Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bubbling ferment

Bubbling ferment (C)RS

when you look at space closely  it bubbles with the sub particle creation...
people might be wondering  : why is this happening ?

its simple : its boiling

to explain this is simple , Space is within a vast space of substance well below Zero kelvin..
in order for the universe to exist it constantly gives off energy ,
every day more energy is released to keep existence alive ,
what you are seeing is space boiling in a vacuum of vacuum's ,

entropy wants to win and it does so by sucking energy from life ,
Before you whine about this realise one thing ..

Life would not exist without it , in fact life is there because ; energy existed within chaos and another thing wanted it all ,
there is balance and thanks to that we exist.

maintain the balance because to much entropy would wipe us from history and too little would mean no existence at all.

Friday, February 8, 2013

holographic theory

the wonders of a theory that says every thing is inside every thing else....

for instance visual life holographic representation the visual system represents that at some median distance from the observer the hologram displays from a single point so that it is 2 triangles back to back...

now back in the days of Aristotle and beyond the triangle was used to represent the visual system ...
since this is entirely logical,

deeper analysys of holographic theory can yeald results like :

the entire universe is visible in a single piece...
all matter is interconnected and destroying a single piece effects the entire cosmos.
the universe is a fractal

yes holograms represent an image that from most angles will yield a result and if cracked will display the entire image ...
thus proving the wave entanglement of light is true , if both photons are of the same wave length..
for infact holograms prove light does entangle.

but if one is to presume that the image in ones retina is a hologram one must also prove that the light entangles across wave boundaries... or that the holograms merge in the eye.

now a perfectly logical presumption of light is that it bounces into your eye.. and forms an image.

However a hologram in the eye would mean a maximum resolution image existed in every receptor in your eye and if it did i imagine your eyes would function differently.

a hologram receiving eye only needs to be a few photons across and probably bugs would have them...

the perceived resolution of the image would be accurate to a single wave of light and of course that would be a lot of data...
forming a camera like that would mean a vertualy infinite camera sensor and thus no storage space on your camera and the need of a quantum processor to process the image...

in addition a fully copied picture at full resolution would effectively be a copy and real as you or me.

holographic theory is appealing and from the very fact a hologram exists at all means there are some features that are holographic (wave entanglement).

(C) RS