Monday, July 8, 2013

Relativity versus Gravity

Relativity versus Gravity

gravity is defined as a field ... however in all energy related tasks the amount of effect a given mass and momentum has on another also relates to how much of it it is experiencing...

due to the almost minimal passage of time in an event horizon the relative amount of matter you are experiencing compared to the actual mass of a black hold ... should be almost infinitesimal amount..

lets put it like this gravity relates to a given mass and is supposedly a field (although Einstein says its not if you look closely) ... now a field in a gravity well would have a slower clock and thusly a slower wave ...
the simpler the wave the slower time related to this would be to the observer..

so effectively the argument would be slower time versus the outside = less force in a given time period.

however if we can prove that gravity doesn't vary with mass and time we can prove that time is most probably force vector on a bran.

if we can prove that gravity relates to a force that is not effected by time but affects it we can prove it is a root force. and leads to time

a gravity well with its time slowing properties makes for a puzzling concept ...

for when we relate time to gravity the force all seems to be one way ...
if a force affects another it is normally also true due to the rule of opposites that time will affect gravity and thusly we should be able to prove the relationship between gravity and time..

mass distorts space time ... mass makes gravity as an effect on the continuum ... in computing terms mass uses more clock cycles that massless space and thusly is observably slower ; relative to space without mass.

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