Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Infinite dimensions inside a 2 dimensional layer

. >< Infinity (c)RS

i was thinking about how meny times a Zero can fit inside a zero and of course its from 0 to infinity

and i was arguing with myself about how only one infinity can fit inside infinity even if its -1 etcetera
simply because it still is not going to fit :)

but an infinite 2d paper could hold an infinity of almost any number of dimensions if the data is recorded in 2D or on a string of infinite length in binary or coloured dots or 1D waves etcetera
3d + dimensions on a super string of infinite expression is possible..

thus it is possible to store an infinity of dimensions within dimension if the expression of the media is infinite.

the universe can thus be a string ... a quantum dot (single particle) a black hole
a mesh of strings or indeed something more complex..

one might observe that the simpler the thing formed by chaos the more likely it is to be made...

chaos projected onto a single point of random particulate seems more likely than a complex world fully formed in chaos when not done as an abstract geometry , seems over all logical

a single particle appearing in a place with more matter density than ours at random to express our entire cosmos

this super string web sound 2 dimensional etc random particle in effectively infinite time is an almost logical conclusion..
and rather more logical than a universe existing into which our black hole dropped into a fully formed universe.. that is still possible but requires a universe to exist for us to exist inside it.

an infinitely small particle into which all life fits is more likely as a definition.

indeed one might suppose an infinite dimensional reality could of small enough fit inside a point of zero ;)

indeed the universe being created by a creator still comes with the problem where is the egg .. ?

still it seems the cosmos is not yet ready to self create by chance is it ...
for such a thing might still decay unless observer effects truly count for something.

such a creator as the amoeba creator (infinitely small and thus unsuspecting and simple to make by random) or the infinite one

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