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Zika Virus further research & the age of open computation - boinc

Zika virus - the progress of lab based research into the worrying infection..

updating ! :  due to evidence having been found of the zika virus

now that we have substantiated the theory that some microcephaly babies have the virus intact within the cerebellum....

the hair and nails can also be examined ...

now we know that early in womb growth of features like hair are soon replaced after the birth...

so ... what do we do ?

here are a list of avenues : suggested research platform : Blue Gene , Chines super computer , laboratories / disease control and research centres.. boinc

Boinc open gpu & cpu computing - is doing boinc research on zika (download boinc and join the project to help)

A : recover the placentas of infected parents .. and search for the chemical finger print of the zika..

B : we examine the size, porosity and other features of the placenta to find out if the placenta was damaged during the genesis process of the womb..

C : We examine for the damage done to cells in the foetus ... what cells exactly where infected ?

D : we examine the cellular bond sites of the zika virus so that we can find out what cells respond to the virus.

E : we will be able to see what cells where deformed by the examination of the foetus, comparing the foetus to others from the same communities & or Country/Region.

F : we compare the statistics of microcephaly in infected regions by community.. and virus infection rates/ratio..

G : we compare the microcephaly ratio to both community size and quality of life / food / hospitals & medicinal treatment.

H : carry out meaningful analyse of viral patterns for a host of global infections with mainframes and the open computer processing infrastructure. (the first paper)

study into the zika virus : some updates

deep study with photographic evidence

a Brazilian based study with statistical data

a few links to zika virus and pregnancy information :

Update 3 :

Due to the lab testing of the zika virus finding that the zika virus successfully infects brain cell precursors..
The presence of statistical evidence that indicates a significant statistical likelihood of infection by zika in mothers..
results in an increased likelihood of defects in children if infection is in the early stages of pregnancy ..
The evidence of statistical, collated evidence and lab experimentation on cells; most likely indicates to the satisfaction of science that the zika virus is most likely to cause defective babies.

The following two independent studies can be read for further details. : Statistical study and examination of Zika classification as a cause of defects..

The following is a detailed study in the lab

Update 4 :

Progress continues on the world community grid project for the zika virus; With over 1 million results returned,

Further research at this point is looking worthwhile

Read for information on the project and join to add further to invention/innovation in treatment & inoculation.

the report on the vina boinc project for the zika viri chemical examination though computer hive proves interesting... and mentally testing/stimulating,

Showing the problems that properly optimising code for Chemical/Biological examination can face.

zika virus mutation and challenges

zika virus found to affect development - scientific america


We the people believe that inoculation is the most worthy and worthwhile solution since treatment of symptoms of illness cure too late to help the unborn child or indeed the adult in need of treatment in the case of subtle damage to the body;

(Infection and then treatment should preferably be replaced with anti viral inoculation.)

Reasoning ?

simple :

A : the patient can undergo infection with mild symptoms and still pass on the virus..

B : Medical treatment cost more and substantial portions of the native population never receive medical aid.

C : Keep cost low for N.G.O / Charities and health services..

D : Containment, vaccine's prevent host transfer of parasite & virus or germ; in most cases.

E : cope with rising medical costs & deal with evidence from treatment versus cure...

F : work's on polio and works on other crushing insidious pests/parasites and infections.

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