of the poles,
Where matter would leave most easily.. (an example of this phenomenon can be seen with our planet and charged particle and auric fields..)

Due to the wind of oppositely charged particles blowing constantly away from the galactic disk; The Galaxy continues to exist..
The favoring of charge displacement by black holes thusly favors the charge of the galaxy itself,
Creating a galaxy favorable to existence and life.

(Large fields of anti matter may exist and even anti galaxies)

Indeed the original events following or within the big-bang framework; Appear to have favored this division of matter and anti matter..
Also the possibility that time is also a wave/ripple and the fact that..
Antimatter may have originally had a reaction to this opposite to matter and likewise been separated..

Simple example of separation : Vacuum energy particle creation, the particles separate at creation.
Such evidence appears to exist for thought and study.

(c)Rupert S