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society, changes and sexual equality

*society, changes and sexual equality*

Honestly even males suffer from role modelling ...
women get jobs that society is prepared to accept - the same for males...

Honestly these days can a male be a day care worker ? possibly *shrug*
women and men suffer or benefit from the social expectations of society.

Society changes but the fabric underneath and the basic urges/motivational forces that bound us in the past; are buried inside present and future opinion/outlook...

However society changes daily, in the old days of strong religion the society functioned very strictly !

Changes to society are lead by the youth of the day; Further change happens within that society as time progresses;
People learn an opinion; If that opinion suits then they wear it..

Change must be offered with a pinch of promise; hope & honest faith.

Monday, June 20, 2016

radioactive waste usage & recycling

Given the long life span of radioactive waste ...

All of it must where possible be used for the benefit of the community...

So for example radioactive compounds can be used bonded with antigens to target cancer...
(not that safe but sometimes necessary)

Radio-actives can be used in  thorium reactors ...

They can be used for pacemakers ..
They could be used for more clocks ....
For computer clocks for mainframes ...

For random event harvesting for RNG devices centralised in servers ....

Radioactive compounds all have uses ...

Stable isotopes can be used in space if a small amount of radiating compound is acceptable !

There are many uses of waste - use it or lose it !
No-one wants to lose 1.3 million tonnes of polluted water into the sea.

There is a use for every chemical; there is a use for every compound ...
There is a use for all that energy ...

Florescent bulbs ...
Lasers ....
Energy for spaceships & satellites ...

As references for scientific study ...

There are millions of uses for compounds and isotopes ...
Find a use for every mole of pollution .. that we create,
Waste is wasted ... now we do not want to get wasted by an inability to create Eco-friendly solutions.

End the need to bury the rubbish by recycling all of it - wherever possible.

products of reactors >
recycling radioactive's >

(c)Rupert S


Every form of nuclear decay can be used as a source of energy....

For example Caesium Tokma reactors designed by Russia can convert lower forms of radioactive materials into energy.

Radio energy can be converted into power using an antenna .....

So really there is no form of radioactive waste that is not usable for power.

This realisation is a revolution.

The primary principle of the Tokma is that Ionised & Ionising Atoms (As in carrying a charge)
Travel to a Metal plate and transfer electrons to the plate..

The principle of the battery works by ionising acid & alkaline interactions...
In essence the charge carrying radiation acts like an anode/Cathode pair for charge transfer...
Ions are in effect Dipolar; If you regard the separate poles of - & + as separated...

So an acid, Alkaline battery joins Atoms in a chemical bond; though an electron resistant layer...
That layer is transparent to the Atoms themselves! But not if the electron cannot form the bond!

A Tokma in effect is an electron plate that receives the bond of an escaped Atom with a spare electron; But also a plate receiving high energy Radiation & so creating a free excited electron..

Solar cells work this way, The light activates a chemical or compound to release an electron..
That electron creates a current over a small distance; We use that current...

So principally all this comes down to is : No Radioactive Compound is useless!

We can also use Radioactive compounds for other tasks; let your mind roam free.

Rupert S


HFR Hydrogen Fusion Reactor

When you use a Hydrogen Fusion Reactor, There are several things to bear in mind....

One the reactor is GAS; Gas rises in the atmosphere when it escapes...
Gas does not stay contained!
Gas is not static & gas escapes daily....

There are various ways to contain the gas...

Magnetic (so what if the gas is not charges?)
Field; Do we have shields ?
Metal; Can it withstand Sun levels of heat? (20000c)

Hydrogen Fusion Reactor's produce highly excited energy forms such as,
Beta decay
All forms of nuclear reactions...

Black holes

HFR Produce large electric charges; Thousands of Volts & so produce large fluxing magnetic fields!
That is self evident in the SUN & is the same on earth!

So? Well you cannot truly contain one magnetic field with another...
Well yes? But you Are not expecting a..

Highly charges fast flux Magnetic Field
Very High Voltages in flux
Noise & radiation..
Sonic booms!

