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Zika virus

Deductions on the zika virus...

These are not fully examined so steer clear of absolute deduction..

The mosquito along with ourselves; indeed one imagines most animals or insects carry around the potential to form retrovirus ...

Indeed with the species fight with one of the earliest forms of life (the virus)..
There have been many plagues that endangered life,

Life as we know it would not be like it is without mutations and viruses.. and obviously germs !

Hence most species carry old and obsolete code to form some of the most deadly viruses in history..

Genetic manipulation or a change in environment; a lack of water or excesses like the sun / radiation..
can lead to the release of older and more potent illnesses/infections,

This is not new and to my recollection; some forms of related viri have been found surfacing in nature or in the old hosts sex cycle !

So what can we assume about zika ?

A : the host sexually transmits it; because it seems humans can also.
Updated information :

B : Due to possible association with smaller head & brain sizes at birth... 
One would suggest taking care not to carry the burden of passing on an illness that could potentially be dangerous in the manner of rubella,
There is some apparent correlation with baby developmental deformation..

C : The virus is probably old !, how so you ask ? because of it's locality within a group of viri.

D : The virus mat last a fair amount of time within the hosts body aka latent or dormant...
this has seemed to be the case.

E : Leading on from C the virus may be re transmitted to mosquito and carried by them,
Furthermore we can surmise the virus may be adapted to the mosquito from a long time ago ...
Because of it's ability to cross the subspecies of the flying mosquito.

F : The disease may become endemic or rather very common.

G : Study of the vector associated with birth defects would require study,
Preferably babies that had deformed heads and other errors within the regions of infection would be studied and genetically examined.. for possible integration of the viral vector from before birth to after..

Vectors acquired during the birth period after birth would mostly be cleared up by the immune system and having been evident in their illness,

However contamination of the child inside the womb may involve the continual presence in the genetics of the child.. 

Most probably in for example the brain or hair of the child.
So further study is sure to be of worth.  (further thoughts) (doctors official advice) (some nice info) (last one for info) (good introduction into the problems with rubella) (for comparison)

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Further References:

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