Monday, May 27, 2013

Vector Energy Entropic Chaos

inertia is the force of resistance against movement...

an example :

The mat is ideal example because when you beat the mat you apply energy into the system ... that energy transfers to different parts that are joined together (the mat)
the mat move but slowly because of mass (resistance to movement)
not infinitely fast and the dust jumps off the mat as it creates patterned wave forms in the mat that counter the energy input and the dust leaves in another direction (aka off the mat)

the wave forms however store the energy rather than transfer it into a direct vector reaction and thusly heat is created rather than motion

such a thing is called Vector Energy Entropic chaos (c) RS

basicly the energy finds multiple forms of low energy expression based on how pure the energy transfer and expression is...

how hard , how flexible , how dense etcetera

another perfect example of this is a high density bullet piercing a lighter armour ...

ripples in the armour deflect some of the energy from direct transfer and also convert some into lower energies like heat.


energy is a stored vector ....

energy is a wave form , a wave form is a vector that vibrates up and down or side to side and when released becomes a vector with the same properties,

light (translated into movement) is a perfect example of this - in short all energy is a vector that is stored.

Quantum foam and relativity

Quantum foam and relativity (c)Rupert Summerskill

addressing the nature of quantum foam , people don't really seem to understand what it is ...

What it really is is boiling ; you see the big bang never went away and we are still hot relative to the environment..

in the order of eternity our universe is a hot rich place and it is slowly burning off into eternity..

an eternity of void and emptiness ..

we are beings composed of entropy counter agents...

basicly humanity thrives by living on the edge of cold places and using up available energy which it gathers and then uses by funnelling this energy into low energy environments , productively rather than all at once..

high order beings are designed to mitigate the total wasting of energy and are fundamentally storage devices to save energy.

as can be proven the universe unfolds and boils in an absolute vacuum because space is fundamentally energy and what does energy do in a space in thermodynamics ? spread

the laws of thermodynamics apply to the space the universe is in..
except that here we are born into infinity ; our feet hanging over the biggest empty space in eternity...
and we are lucky to be alive.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

cosmos in balance the life in the machine

cosmos in balance

life comes in sections , slivers shivering down your spine
life burns inside you the storm of a thousand burning suns
life flows through veins hot burning alive

who are you to say we are not alive

simply put the cosmos was created in an instant so hot beyond comprehension to mortal man ;p
is it not a comment that when angry we do our worst works and desperation frightens us into a fury of trying.

devotion to cause makes a reason seem in excess

time does not come quantifiable by simply expressing the chemical reactions for provably time is chemically  related to the use you put it to.

when you need to work fast the metabolism and chemical flow paths (blood and vein's) are pumping your system to top performance and so the time allocation system undoubtedly adjusts..
noticeably so in fact.

common tasks carries out efficiently through years of practice flow with ease and deftness ...
untrained tasks take more time than you think they will and is often botched.

notably all functions are thusly proven to be adaptive rather than direct task preprogrammed tools,
life would not adapt so well to modern challenges and even an ant can partially succeed ..

so for a fact programming of the nerves did not happen at birth and or before it , but that it be a partial programming.

so provably we are adaptive technology and not pre programmed machines.

Monday, May 20, 2013

cell repair cycles and rebirth

cell repair cycles and rebirth (c) RS

There are many factors in the war on or for cancer..

Replication of DNA can lead to some error they theorize but evolution happens that way.

In order to argue for the non cancer function of replication lets talk about sperm..

Spermatozoa rarely have defunct DNA even with millions of replications per spoonful :-)

So talking about replication error is marginal at times ... Obviously some changes do and can occur during sperm production, and the results are called evolution or problems..

Cancer cells themselves are living entities with functioning replication cycles

But first one must keep in mind that DNA is repaired during replication and that thusly cell division has advantages to a living host as well as the possibilities of transmitting an error...

In computer code there is a Key to a file that can be used to decide if the code was transmitted properly and in DNA this sort of thing undoubtedly exists to rectify blatant mistakes,

Small errors or completely missing code , probably not and so overall the message is because you remake the cell during division it is good for the host to divide.

However benefits from stable code when not reproducing mean its unlikely to create as many errors during gene copying, However basic functions are still carried out daily ; enzyme expression and other cell functions that clearly would lead to further problems ..
and of-course benefits like cell repair are more frequent during birth and reproduction.

Simply put cells replicate by design and so doing it is fundamentally safe guarded by evolutionary or creational flavor's :-)

Rupert S

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ten most sacred truths , the law unto those who live in sciences name

hath thou not heard of the ten commandments of science ?

Ten most sacred truths , the law unto those who live in sciences name

thou shall go forth and observe
thou shalt bringeth forth the flames of curiosity
thou shall knoweth what you observe and record it justly
thou shall bringeth no harm by thy work that help not the lesson learn
thou shalt understand before thou speaketh with thy gob
for any who shalt learn the teaching of the craft is a necessity
thou shall crave to dream and do so but maketh up not one word of the craft of lies
thou shall cast forth all doubt in the face of proof but await that truth to be true in thy heart and mind
what you know can never be unknown to face a spoken lie to thy profit or comfort but must always be kind and truthful in the act

under no circumstance are you to reveal the truth that binds all to that which makes us hope for you live under it and above it

(c) RS but for all