Yes the HFR Hydrogen Fusion Reactor is powerful!

But any radiation release is a huge disaster!

So please bear in mind that:

All metal reactors; Don't float in the air!
Don't stay in the atmosphere for extended periods...
Sink to the sea floor & onto farm lands...

Gas based nuclear reactors however:

Expand horizons quickly to cover a whole planet!
Extend radio gas into the ionosphere

Are Very dangerous & Dangerous very quickly!


Light from space as a source of renewable energy,

Now you know that solar panels with light focused from space works,

But we need to specialise the light wavelength so that neither ionization of the ozone layer or heating of the atmosphere happens,

We could direct a cable from the high atmosphere & potentially light collect on a balloon!

Bloons can of course direct light & energy & even carry cables to earth; But the wind is a problem,

We can direct solar energy from the sky if we like with batteries! on planes! or even recover a large energy supply with a solar plane over arizona..

So why not ?
Carry 64000 lead acid batteries into the Arizona desert sky and land them charged in Chicago ?

Cables are capable! but must be light; a 15 series balloon cable & 1500MWatts of solar panels work all day!

Batteries do not need to be Lithium 'Dawn'

We can laser water bubbles & create a motor or explosor or use solar panels to collect..

That light is high energy focused! so we can direct High energy! Efficient!

RS 2023-09-23


Tokmas, A lesson from another world

Firstly Gas ionizes
Secondly Gass goes Radio isotope

Thirdly Gass raises in the air
Radioactive chlorine, Oxygen & Helium bond

Iron shoot through the air in a magnetic field
Radioactive compounds are formed in a tokoma, Uranium for example (small amounts)

Firstly radioactive idinium, Chlorine, (not so much) Iodine....

Heavy compounds sink in the reactor causing turbulence...
Magnetic reactive particles interact with the field....

Micro black holes potentially form.... & explode, in those conditions unlike cern there is plenty of food!

RADIATION folks & Environmentally toxic & radio active compounds...

Not to mention Fire demons & soul eaters....

Heavy Atoms & Radiation of the faster kind like GAMMA!

Ask the japanese they researched this in the 1980's 1990's

They were not pleased!

What I say is not complicated research or reason....

Any A Level student with honours can potentially form a provable theorem on this topic given the right schooling discipline.

(Signed) Rupert Summerskill 2022-09

Compression formats:

Drill texture & image format (with contrast & depth enhancement)

Optimizing Bit rate logic 2022 RS

Mode examples DSC

(c)Rupert S

Tokma ML

Python & JS Configurations

Friday, April 15, 2016

3D Desktop virtualization

3D Desktop and 3D Rendered Image format virtualization.
for easy and fast Video,desktop,image,mouse icon & font

Rendering the desktop and programs using VESA conforming properties with additional encapsulated 3D rendering properties..
and also using the readily available open GL,Vulkan and direct X standards..

images, icons , mouse pointers and frames are processed using the readily available CSS, html5 and open ES; gpu rendering standards.

The depth of the Zbuffer layer is optimally 16 to 128 so that cache and single gpu processing unit; and or SSE and the cpu..
Can optimally carry out the task with minimal effort.. Thusly thousands of tasks can be carried out in a single processor cycle,
With a minimal load on the system; So that gaming in 3D is never effected by the workload.

Rendering pipeline is the usage of vectors to pre render the frames, polygons and other attributes that the SSE type vector instruction sets can carry out... for example dithering in MMX is implemented in quake !

Essentially wasting the CPU and GPU Vector instruction sets Clock cycles is a stupid idea, So in essence we use them to carry out pre GPU pipeline vector, image, sound etcetera tasks .... dynamically altering the workload between ideal arch functions,

Implementation is DX12 and Vulkan compatible.

in addition due to the 3D rendering properties; all dithering, bump mapping and Shader's can be carried out with minimal workload,
in an optimal memory foot print.. Preferably under 200mb and ideally under 64mb.

the desktops using this would not have to change older dll interface terms because the rendering pathway,
Can optimally layer older ideas into the new with no real changes needed.

window layers are rendered inside this space and arranged with properties to define their placement in the optimal secondary Zbuffer layer.

image standards JPeg for example; use the encapsulation standards already available with additional properties of rendering processing,
classic photo formats are 100% compatible with the 3D standard and can be upgraded without being unavailable to older generation software..

