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Do anti particles move back in time

Do anti particles move back in time

I believed there is a high percentage chance they do ....
however logic would state that they not only appear before the hit but also at the end coordinates ?
while i hold the view that all inverse waves may do the opposite ,

With time being a vector it is possible for an anti particles time direction to be determined by the original vector of the originating particle and so logically any particle can move backwards or forwards as its inverse ?

(c) RS

To explain this simple appearing logic, The rules are simple:

Anti matter and mater have the opposite phase (wave pattern),

Inverting the wave of antimatter should prove that it is matter:

In rules that state matter and anti matter invert such as :

Atom + = Atom -
Proton + = Proton -
Electron - = Electron +

However if time is a wave pattern then by logic, 
The element (The wave) that responds to time; Can potentially be responded to in the opposite direction,
By that means we can suggest whether time is a wave.

Now by proving that time is not a wave; We can discuss whether time is an attribute of a wave,
Because we know that time does positively not respond to anti matter; As opposite in wave..
(Inverting in time and thusally travelling back in time)

However we have to prove if Anti matter is unstable, 

As we do not regard anti matter as unstable; We can state our proof that Anti matter does not respond the opposite in time.

Thusly we prove that time is ether not a wave, Or that the wave does not treat anti matter as anti-time.

Now you may be asking (What on earth does he mean?)

So stated thusly:

Holograph theory states that all space is stored in a wave state

The universe is inside a black hole theory; States that time begin's again.
(Under the logic of the theory; The universe is too big & the circumference too small,
The universe therefor being beyond the event horizon,

However in theory; All objects have a range upon which they cannot be seen
(Is this the event horizon? Possibly not),

Proving that the universe has a density beyond the rules of black holes mass
In general theory; Would indicate a simple rule of mass & gravity; As the only rule for black holes:

Mass = N
Field strength of atom = Fas
Gravity = G

When Fas = less than : M*G

Field collapses, Stored in what wave pattern ?


We can suppose that if Anti matter & Matter; Respond to time the same then one of two rules can be supposed:

Time is a vector (As proposed by me: RS)
The wave does not respond to Anti matter in any way different.

Anti time or in other words time travel; Should provide evidence of Matter & Anti matter that is inverse.

However we can therefor prove that Anti matter is not a time element based upon a harmonic wave pattern in matter..

We can scrap some Dr Who theory, However time travel would be immensely dangerous too us,

Inverting time would mean that: All the matter the traveller is made of is inverted,
Being inverted means the traveller is destroyed.


As a Vector time does not provably exist; Potentially..

As a vector; Time is potentially : Extrapolation of energy in a volume.

Thermodynamics is real, Time expressed as expression of thermodynamics ..

This still has problems, For example (What is time?)

Potentially : Volume (for example) V² or V cubic, with energy expression.

Thermodynamics in exactness.

(c)Rupert S

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