Tuesday, May 20, 2014

the big bang (the big cascade of light)

it is funny to think that it could be proven very soon that all matter is made from light.
the fact that the idea is basically from before the war and that the idea of life being founded upon waves was a functioning part of many a mythos makes the fact even more exciting.


basically what we are talking about is matter being static light (bearing in mind most if not all matter vibrates).

now there is serious debate about space and time... for i would consider.. if indeed life is a series of vibrating waves , what amount of space can and do they occupy ?

is it therefore possible to believe that we are indeed within a tiny dot inside a black hole ... simply because our vibrations over lap,
how many dimensions do we occupy , how much of what we see is relative to how we think and act.

life a boundless treasure.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Vibrational interference (noise) in quantum fields

providing a proof of wave scattering it seems to me...
and shows that light physically provides momentum (vibration) to atoms,
the motion seems to prove that the waving of light is an actual vector and that it gets passed on to the atom as a wave motion,

this in principle proves that heat and energy is almost always a vibrating wave fluctuation.
further more it directly connects to the idea of super cooled atoms forming a synchronised collection that acts as one is directly related to counter waves in the electromagnetic wave spectrum and vibration as a whole.


reference material necessary to read in reference to the above statements >


Monday, May 12, 2014

Processing data GPU and hardware to consider (application of thought to creativity)

hardware for processing your work can be a big handicap because of just how much processing power can be needed to finish analyses quickly...

in view of the fact that bitcoin mining is a gold rush there are some good calculation machines available and these can be used for generic processor intensive function and work)

in a sense because of all the time placed into making these especially for processing maths complex bitcoin transactions i would consider it worthwhile  to consider using them for honest work besides the dreams of Cray and IBM and sun that can and do provide economical smaller scale servers/mainframes.

the likes of cray and ibm however provide dedicated crypto processor units and i have seen some quite nicely designed processors that provide special crypto units for SSL processing and are infact most probably highly advantageous to mining coin or working out problems


Cuda versus OpenCL


http://esa-space.blogspot.com/2017/04/boinc.html - HPC SuperComputing