Video standards already include encapsulation of meta data, now we can include shader's and processing; vectors for example.

all that is entirely compatible with our technology.

(c)Rupert S

useful tools ***

free vulkan SDK > - new compression and optimization tools

amd Vulkan links and support >

Nvidia SDK >

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Space food

Space food:

The concept is to use rice paper wrapping with a very fine element (thin rice paper) that is optimally hydrated for microwaving...
So the paper must be very very thin but also strong, so that it can be steamed in a small electric/microwave heated steamer..

It has to be said that Japanese sushi is a very enjoyable meal, most important of all from our point of view of space and weight economy ..
The fish and meat can be freeze dried for weight reduction and time preservation, also freeze dried product is 100x more resistant;
To the storage of space radiation and the spoiling that results from micro radiation damage,

You see the water in protein and vitamin products renders the contained chemicals vulnerable to radiation damage..
Also the hydrated state of the food allows radio active elements a more welcoming environment for their containment & the resulting decay results..

So in order to provide an economic and very tasty meal for astronauts; Cereal and rice products are not impossible for space use,
As long as the food is cooked and hydrated in an optimized, cooking chamber with wasted element recovery.

A : A steam cooker ( this technology is both low powered and optimum for cooking needs )
B : The cooker water is heated up with a small microwave jet element and surrounds the food in the correct amount of heated steam..
at a good and safe temperature, This can also hydrate the food while steaming it.
C : The chambers temperature is monitored for cooking and safety needs, also the hydration levels..
D : As the food cools to mouth watering temperatures of yummyness, the extractor can recuperate the excess healthy water for drinking..
E : Because the steam contains nutritional elements as the cooking is done; It makes a healthy supplement to the diet and can be served cooled or warm or as soup in flasks.

The rice and or starch hydrate material is ideally thin and will melt in the mouth; leaving the food simply to be tasted,
The usage of rice and other particulates is then possible without the usage of a bag or mess.

An alternative principle is to use the lab containment vessel principle (such as is used in biological research),
As such a self expanding polymer bad can be used with glove compartments; to allow the eating of more normal but exciting meals.


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

ovarian cysts – treatments and reasons

Ovarian cysts – treatments and reasons...

a basic analysis of cyst relation to problems.

Analysis of the issue related to cysts in the reproduction organs of both males and females …

produces the idea that the cyst is a direct reaction to irritants…

to the presence of :

A : High levels of hormones (birth control with unbalanced amounts)

B : The pill would be more likely to produce the irritation result ; Due to a spike in hormones that is very sudden…

Similar results occur in the use of steroids in body building… in particular the stronger ones,

Cysts can be seen under the skin in such cases & they even burst at times.

C : Less likely is the presence of radiation … Higher radiation counts can cause irritation; That results in cysts forming,

The body can and does react to form cysts around sources of irritation on other occasions … like disease or stress related fractures; and obviously other stressing situations .. like hard work or impact related stress in boxing.

D: Heat related swelling & rash, During motion of the body cells rub together & as the cells resist motion and heat they form layers in the skin of the cell, Layers swelling with a mixture of immunity resistance fluid and cell repair membranes & also fibres..

Short term these resist the balancing of internal pressure and swell.

Such a formation can also be seen in muscle cells, Heat related swelling can lead to localised formations of liquid fluids aligned to the damage.

E: A lack of clean blood circulation combined with Irritants for example partially oxidised fats or solids, Unclean matter in the body fluid & or particulate.

Comment : Unfortunately due to the placement of sexual reproductive cells in both males & females close to muscles & high stress, However that said :

(Given that there is hardly anywhere more sensible to place them other than a shielded & optimally fed cell container that sustains vitamin & mineral, energy supply that will cycle in sync with ovulation cycles & sperm creation cycle & in addition delivers regulatory hormones to & from the body.)

