Friday, November 21, 2014

Humanity , the universe and vectors (random causality)

in reply to the "humanity is mostly empty space" (since atoms are supposedly empty space)


actually the human race is composed of the dimensions of motion,
the arcs of cos , sin and tan.
what the universe is actually is a formulated expression of dimension and the material from which humanity and the universe is composed is simply a small quantity of highly complex information and energy states held within a series of probable locations for that information and energy within a set of rules that are both simple and elegant,
the actual dimensionality of the universe being expressed ultimately as a highly precise series of vectors with a very high floating point and then an improbable Remainder called 'the quantum"' (c)RS

infact upon thinking this i took to black holes and one assumes one of three things :

ether all information about the space and contents are preserved precisely as they where (the rules of conservation and preservation)

or the information is shuffled to some alternative perspective / dimension

alternatively Hawkins radiation is simply the flushing and or randomisation of the preserved data and contents 
or alternatively the renewal of those contents into a new form...

what would science and we prefer the preservation of information or the replacement of it with the new and possibly free to change random.. ?


from the debate about free will (up to a point since we are all made from materials and formula's with a similar code)