Saturday, January 19, 2013

electron light interaction theory

electron light interaction theory (C) RS

metals in particular express an idealised electron net or mesh where free electrons transfer between differing atoms

because metals are not transparent to normal light ( not xray for example )
we can prove basicly that the electrons act in their wave function durring the passage through metals

the reason being that the metal is not transparent to the normal light (red green blue)

however we can prove that lower energy levels interact to differing levels with the electron mesh and the energies from particles (electrons) within the atom ( where electron density is higher and energy absorption options are greater due to the weak and strong force , positive and negative charges etc)

however we can prove the electron web has absorption capacities limited by its energy level limits and thusly is transparent to some forms of light where the atoms themselves are the only absorbers of light.

thusly thin metals can be transparent as in the case of mirrors and mirrored glass

so the energy pattern absorption options available within the field of an atomic matrix , varies with heat , thickness and atomic bonding...

differing materials have differing interactions of electrons and thusly absorbtion and other features are modified by how closly to atoms the electrons are bound and also interaction patterns as with ions and the free electrons assume a common wave pattern across the solide

so that materials layered upon other compounds absorb the wave pattern of the sub layer
as a lake would absorb the wave patterns of a smaller lake connected to it.

so a material will affect another based on closeness and thickness of the materials.

quantum tunnelling has in part been due to the fact that a material that transfers electrons is close to a blocking material and that the wave pattern from absorbing materials and doped materials transfer to the closely meshed materials.

in short one material affects another through wave pattern dominance and sharing.

yours lovingly Rupert S

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Do anti particles move back in time

Do anti particles move back in time

I believed there is a high percentage chance they do ....
however logic would state that they not only appear before the hit but also at the end coordinates ?
while i hold the view that all inverse waves may do the opposite ,

With time being a vector it is possible for an anti particles time direction to be determined by the original vector of the originating particle and so logically any particle can move backwards or forwards as its inverse ?

(c) RS

To explain this simple appearing logic, The rules are simple:

Anti matter and mater have the opposite phase (wave pattern),

Inverting the wave of antimatter should prove that it is matter:

In rules that state matter and anti matter invert such as :

Atom + = Atom -
Proton + = Proton -
Electron - = Electron +

However if time is a wave pattern then by logic, 
The element (The wave) that responds to time; Can potentially be responded to in the opposite direction,
By that means we can suggest whether time is a wave.

Now by proving that time is not a wave; We can discuss whether time is an attribute of a wave,
Because we know that time does positively not respond to anti matter; As opposite in wave..
(Inverting in time and thusally travelling back in time)

However we have to prove if Anti matter is unstable, 

As we do not regard anti matter as unstable; We can state our proof that Anti matter does not respond the opposite in time.

Thusly we prove that time is ether not a wave, Or that the wave does not treat anti matter as anti-time.

Now you may be asking (What on earth does he mean?)

So stated thusly:

Holograph theory states that all space is stored in a wave state

The universe is inside a black hole theory; States that time begin's again.
(Under the logic of the theory; The universe is too big & the circumference too small,
The universe therefor being beyond the event horizon,

However in theory; All objects have a range upon which they cannot be seen
(Is this the event horizon? Possibly not),

Proving that the universe has a density beyond the rules of black holes mass
In general theory; Would indicate a simple rule of mass & gravity; As the only rule for black holes:

Mass = N
Field strength of atom = Fas
Gravity = G

When Fas = less than : M*G

Field collapses, Stored in what wave pattern ?


We can suppose that if Anti matter & Matter; Respond to time the same then one of two rules can be supposed:

Time is a vector (As proposed by me: RS)
The wave does not respond to Anti matter in any way different.

Anti time or in other words time travel; Should provide evidence of Matter & Anti matter that is inverse.

However we can therefor prove that Anti matter is not a time element based upon a harmonic wave pattern in matter..

We can scrap some Dr Who theory, However time travel would be immensely dangerous too us,

Inverting time would mean that: All the matter the traveller is made of is inverted,
Being inverted means the traveller is destroyed.


As a Vector time does not provably exist; Potentially..

As a vector; Time is potentially : Extrapolation of energy in a volume.

Thermodynamics is real, Time expressed as expression of thermodynamics ..

This still has problems, For example (What is time?)

Potentially : Volume (for example) V² or V cubic, with energy expression.

Thermodynamics in exactness.

(c)Rupert S

Monday, January 14, 2013

think a little its not hard


its also possible to see light from before the universe was even sayed to exist :) and for that light to be sayed to be from under 13 billion years ago

Friday, January 11, 2013

a new theory of light and some tests


According to my theory all light contains the entire spectrum when regarded from the right perspective..

You see light energies come in quanta ....
Light speed being set to a maximum speed means that in order for the light to account for :
The additional energies that would be accounted for by an object moving towards you ;
Or the energy lost when its source is moving away
and the self evident lack of difference in the light's velocity as proven by experimentation..

The light moves up the energy table to account for the target and or the observer moving towards one Another as a means of expressing the additional velocity that cannot be expressed..
and lower down to slower wave lengths  to express moving away and thusly slower velocities than the speed of light which is never altered through consistent space,

However some questions arise ... what happens when light falls outside the quanta bit ?
Will it ever become radio or sound ? or gravity waves or a particle ... possibly

( In the following we can see a relevant creation of mater from light and the incredible assumptions we can make about the big bang light turning into matter and the possible existence of direct transfer of matter into light being reversible )

Imagine a situation where 2 galaxies are moving towars one another at almost or even at light speed ...
What will happen to the light ?