There really is a lot of logic in reducing stress to reproductive organs, 

As stated in research the reproductive organs regulate hormone systems in a fluctuating state with the pituitary organ & other endocrine glands, Health is very important & also blood supply.


Cysts can be harmless … Unfortunately they lead to chemical in-balance in the region that they stagnate the healthy flow of body fluids in,

Leading to problems.

further reference material ... health professional information. usually a good source of public health care. : more info : screening and it's importance. : treatment study. : a study of chronic hip pain in women

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Zika Virus further research & the age of open computation - boinc

Zika virus - the progress of lab based research into the worrying infection..

updating ! :  due to evidence having been found of the zika virus

now that we have substantiated the theory that some microcephaly babies have the virus intact within the cerebellum....

the hair and nails can also be examined ...

now we know that early in womb growth of features like hair are soon replaced after the birth...

so ... what do we do ?

here are a list of avenues : suggested research platform : Blue Gene , Chines super computer , laboratories / disease control and research centres.. boinc

Boinc open gpu & cpu computing - is doing boinc research on zika (download boinc and join the project to help)

A : recover the placentas of infected parents .. and search for the chemical finger print of the zika..

B : we examine the size, porosity and other features of the placenta to find out if the placenta was damaged during the genesis process of the womb..

C : We examine for the damage done to cells in the foetus ... what cells exactly where infected ?

D : we examine the cellular bond sites of the zika virus so that we can find out what cells respond to the virus.

E : we will be able to see what cells where deformed by the examination of the foetus, comparing the foetus to others from the same communities & or Country/Region.

F : we compare the statistics of microcephaly in infected regions by community.. and virus infection rates/ratio..

G : we compare the microcephaly ratio to both community size and quality of life / food / hospitals & medicinal treatment.

H : carry out meaningful analyse of viral patterns for a host of global infections with mainframes and the open computer processing infrastructure. (the first paper)

study into the zika virus : some updates

deep study with photographic evidence

a Brazilian based study with statistical data

a few links to zika virus and pregnancy information :

Update 3 :

Due to the lab testing of the zika virus finding that the zika virus successfully infects brain cell precursors..
The presence of statistical evidence that indicates a significant statistical likelihood of infection by zika in mothers..
results in an increased likelihood of defects in children if infection is in the early stages of pregnancy ..
The evidence of statistical, collated evidence and lab experimentation on cells; most likely indicates to the satisfaction of science that the zika virus is most likely to cause defective babies.

The following two independent studies can be read for further details. : Statistical study and examination of Zika classification as a cause of defects..

The following is a detailed study in the lab

Update 4 :

Progress continues on the world community grid project for the zika virus; With over 1 million results returned,

Further research at this point is looking worthwhile

Read for information on the project and join to add further to invention/innovation in treatment & inoculation.

the report on the vina boinc project for the zika viri chemical examination though computer hive proves interesting... and mentally testing/stimulating,

Showing the problems that properly optimising code for Chemical/Biological examination can face.

zika virus mutation and challenges

zika virus found to affect development - scientific america


We the people believe that inoculation is the most worthy and worthwhile solution since treatment of symptoms of illness cure too late to help the unborn child or indeed the adult in need of treatment in the case of subtle damage to the body;

(Infection and then treatment should preferably be replaced with anti viral inoculation.)

Reasoning ?

simple :

A : the patient can undergo infection with mild symptoms and still pass on the virus..

B : Medical treatment cost more and substantial portions of the native population never receive medical aid.

C : Keep cost low for N.G.O / Charities and health services..

D : Containment, vaccine's prevent host transfer of parasite & virus or germ; in most cases.

E : cope :with rising medical costs & deal with evidence from treatment versus cure...

F : work's on polio and works on other crushing insidious pests/parasites and infections.

