Sunday, April 20, 2014

gravity is a vector as explained and proven

gravity is a vector as explained and proven

Black hole event horizon is not to be confused with surface .... It is in fact far from the surface ... and has a defined vector and that is why light cannot escape and only because light cannot we are told exceed a certain speed and for a fact this proves that gravity is a vector.

Put it like this if gravity was not a vector then light would eventually escape. (c) RS

You see something must be moving relative to light that prevents light from covering the physical space required to exit the event horizon..

For a while i have been thinking of gravity as a vector and in the context of light we can therefore surmise the following postulates:

Light is travelling relative to something.
Light moves on a hidden surface in space ... like a bran or transfers through it.
That sheet is pulled or moved by gravity and shaped by it > time dilation and compression theory.

In view that the time compression would likely relate to the fact that most forces appear to be waves,
We could assume that most of the universe function is expressed though wave or force line. (representing a line represented in Arc,Sin&Tan over time/space/bit),
Further more the wave function is itself an expression of a vector in dimensional space.

So what do we know ? Time is related to the wave function of light.

Now ether time is some mythical function and effects light without being effected ...

Or time directly relates as a function of the wave density of light,

At some point if you keep shrinking the wave of light into a smaller space (compress its frequency versus an alternate mensurable dimension)
It will appear to another side of reality as a proton or electron or an atom... since it's dimensional complexity will exceed the point at which a particle is formed.. in an alternate dimensional view point.

So basically what a black hole is space compression....,
However the dimension compressed is not on the same line as the atomic vector.

Space compressed relative to light means a higher frequency for light and hence a lower energy in another sense.. and so basically becomes dark energy/mass to us.

Frequency relative to energy (for energy is never ever destroyed)(just annulled or matched)

Rupert S

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

improving the connection in adsl cables and inside a pc and appliances (c)RS

 EMI RFI Noise Ferrite Core Filter for use in signal transfer (c) RS

basically an ferrite metallic core can and does reduce noise....

the concept is to use it on network cables to improve signal quality....

noise to and from the adsl box and to and from your network will visibly improve.

further more using it inside mobile phones and in computer components visibly improves their performance and reliability.

miniaturised versions and plates can be used on motherboards to visibly improve reliability speed and cooling because no noise equals faster chips and cooler circuits.