Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Infinite dimensions inside a 2 dimensional layer

. >< Infinity (c)RS

i was thinking about how meny times a Zero can fit inside a zero and of course its from 0 to infinity

and i was arguing with myself about how only one infinity can fit inside infinity even if its -1 etcetera
simply because it still is not going to fit :)

but an infinite 2d paper could hold an infinity of almost any number of dimensions if the data is recorded in 2D or on a string of infinite length in binary or coloured dots or 1D waves etcetera
3d + dimensions on a super string of infinite expression is possible..

thus it is possible to store an infinity of dimensions within dimension if the expression of the media is infinite.

the universe can thus be a string ... a quantum dot (single particle) a black hole
a mesh of strings or indeed something more complex..

one might observe that the simpler the thing formed by chaos the more likely it is to be made...

chaos projected onto a single point of random particulate seems more likely than a complex world fully formed in chaos when not done as an abstract geometry , seems over all logical

a single particle appearing in a place with more matter density than ours at random to express our entire cosmos

this super string web sound 2 dimensional etc random particle in effectively infinite time is an almost logical conclusion..
and rather more logical than a universe existing into which our black hole dropped into a fully formed universe.. that is still possible but requires a universe to exist for us to exist inside it.

an infinitely small particle into which all life fits is more likely as a definition.

indeed one might suppose an infinite dimensional reality could of small enough fit inside a point of zero ;)

indeed the universe being created by a creator still comes with the problem where is the egg .. ?

still it seems the cosmos is not yet ready to self create by chance is it ...
for such a thing might still decay unless observer effects truly count for something.

such a creator as the amoeba creator (infinitely small and thus unsuspecting and simple to make by random) or the infinite one

Friday, August 24, 2012

Exploration a century of discovery

Click the photo to see it at its biggest.. :)

we talk about space it is just a pinch away from your minds hand ...
to the mind it is within reach and easily so,

We are born into a world of magnificent proportions ,
On one hand it is tiny a near 9 miles that most of us can see to the horizon why almost any of us can walk it ;
Yes its big but not that big to get to eny thing we can see.

Most of the stuff that has been relevant to the species of our planet is close to us (relatively) ..
Indeed that's the point !,
Survival has not relied upon us understanding the true size of the universe..
we can see it and up to a point relate but there is no history of reward ; servivalisticely
Simply put we have always seen it so we can relate but genetic'ly there has never been a reason to see it.
Till now..
well dinosaurs died out because of a rock from the big void ; but in terms of things you can do something about or with ; the genetic code of survival had no need to optimize for deep sight or depth of perception..
To the point that if we can at all it must have been of some relevance to our existence.

In the case of man we are lucky to have been nomad hunters that needed to get home without a wonderful geomagnetic sense. ;)

We needed what we have and thus'ly we have them !

Do not underrate the need before greed principles of our ancestors.. don't be a loot hoarder. ^!^

we have needed and lucky we are not to be like rinoserus  or some other almost blind underground ferrit
and yet we lack skills found in nature.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

big book of universal revelation ;-)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Natural Stars


coloured like a rainbow
the heavens need no justification for their splendour :)

yes we can clearly look for planets in almost eny age of the universe...
and perhaps man like beings also... splattered across the sky like so many jelly fish..

when it comes down to the life time of the universe i would say it clearly grew fast !
as if it already had a definition , of course the definition of rules defines all that is splendid by those rules ...
and as can be seen in the sky the heavens had almost the same rules as we ourselves seem to live under,

What bigger promise than that that life seems to have been lived by our rules for almost 13Billion years...
the fact that most of the quantifiable resources to make our own planet have been discovered within the clusters ... solves the problem with the super nova's causing the production of heavy elements...
and yet being to far away to effectively deliver them in the time scale needed to fit in with a 13 billion year universe...

for the matter was gathered in clouds and formed pure stars and classical planets for,
our solar suit
our wagner
our suit of splendour that the days pass in milky white valium

that all the parts are made whole does not take proof of faith as the only reason to love her..
our cosmos is splendid and even those who hold no space for soul and magic must surly learn to appreciate a cosmos beautiful without any reason to justify it but that we are born in to it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Relativity and wave harmonics

relativity is the fact that all objects within our cosmos interact with one another but are viewing the situation from a very personal point of view,
everything shares the same world but depending on factors relating to energy 
and or position interact with each other at times that from another perspective;
May never have happened the way thy themselves see it happening;
Because of the function of the wave coefficient and time synchrony