Update 5 :

"ultimately visually inspected the binding modes of the top 318 compounds, and we narrowed it down to 27 candidates. These candidates will be purchased and then assayed by our collaborators, to discern their potency at inhibiting the protease, as well as their efficacy in cell-based assays"

As we can see we need to recruit WHO, UN, D.W.B Doctors without boarders & generously inclined NGO generic pharmacological providers to specifically test chemicals that pass favourable HPC Experimentation at WCG to bring into form the; Compound agents into the form of administerable  medicine formula to be administered in health environments & though NGO charities aswell as agencies like the U.N.

Clearly Laboratory time is to be mandated and funded! How ? U.N, W.H.O, NGO Charitable Providers. - World Health Organisation. - Médecins Sans Frontières - Doctors without borders. - United Nations.


Antibody Research : (Protection is viable depends on lifetime of antibody)

Inovio : DNA-Encoded Monoclonal Antibody : Funded Fully by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - Thank you Bill Gates & Melinda

Immunity disorders & Illnesses may reduce efficiency .. so medicines are definitely needed for alternative paths & or price/effectiveness range,

However : "One small step for man; One giant leap for mankind"

Update 6:

Sexual Transmission:

Stephen J. Thomas, ... Alan D. Barrett, in Mandell, Douglas, and Bennett's Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases (Eighth Edition), 2015

David B. Huang, ... Charles D. Ericsson, in Tropical Dermatology (Second Edition), 2017

Suggestions of intimate contact transmission : 

Jacobo Limeres Posse, ... Crispian Scully, in Saliva Protection and Transmissible Diseases, 2017


Zika Desease 2018

"There is sufficient evidence to conclude that Zika virus not only causes congenital abnormalities and trigger Guilliain-Barre Syndrome, but it is also associated with ocular abnormalities, meningoencephalomyelitis, myelitis, and hematospermia.
Treatment and therapeutic interventions are discussed in the following chapter."

Update 7:
Zika and Dengue medicine

Dengue & Zika flaviviruses : round of compounds allowed us to select 55 new candidates for Zika and 20 candidates for dengue

The proposal is to collate the collected winning samples to categorise competing economical & efficiency solutions : Including the natural sample database..

The reasoning is : Genetic sampling & cross species variance.

"This new round of compounds allowed us to select 55 new candidates for Zika and 20 candidates for dengue (Figure 1). The compounds were purchased and sent to the University of California in San Diego at Dr. Jair Siqueira-Neto’s laboratory, for experimental evaluation. They are performing cell-based assays in human neural stem cells (hNSCs) with ZIKV. We will also perform enzymatic assays in ZIKV NS3 helicase and protease proteins with our collaborators at the Physics Institute of Sao Carlos, University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), at Dr. Glaucius Oliva’s laboratory, to validate the predicted enzymatic candidates’ activities. "

Update 8: We need this research submitted to UN & Who : ZIKV, Dengue,Yellow fever

FAM E3 can inhibit ZIKV infection; Similar diseases, such as dengue and yellow fever,
Also utilize NS3 Helicase.. The relevance is that we know probably the compound will be usable for these dire diseases & much needed in Africa, The Middle East, Asia & other places.
We need this research submitted to UN & Who

NS3/5 : methyltransferase bound to SAH and RNA analogue

"A synthetic compound called FAM E3 can inhibit ZIKV infection by blocking the genome replication stage. Through molecular docking work on World Community Grid, the researchers were able to predict a possible interaction between FAM E3 and the ZIKV NS3 helicase & similar diseases, such as dengue and yellow fever."

Contagion: Sex & Zika

Location & Distribution : Brazil :

Profiling zika : Detection and differentiation of Zika virus

Nanosensors based on LSPR are able to serologically differentiate dengue from Zika infections

Continuing study GPL: Stimulating open drug discovery for SARS-CoV-2

Complete Protection in Macaques Conferred by Purified Inactivated Zika Vaccine:

Virus Like Particles (VLP) as multivalent vaccine candidate against Chikungunya, Japanese Encephalitis, Yellow Fever and Zika Virus: confers resistance:

Yours kindly (c) Rupert S

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Zika virus

Deductions on the zika virus...

These are not fully examined so steer clear of absolute deduction..

