Monday, May 27, 2013

Quantum foam and relativity

Quantum foam and relativity (c)Rupert Summerskill

addressing the nature of quantum foam , people don't really seem to understand what it is ...

What it really is is boiling ; you see the big bang never went away and we are still hot relative to the environment..

in the order of eternity our universe is a hot rich place and it is slowly burning off into eternity..

an eternity of void and emptiness ..

we are beings composed of entropy counter agents...

basicly humanity thrives by living on the edge of cold places and using up available energy which it gathers and then uses by funnelling this energy into low energy environments , productively rather than all at once..

high order beings are designed to mitigate the total wasting of energy and are fundamentally storage devices to save energy.

as can be proven the universe unfolds and boils in an absolute vacuum because space is fundamentally energy and what does energy do in a space in thermodynamics ? spread

the laws of thermodynamics apply to the space the universe is in..
except that here we are born into infinity ; our feet hanging over the biggest empty space in eternity...
and we are lucky to be alive.

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