Friday, July 26, 2013

Colloidal gold a theory or a madness

found something in this article that would help explain the colloid gold theory

the tiny particles of gold vibrate within the cell and thusly prove the theory that colloidal gold does indeed help

you see what the article provides by proxy is proof the the colloidal gold would indeed absorb energy from EMI entering the cell and turn it into vibrational  and or heat energy ... the relevance of this fact is that the energy no longer diminishes the DNA and other cells organisational states by basically redirecting energy that would introduce unhealthy forms of chaos into the cell...

the difference between gold and other metals is gold is heavier and thusly the vibrations are slower when the energy is converted and also it is heavily electron shielded so is unlikely to split and conductive so can provide electrons and it also rarely reacts and almost never oxidises so stays an uncompromised metal of conductive properties

DNA breaking etcetera and thusly to my surprise colloidal gold may indeed be more than a spoon idea

and logicically chemicals like this can help with radio therapy and cancer in general


quote from newer research >

By merging gold and iron oxide particles and adding antibodies to guide them through the bloodstream, researchers managed to target and kill cancer cells with absorbed infrared heat.

Cancer cells need to be heated up a few degrees to die, and this technique targets them better without causing damage to healthy tissue.

Read more: via Cornell Chronicle

Image: TipsTimes/Flickr


black-holes as a space to store infinite information

black-holes as a space to store infinite information (c)RS and Steve

due to light bending round a black hole it is possible to store an infinity of light in it...

by bending that light around a tiny hole...

when you can calculate the bending versus wave length of the light it is possible to set it so that the light goes close but doesn't pass the point of no return,

passing though what would be the event horizon at a different angle...

simply because the light will never bend enough to fail to escape...

and thusly to make the light go around for a certain amount of time before leaving the temporal distortion.

the wavelength of light relates to the bending of light by gravity because i am quite sure i can postulate that there is a direct correlation between the wave and when it bends in gravity...

and honestly i believe i could prove it. passing it round a highly dense object.

the moon would be useful for a proposed experiment for that correlation as a mathematical formula of bending versus temporal shift,

i propose micro blackholes may not even have a sideways event horizon at all because of the mass and thusly size of the event horizon being too small.

copywrite RS

Light in stasis and its cosequences to technology

reading the below quoted scientific publication i have a proposition to make :)Light in stasis and its uses (C)RS

crystals can be extreamly pure 
the light held still makes for two and merged possibilities ....
random access memory and quantum computing...
you see the memory would be able to switch states like a processor and or be stored to a defined setting...
bits can modify to make processors and be kept solid to make traditional type ram
bits can go through state evolution to reach a quantum state = processor
and or used like a traditional processor only one made with light transistors and light diodes..
no more need to replace data with complex and slow gates or normal storage
in addition because light is extremely small and capable of holographic interference pure hologram ram can be used this century.

cross phased light in a quantum state = perfect quantum ram
it also makes for a perfect point to access light transistor gates from within themselves of caching and pre-fetching...

both traditional and quantum gate technology is possible and quite patentable (c) RS :-) 

bit modification of light quantum states by manipulating the second photon makes the light processor programmable from outside subzero temperatures and able to store data from normal processors at the speed of light.

light gates prismatic , optical , chemical (chemicals that change density through reaction and or electric , magnetic manipulation) , physical through physical motion of nano particles and of-course gravimetric shift and temporal buffering through interactive prisms

quote :
"While light normally travels at just under 300 million metres per second in a vacuum, physicists managed to slow it down to just 17 metres per second in 1999 and then halt it completely two years later, though only for a fraction of a second. Earlier this year, researchers kept it still for 16 seconds using cold atoms."

