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ovarian cysts – treatments and reasons

Ovarian cysts – treatments and reasons...

a basic analysis of cyst relation to problems.

Analysis of the issue related to cysts in the reproduction organs of both males and females …

produces the idea that the cyst is a direct reaction to irritants…

to the presence of :

A : High levels of hormones (birth control with unbalanced amounts)

B : The pill would be more likely to produce the irritation result ; Due to a spike in hormones that is very sudden…

Similar results occur in the use of steroids in body building… in particular the stronger ones,

Cysts can be seen under the skin in such cases & they even burst at times.

C : Less likely is the presence of radiation … Higher radiation counts can cause irritation; That results in cysts forming,

The body can and does react to form cysts around sources of irritation on other occasions … like disease or stress related fractures; and obviously other stressing situations .. like hard work or impact related stress in boxing.

D: Heat related swelling & rash, During motion of the body cells rub together & as the cells resist motion and heat they form layers in the skin of the cell, Layers swelling with a mixture of immunity resistance fluid and cell repair membranes & also fibres..

Short term these resist the balancing of internal pressure and swell.

Such a formation can also be seen in muscle cells, Heat related swelling can lead to localised formations of liquid fluids aligned to the damage.

E: A lack of clean blood circulation combined with Irritants for example partially oxidised fats or solids, Unclean matter in the body fluid & or particulate.

Comment : Unfortunately due to the placement of sexual reproductive cells in both males & females close to muscles & high stress, However that said :

(Given that there is hardly anywhere more sensible to place them other than a shielded & optimally fed cell container that sustains vitamin & mineral, energy supply that will cycle in sync with ovulation cycles & sperm creation cycle & in addition delivers regulatory hormones to & from the body.)

There really is a lot of logic in reducing stress to reproductive organs, 

As stated in research the reproductive organs regulate hormone systems in a fluctuating state with the pituitary organ & other endocrine glands, Health is very important & also blood supply.


Cysts can be harmless … Unfortunately they lead to chemical in-balance in the region that they stagnate the healthy flow of body fluids in,

Leading to problems.

further reference material ... health professional information. usually a good source of public health care. : more info : screening and it's importance. : treatment study. : a study of chronic hip pain in women

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