(c) RS

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


that which you see may baffle you into infancy
that which you do not see may disappoint you
that which you know may contain you feed you and cloth you but ultimately never be enough to know ..
unless you know faith in it

for faith is infinity
has no bounds or limits to what can be true

Sunday, August 12, 2012

DNA Thinks and interacts through us


DNA Thinks and interacts through us : (C)RS

as this report clearly demonstrates DNA communicates between members and animals through sound and other forms of communication , such as pheromones and does a lot of our thinking ...
it also proves that DNA basically uses the nervous system as a means of interpreting the world in its efforts to both think for us and communicate it's desires...

Basicly DNA thinks and reacts ...
in the words of 5th element if it reacts it must have a reason for doing so

basically it is about survival ?
really is that all we are made to do...   not

as proven by the fox gene activating during interpretation of the song....
self evidently the genetic code is doing some of the thinking...

Big thought isn't it.. !

Virtual Eyes virtual organs and virtual voices


I have got to say why not make vibration eyes ? (C)RS

The concept outlined here is to make organs that use existing senses to interpret another type of sensation, Creating a visual for sound is not entirely impossible..
A sound created in visual data can still be read; A visual data in sound can still locate..
The tongue could see, The eyes taste & the nose feel the light.

These examples of adaptive technology assume that creators can expand on conception.

That cause feelings and or sound that can be learned to be read like eyes can by the blind and dame for the deaf,
These things would be given to young disabled people for constant use and would be learned like normal organs are

The being is a learner and you can literally learn off anything... the first beings literally had to learn off white noise..

Sound , sensation , electronic/feedback stimulation ,

Or in the case of blind people a hearing text reader

The deaf can feel or read it as proven

The blind can feel or hear it

The mute can mime or write or think it.

Such devices can be learned to be used and do not require a powerful processor but could work wonderfully on something 4 times more powerful than a TX80 with 1 mb of ram

Considering mobile phones blue tooth devices can be made that can interact with a phone and soon be helping the disabled to use life as well as the device thy have to communicate...

Text to speech and bell sounds and pops and code to represent images for blind people ; it can be complex and beautiful... so a mountain really is beautiful and tranquil in sound or vibration.

Virtual organs can be as complex as text and as beautiful as a massage or a bird song...

Just like that it can be both fundamentally soul making and life enhancing.

love RS (C)

space and mass

and the rules of electrons and theoretically all matter

in theory the less mass a partical has the more space it can occupy
thus'ly space which theoretically has no mas can occupy infinite dimensions ;
conversely if space has mass it occupies a limited space or region...
thus concentrating space in a region and causing gravity...
because matter attracts space and space attracts matter...
the 2 are bound together as one unified whole and one or the other or both are connected in a common rule

it should be possible upon knowing the mass of each partical the amount of space it will occupy from its information payload and mass...

and this can be tested in both directions ....
so for example we can work out the mass of eny partical or field that occupies X amount of space

Humm ... i was thinking about the shell shapes while re watching the video and i thought:

it is a multiple dimensional wave contorting within an almost infinitely small amount of aria as defined by pi 
over lapping and interfering with our space in these wave form fields ; defined by energy levels and the contortions of a folded bran


Monday, August 6, 2012

Infinity processors Quantum

the material infinite (link)

According to one theory the universe is composed of infinite patches but finite possible laws in it...

It is deeply interesting that :)

One could mean a finite selection of laws or a finite arrangement of the matter but according to our laws...

Thus arguing for a finite number of versions of our space :)

However you have to know how big our patch really is ;)

and if every patch has different laws or not or if any share them...

After all quantum interference would mean 2 Exactly matching universes would be in sync with one another....

Just like a wave form overlapping exactly the same one....

If one was reflected/Inverse; They might mutually annul one another...

*Infinity* -1  (C) RS