Read the full article here:
: End quote

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nano tubing a potent source of cohesive light

nano tubes have potential as a source of lazier light what's more white lazier (c)RS

due to the stated 1 dimensionality they have the capability of being use and harnessed as a source for concentrated light that does not come from a traditional lazier source ...

they also can be used to create focus effect

quote :

Light-emitting nanotubes get brighter with zero-dimensional states:

Carbon nanotubes have the potential to function as light-emitting devices, which could lead to a variety of nanophotonics applications. However, nanotubes currently have a low luminescence quantum yield, typically around 1%, which is restricted by their one-dimensional nature. In a new study, scientists have demonstrated that artificially modifying the dimensionality of carbon nanotubes by doping them with zero-dimensional states can increase their luminosity to 18%. The findings could lead to the development of nanophotonics devices such as a near-infrared single-photon emitter that operates at room temperature.

(Image: Yuhei Miyauchi, et al. ©2013 Macmillan Publishers Limited)

 end quote :
so it can be proven that the material is usable  for purposes such as signalling and fibre optics and other uses such as monitors where LED's need a replacement and this is an ideal material both because it is strong (scratch proof) and resilient.

and i propose the idea also of using it in mobile applications such as phones or laptops and window displays

(c) RS

dolphins the untrained potential

like i always believed having a brain about the same size as a man/woman can indeed be correlated to intelligence of an equivalence ...

suddenly deciding that a big brain is some how stupid is scientific'ly hypocritical

further sympathetic training and understanding is necessary for in an age of brain augmentation and electric telepathy they will make good allies and friends

If you think about the varied perceived level of intelligence shown in the man ...
the same man cultivated or as a barbarian peasant.

you can understand the underestimation of those who never receive a good informative upbringing  ...

potential other than 4 fingers and a thumb exist, even on earth or elsewhere. for more information

Thursday, July 11, 2013

super coolant (c)RS

a possible new super coolant for CPU's and other tech is available...

liquid water at -207 (c)RS

thanks to a paper at Arkansas university it is evident that the new super fluid would work as a very efficient coolant for CPU's and quantum state computing..

as a result i believe it can be used for multiple applications ....

super clean water can be used as a cleaning agent...

combined with ionic's as a conductor etc

as a lubricant when associated with micro ball chemicals as in many fluids used to lubricate ...

so useful for space research and satellites and optics

vibration ejection systems in plants and wing vibration modulation in the honey bee

vibration ejection systems in plants and wing vibration modulation in the honey bee

an interesting observation that the buzzing bee withstands 20+ G buzzing to get some forms of pollen and the formation of vibration energy ejection systems amongst plants

as we can see the bee uses centric floid Bernstein chaos modulation and basic nodal responses in the brain to create centric vibration along the centre of the bee's body...

to which the plant responds by turning a side to side motion into a forward moving force ejection..

presumably using bellow like ejectors.


classic systems use the nectar with pollen coating >

Monday, July 8, 2013

Relativity versus Gravity

Relativity versus Gravity

gravity is defined as a field ... however in all energy related tasks the amount of effect a given mass and momentum has on another also relates to how much of it it is experiencing...

due to the almost minimal passage of time in an event horizon the relative amount of matter you are experiencing compared to the actual mass of a black hold ... should be almost infinitesimal amount..

lets put it like this gravity relates to a given mass and is supposedly a field (although Einstein says its not if you look closely) ... now a field in a gravity well would have a slower clock and thusly a slower wave ...
the simpler the wave the slower time related to this would be to the observer..

so effectively the argument would be slower time versus the outside = less force in a given time period.

however if we can prove that gravity doesn't vary with mass and time we can prove that time is most probably force vector on a bran.

if we can prove that gravity relates to a force that is not effected by time but affects it we can prove it is a root force. and leads to time

a gravity well with its time slowing properties makes for a puzzling concept ...

for when we relate time to gravity the force all seems to be one way ...
if a force affects another it is normally also true due to the rule of opposites that time will affect gravity and thusly we should be able to prove the relationship between gravity and time..

mass distorts space time ... mass makes gravity as an effect on the continuum ... in computing terms mass uses more clock cycles that massless space and thusly is observably slower ; relative to space without mass.