What about if the 2 objects are moving away from one another at almost the speed of light ?

What then would the light look like ?

Light says modern physics always travels at light speed towards a target even if that target is travelling at almost the speed of light.. but of course the energy quanta of that light is lower or higher.

The properties of light can be experimented upon in a collider or rather accelerator in the following ways :

Accelerate a mirror and laser it..
Accelerate a micro dot camera or chemical device that emits radiation or radio waves when energized.
Accelerate chemicals that react to light and or specific energy patterns , you can slow them down as well you know
One could theoretically slow down below 0 by directly sending the accelerated particle on the opposite direction to the opposing force of the milky-way and the planets + sun and measure it in various ways.


Light can be summarized as travelling to a target going away as less energetic but it still travels to the target at light speed (thusally we can presume that the voyage is shorter for the light than it is for the moving observer)

Light can be summarized as travelling to a target going towards the emitter as more energetic but it still travels to the target at light speed (thusly we can presume that the voyage is longer for the light than it is for the moving observer)

and thusly we prove light has a very different relativistic table than matter as perceived by us.


Light also has another property : it is Timeless

That means 2 photons are in the same timeless space possible and the vectors can intersect and thusly why light in a single photon slit experiment might interfere with one another..
Time sections overlap and the particles fields overlap in time,
The amount of time in which one photon can interfere with another could be tested by the following means.

Vary the time between the photon firings.

Rotate the experiment without altering the experiment itself.

More added at some time in the future.

(C)Rupert S

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Einstein is his theory ever broken ?

I was reading chapter 2 of the book the elegant universe (a book about string theory)
and this chapter was about gravity and the laws of relativity...

Several points where reminded of :

Space bends to make gravity
time is effected by gravity and that time is a sort of speed ( much like my earlier work on that fact )


Effectively the denser the matter the more of the basic space it warps and compresses ..
so effectively in a larg enough black hole the spatial field density could effectively be infinite and time would ether stop almost or completely or all-together or reverse..

because of the black holes event horizon where time would stop the time passing could not happen on the outside,

What this effectively means is time must pass inside to preserve the laws of entropy and because it cant happen in the black hole as it is ... it is effectively forced to make its own dimensional space...

creating its own universe ...

depending on factors it can range from a simple re play of the matter inside it's life as lived before ...
( Due to the laws of chaos and entropy this is most unlikely althou it could be almost the same )

Basicl'y as the matter has fallen in time it gains energy and thus the capacity for additional matter and even a big bang of it's own with unknown potential, amazing eh :-)

Now as a subset of this theory because of these facts the laws of physics are in-fact not broken at all...
Indeed the greater density of the universal field in which all matter exists (Within the black hole) ..
Allows for a higher precision of events within the void of the black and thusly the laws of physics are very likely never broken ; but rather moved by slight of hand to a subset of spatial dimensions !

end of story , additional content later after thought


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

superbe materials for tomorrows optics

super conductors can be superbe optical sensors with a very good precision , becouse they have electrons in them flowing at advanced speeds but normally static,

graphine also has potential in the optic field for super thin sensors and high signal to noise ratio..
and becouse of pathing an excelent material for individual sensor taps made by lazer gate makers and ion reaction field grafting

the invisibility cloak tech can be re engineered to make a superb lensing material...
if one uses its light redirection capacity to a sensor grid. :)


Friday, January 4, 2013

Infinite Mass

Infinite Mass

When discussing the Higg's field with my brother , 
We discussed the removal of mass that might occur by applying some field or other source of manipulating the interference the Higg's applies when it connects with other matter.. 

Now to my eyes the Higg's has always just been a part of the matrix that defines space, 

What i mean by this is that the Higg's is a part of the paper the universe has been defined as ; 
As you will it is the invisible substance across which all interactions happen. 

I would personally anticipate some problems with it's removal from matter... 
The problem with removing mass ; 

While matter with no mass could theoretical achieve infinite speed by the release of a single ion from a pump ; Mass has always played a part in the possible energy levels containable by mass ... 

What i mean is an object with less mass cannot retain the energy that an object with greater mass could :)

So theoretically a zero mass particle could not contain energy (energy in the form of light and heat) 
thusly could not be used without study for propulsion purposes. 

The particle would also i believe be spreading its interactive field over a vast aria, 
What i mean by that is ; The electron has a spread of positions it can be interacted with ; 
The theory being that because of the lighter mass of the particle it's aria of influence is greater.. 

So using that theorem as an example one might expect the atoms in the influenced item or craft to have a theoretical aria of influence much larger than a simple electron..

So one source of immediate worry would be how is this influence going to affect things .. ? 

Also there is significant pull to say it might not even emit W or Z boson interactions and depending on those issues what might the matter look like ? *** mass increases , 

could make instant black holes of even a tea cup ;-) 


Could not also The Higg's field be increased/Strengthened/Hardened or altered though manipulation?

For example making red matter..

Increasing the density of atomic components such as the electron & defining ..
Inertia; Momentum; Significance; Light density interactions.