Tuesday, February 2, 2016

reality & dimension

reality, dimension and entropy.

The multi-verse principle.

Given the diversification of entropy as a principle covering every thing from resistance to the flow of water ...

It would not be entirely logical to not follow the path onto the platform of multi dimensional reality..
Given that entropy divides the flow of energy among paths of least resistance .. ergo the logical flow of time is the most logical and probable one..

There is in essence providence to the idea of multi dimensional ...
However the energy flow and source is still a problem,

I would view this scenario as being of the nature of unification and symmetrical similarity...

Paths are followed but only logical and sustaining paths are kept..

So for example in the case of our own existence the logical choice is a universe that sustains itself in existence.
The same pattern of logical entropy is found in lightening strikes and obviously the flow of water..

Further more i would hope this idea has an actual good ending to the story !
For in the case of lightening once the target is reached the bolt ends..

the discharge of energy gets stronger and stronger the closer the point of discharge is achieved..
Cycling upward in a pattern.

Grim news for those hoping to live forever, still a solution to the problem may exist within infinity and maths.

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