Thursday, September 26, 2013

how atoms where born in the aftermath of the big bang

link to a Harvard publication about light interacting as atoms

in the experiment they list light passing through the low energy medium as coupling together into an atom like structure... however i saw no data about how that matter behaved and it set me thinking.


our universe as perceived by us involves the formation of atoms after the big bang ....
many would wonder how this happened ... but this experiment provided me a vital clue ...

in the medium the light gelled together to form an atom like structure but in the high energy big bang as the energy dropped it must have encountered a field (hig's boson) within which the energy was forced into bonds...

using likeness theory we can see the pure energy of the cooling big bang collecting into atoms in the presence of the field , much like curdling gravy round tiny dust particles ....

in short my theory is that based upon this experiment ... higher energy states and light of an extreme energy state form into the matter we see today in the presence of the folding energy field and its glutinous mass

a brief history of the big bang - link

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

relativity in magnets

explaining that a moving cat that has a positive charge will be affected and not a still one is essentially false...
since the electrons are all moving on one direction and thusly the positive moving toward the negative will experience an energy gain a
s it falls towards the electron ...
and moving away will make an energy loss and so the positive actually moves toward the negative to gain energy because positives and negatives pair ...
while an object moving in parallel to the electron field will infact be being approached less often by electrons so the sum of the charge is less... because the electron density competitively diminishes as the electrons don't add together as often...
fewer electrons acting over a given time frame = less charge , where as moving in the other direction increases the amount of electrons interacting in an opposing vector ...

opposing vectors acting on one another sum to zero ; where as vectors moving in the same direction add together ... objects that mutually attract also mutually encourage and share energy and vectors

imagine 2 groups of people mildly touching in opposite directions they lose energy and going the same way they mutually support ... one going faster transfers to one going slower or detracts in opposite direction .. in short it in a light energy transfer as if they made contact but less so.


in argument to the quoted document below :

quote :

relativity in evidence in magnets

Did you know special relativity makes magnets work? Magnetism always seems pretty magical, but this new collaboration between Veritasium and Minutephysics will blow your mind!

Watch the first part of this amazing collaboration here: or click here if you're on a mobile:

: end quote

now fields with a set vibrational frequency passing one another interact going toward one another in a higher frequency because of the wave length compression effect ... so overall interaction and frequency transfer should be in a higher frequency range (higher energy) but the total time spent passing one another is equivalently less  in line with mores laws related to voltage versus amps...

so two objects moving towards or away simply alter the frequency and voltage with a comparative drop or rise in amps , in line with the conservation of energy.

thusly the energy gained from moving towards one another is at a higher interaction frequency (voltage) as they pass by one another and moving beside one another in lower voltage but longer interaction thus preserving the total energy transfer to within the system....

all this is related to the wave length perceived by the interacting parties and basically follows the same laws as taught to do with electric currants , volts and amps and relates directly to thermodynamics and conservation of energy within a system.

frequency raises in light as you move towards it to preserver the property of light and lowers frequency as you go away also to preserve the basic property of light while respecting the basic fact light doesn't change speed but there is more energy moving towards it and less moving away and so the frequency shifts as the aria the wave covers is converted into a smaller or larger space for its set vibrations per relative atomic action

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Self Healing polymer

self repairing cartilage replacement for knee ops
self repairing phone protectors
build your own castle Lego that binds .... and self heals
self repairing knife handles and jackets

quote : >

It has been dubbed the “terminator” polymer, based on the T-1000 robot from the Terminator franchise that is able to shape-shift and repair itself. When the two ends of the cut polymer meet, the regeneration process begins. After only two hours, the bond is strong enough that it can be stretched and manipulated without breaking.

Researchers hope that this polymer will be used to increase the longevity of plastic parts that are used in cars and homes. Additionally, as the current compound is somewhat soft, they hope to make a more rigid polymer with the same self-healing properties.