Thursday, October 23, 2014

Casimir force and the relation between fluids and viscosity

i was thinking about the casimir force as defined in a physics video and i was observing his example of a similar force in the form of two ships being attracted together when moored during rough weather and the fact that waves on the outside of the ships can take many forms that cannot be between them....

he referenced metals , however if you understand the relationship between a fluid and it's viscosity as defined by the electrical energy needed to tear the atoms of the fluid from the combined wave energy within a specific volume and the fact that that energy equates to the fluid's attraction to metals or other surfaces , depending on the electrical wave forms compatibility with the wave harmonic of the fluid...

defined as :

energetic wave : Ew
compatibility coefficient of the surfaces to the wave form of the fluid : Ccf
that the combined field ether is attracted by harmonic attraction or repelled by harmonic dissonance...
and or interfierence for it is entirly possible for a vibration to creat chaotic energy patters within the fluid or serface that will force changes in the viscosity and sticking potential of the fluid and thusly to change the casimir force between the atoms.

thus from this we understand the interaction of waves and energy upon the stickiness / fluidity and or attraction in both fluids , solids and sand..

however while the affecting electrons are behaving in different circumstances to the casimir effects found in electrical wires , the reasons for the force and reaction is the same.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The fight of life to bring complexity ( fighting the force of emptyness and entropy )

The laws of entropy are simple so simple that we divested ourselves of ignorance to it 100's of years ago or perhaps even subconsciously at the birth of life and or before it ever existed as we know it.

Entropy has a simple set of rules but it comes down to this :
Entropy hates complexity and will do it's best to remove it and or create meaningless data...

We use entropy daily accessing the internet to encrypt data for you can hide a great deal of data in seeming emptiness

Random data is an enemy of clarity and life works hard to remove a lack of clarity....
Yes clarity removes complexity within the process of speech and understanding but also preserves data for later generations,
In short clarity removes the uncertainty in what you know and actualises the presence of understandable data in the face of random data or the non existence of data..
(Both emptiness and random data remove the meaning to which life ascribes and through effort generates.)

To demonstrate a simple experiment of thought and deed simply observe vacuum formed random matter and observe that the rules of creation roughly translate to the creation of exact opposites that usually collide within a very small amount of time/actions per energy flow.

Principally scientists first of all wonder that since matter and anti matter are in theory created at the same time the total creation theoretically possible by the creation of a universe of energy is the creation of the exact opposite and theoretically due to the attraction of opposites the annihilation of both within a short time.

In order to prove the validity of my claim : (enhanced and reasoned complexity is the creations way of fighting entropy while accepting the fact that entropy will be used in the process)

I state the following for consideration :

The shortest way to remove complexity through entropy is to annihilate all existential matter through exact opposite.

The second method involves the explosion of matter into empty space spreading so wide that forces remove all complexity very quickly. (Can be observed when a man tries to breath in space without a space suite.)

Black holes are supposedly supposed to evaporate due to Hawkins radiation...
(Hawkins radiation can be expressed as the annihilation of ordered and defined data (Black holes supposedly preserve that) into meaningless entropic data,that is to say that the reason entropic forces use Hawkins radiation is that it supposedly removes defined data and replaces it with random and meaningless matter and or energy)

I propose the following fact for your consideration accept it as a proof so to speak.

The proven effects of thermodynamics is the simplification of the system and the reduction of the energy state uniqueness of the contained energy.
how does one prove this ?
Some evidence for reading :

Light a match and watch wood become simpler things.
Watch the process of decay – decay brings simplicity to matter and animals and germs , plants etcetera come to feed off the decaying complexity and indeed to further create possibilities for complex creation (hopefully non too random).
Within virtual data:
Face book mems – a complex but eventually understood picture becomes boring and obsolete through copying and eventual destruction through the spreading of the mem over the vastness of internet randomness and just like chaos that mem may well appear again at some time or another only to be yet again destroyed.. thus proving that yet again random crazy data wins the day....
However there is complexity and the fact that complexity folds off entropy for a time and perhaps for ever I will further analyse the issue of mimetic data on face book.

Random posts about food and or other common topics are often culled by intelligent minds and the full frontal assault of copies of the data you liked can be seen when ever you like a post that Facebook understands … further more sometimes but rarely you can see the appearance of an automatic rebuttal of what you are liking... in the form of articles that call what you liked false or try to lead you to like something else that may destroy your interest in what your liking , indeed it may compliment it and that is how chaos works,
Further more creative minds are trying to create ether new mimetic data and or remould old ones and thus proving that generically there is a movement to the introduction of meaning into posting ,
Even if the causes can appear to serve entropy by using random ordered data copied loads of times to defeat the forces of sensible and intelligent commenting..
However even such mimetic data that is often used to replace thought in a discussion can and do get created by the forces of originality while at the same time folding the hand a little to entropy.

As can be seen then the forces of creation are themselves the expression of meaning above and beyond the movement to silence and commonality that is sought by entropic forces,
Even if random data is used by both sides in this war or debatable opposites.
in any event i believe the creation of matter to be a defining point in the fight against entropy and furthered by intelligence.


significant dust

they say the world is made of dust that you go back to dust ....
but know the words you create of the significance of dust,
for one long ago there was nothing ,
within the splinter of times evolution you came to being from the foundation of a million seeds ,
the stars that died and where reborn in the after glow,
the creation seed of eternal fire and the ice of the infinite and stupendous mass of black space.

you are made of dust and that dust took near 7 billion years to come to be what you are

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