The mosquito along with ourselves; indeed one imagines most animals or insects carry around the potential to form retrovirus ...

Indeed with the species fight with one of the earliest forms of life (the virus)..
There have been many plagues that endangered life,

Life as we know it would not be like it is without mutations and viruses.. and obviously germs !

Hence most species carry old and obsolete code to form some of the most deadly viruses in history..

Genetic manipulation or a change in environment; a lack of water or excesses like the sun / radiation..
can lead to the release of older and more potent illnesses/infections,

This is not new and to my recollection; some forms of related viri have been found surfacing in nature or in the old hosts sex cycle !

So what can we assume about zika ?

A : the host sexually transmits it; because it seems humans can also.
Updated information :

B : Due to possible association with smaller head & brain sizes at birth... 
One would suggest taking care not to carry the burden of passing on an illness that could potentially be dangerous in the manner of rubella,
There is some apparent correlation with baby developmental deformation..

C : The virus is probably old !, how so you ask ? because of it's locality within a group of viri.

D : The virus mat last a fair amount of time within the hosts body aka latent or dormant...
this has seemed to be the case.

E : Leading on from C the virus may be re transmitted to mosquito and carried by them,
Furthermore we can surmise the virus may be adapted to the mosquito from a long time ago ...
Because of it's ability to cross the subspecies of the flying mosquito.

F : The disease may become endemic or rather very common.

G : Study of the vector associated with birth defects would require study,
Preferably babies that had deformed heads and other errors within the regions of infection would be studied and genetically examined.. for possible integration of the viral vector from before birth to after..

Vectors acquired during the birth period after birth would mostly be cleared up by the immune system and having been evident in their illness,

However contamination of the child inside the womb may involve the continual presence in the genetics of the child.. 

Most probably in for example the brain or hair of the child.
So further study is sure to be of worth.  (further thoughts) (doctors official advice) (some nice info) (last one for info) (good introduction into the problems with rubella) (for comparison)

further research suggestions -

the need for a vaccine with references

study into the zika virus : some updates

deep study with photographic evidence

a Brazilian based study with statistical data

zika virus - affects development scientific america article.

a few links to zika virus and pregnancy information :

Further References:

Rupert S

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

reality & dimension

reality, dimension and entropy.

The multi-verse principle.

Given the diversification of entropy as a principle covering every thing from resistance to the flow of water ...

It would not be entirely logical to not follow the path onto the platform of multi dimensional reality..
Given that entropy divides the flow of energy among paths of least resistance .. ergo the logical flow of time is the most logical and probable one..

There is in essence providence to the idea of multi dimensional ...
However the energy flow and source is still a problem,

I would view this scenario as being of the nature of unification and symmetrical similarity...

Paths are followed but only logical and sustaining paths are kept..

So for example in the case of our own existence the logical choice is a universe that sustains itself in existence.
The same pattern of logical entropy is found in lightening strikes and obviously the flow of water..

Further more i would hope this idea has an actual good ending to the story !
For in the case of lightening once the target is reached the bolt ends..

the discharge of energy gets stronger and stronger the closer the point of discharge is achieved..
Cycling upward in a pattern.

Grim news for those hoping to live forever, still a solution to the problem may exist within infinity and maths.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Gravity and the speed of light - the essence of the light limitation in the temporal matrix

Gravity and the speed of light - the essence of the light limitation in the temporal matrix

Basically the speed of light is a limit because particles interfere or rather align with space time and the under-verse of dimensional space.

There are simple harmonies of wave function and synchronicity to space time related to the appearance of the matter continuum that particles exist inside ....

Basically any particle that has a wave will slot into and resonate within the space time matrix.

So can anything that exists within our wave matrix move faster ? no,
Can anything move faster ? yes but in order to do so it simply does not exist inside the continuum.

Basically what we are talking about is warp drive and other technologies that change or ignore the foundation of all that we are as part of this universe.

Essentially for any being to exist outside of it's own frame within the matrix of space time means that matter no longer relies upon the principle energy source of all life..

the creation.

(c) RS