Tuesday, May 20, 2014

the big bang (the big cascade of light)

it is funny to think that it could be proven very soon that all matter is made from light.
the fact that the idea is basically from before the war and that the idea of life being founded upon waves was a functioning part of many a mythos makes the fact even more exciting.


basically what we are talking about is matter being static light (bearing in mind most if not all matter vibrates).

now there is serious debate about space and time... for i would consider.. if indeed life is a series of vibrating waves , what amount of space can and do they occupy ?

is it therefore possible to believe that we are indeed within a tiny dot inside a black hole ... simply because our vibrations over lap,
how many dimensions do we occupy , how much of what we see is relative to how we think and act.

life a boundless treasure.

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