Monday, December 27, 2021

3D Audio Plugin : Console, PC, Mac, IOS, Android, Linux

Any Console Game Buffered VR Surround & 3D Audio Game development 2021 (c)RS

3D Audio Plugin : Console, PC, Mac, IOS, Android, Linux

Remember all the game needs is a virtual Output buffer before send to console audio output

7.1.2 output emulation layer, Is simply to write 7.1.2 Audio buffer before output & simply virtualise to any output buffer mode the console or Astro's or Creative logic USB or TV Has in E-AC3 Dolby Atmos

Yes 7.1.2 channel Audio Cache in Game SDK & Firmware is entirely possible,

Output Processing is unique to Game cartridge & E-AC3 & E-AC4 Processing Plugin Codec

To clarify : If the game buffers a 7.1.2 channel profile, Any output Audio Firmware is Compatible with 3D sound, Even Stereo E-AC3 Dolby

Any Firmware or Bios or GPU can accomplish this with willpower,

To any 3D Format:

Creative 3D EAX

Buffer & Plugin SDK Codec

Any game can process 7.1.2 audio into stereo with Virtual Dolby plugin in the source code of console

If a company:

Soundblaster : Creative logic
Dolby Atmos

Create plugins for your GAME SDK

E-AC3 & E-AC4 & DTS


My version of AmbiSonics 3D Audio &+ Virtual Surround imbedded into the channels if required (Not always) (c)RS

Basically you can stream to server in 5.1 HQ & convert into ambersonics 2.1 
(Joint stereo with 3 way conversion, 
Which essentially means up to 7.3.3 Channel arrangement,

You can use more than 5 channels & subchannels,
But planning for Bluetooth means 2 joint Stereo channels per earbud,
Stereo headphones & Bluetooth headphones commonly utilise a Single Channel stream..
Joint 2.1 : 2 Channel & 1 Joined optimised for fidelity & speaker arrangement.

Theoretical if you use 2 joint stereo channels,
With Centric joint channel being : High, Low, Centric &or+ BASS

E-AC3 & E-AC4 & DTS & AAC & OPUS are most likely to work here


Amber Sonics (3D Spatial Averaging network Depth N to N8) & Spatial Audio : Unreal Engine Demonstration : THX, DTS, Dolby : Personalised HRTF Ear Profile ML Servers

AmbiSonic 360.. Float 32-bit Opus Codec
Progress in AmbiSonics 3D Audio Surround : New : AmbiSonic 360.. These guys are playing for your Samui game : 360 TokniOKI Blade!

Traditional Asiatic music (Calypso style) in at a very minimum; Very high quality Stereo > 
Channel layout Opus 32Bit float QUAD with a beautiful high quality sound; Video is basic..
Suitable for assessment & enjoyment.

Cyberpunk 2077 HDR : THX, DTS, Dolby : Haptic response so clear you can feel the 3D SOUND

Apex Legends : THX, DTS, Dolby

TERMINATOR Interview #Feeling & Yes you want that Conan to sound right in 3D HTRF

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