Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Classic Physics

Theorem : Classic Physics : a Relative Version of events ATOMIC : RS

Classic physics presents the electron as a non quantum event: several versions available

Electrons may move though another dimension when tied to the proton...

the electron passes over a dimensional quartet, A symphony of harmony & attraction..

List : 1A Devastation (Classic Harmony)

By moving in 1 (rotating relative to atom)

2 that rotate on 2 axis around the central point of the atom..
Regard this event as moving on two axis relative to energy requirements to be lower or higher..
the energy is potentially an axis.

By regarding the Energy axis as dimensional; The 3 axis appear in reality..
However the electron moves though such speed in the hyperial dimension..
Hyper space or and subspace,
In & out relative to gravity axis AKA The gravity well or Expansion event : Time horizon.

Potentially the electron appears to be located partially in the place a quanta of electron potential would appear..

So doing the electron may be of any size we desire (In subspace) Potentially representing appearance in reality as the presence of a small field (Known to us as the Electron).

Field representation of all Mass & Mass-less objects; Does create the potential to support holographic presentation & Classic science views of solid & robust nature.

Classic views are thus .. Preserved in argument of holographic, Quanta & New Age Theories.

Dimensions are in effect free, Travelling in them is the thing that costs energy & effort.

(C)Rupert S



Monday, October 28, 2019

Spinning vortex : Black holes in the centre of metal core planets : Planet Core Theory

Spinning vortex : Black holes in the centre of metal core planets : 

Planet Core Theory:

reaction and mass : heat and energy

To surmise the heat created influencing electrons in the core excites matter so much that energy of atoms feeds the black holes speed,
However the energy of the matter is greater than can be absorbed by atom sized black holes.

Smashing electrons at the excitement levels of the core into smallish black-holes proves hard and luckily.. saves worlds from the energy absorbing capacity of smaller black holes..

Theory: The event horizon absorption energy (negative) is less than absorbed electrons with core heat from metal core (magnetic)

Magnetism is preserved and engendered by black hole heat and frantic chaotically inclined balanced centripetal motion..

Strong energies create the necessary speed & energy to prevent absorption of core mass.

(c) Rupert S  https://science.n-helix.com/2018/05/matrix-of-density.html

Thursday, October 10, 2019


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