Saturday, June 30, 2012


chaos ....

the word defines the objective of reality ; or so one could think.

however the laws defining our being and some of the simplest we have.


all things are connected,
all earths are a seed,
all life together.

matter interacts cosmically as well as locally through continuous matter and energy flows..

portals are mear'ly a true balancing of these facts

true vision is one clear of all diversion from the core goal.

to see plainly one simply looks clear of judgment.


Friday, June 29, 2012

Wormholes and logic space

within bubble theory the worm hole is illogical if directly following the law of cosmic space ; 
without a suitably over powering force from the outside... 
however in the bubbles = intestines model it is possible with ripples, 
however wormholes would most likely detach from reality and 90% of the time be unstable to the symmetric particle core.

reason outlives a purpose  if it outlives imagination

for no one would shine in their meager way where it not for the challenges expected in life ; that we come into this world never expecting to understand every thing ; 
but always trying to.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Saturn and titan proving that no two planets realy have the same atmosphere

Casius passes the Saturn rings (link)

Saturn and titan with their distinctness's

but did you notice the different colours of the atmospheres ...

could be the colour emited is caused by the most common isotopes ;)

but thy already know that ...

so why is saturn's blue  and titan's red ; apart from the reflection of light form the surface ....

but it does prove that the atmosphere has its own unique colour response. :-)

think about that...

also ..
a question is if saturn has a mostly hydrogen atmosphere where did titans nitrogen come from ? ;)

bearing in mind specific powers of gravity and location.

Ok i have looked at this post in wonder! However I do have several questions to answer and these may be of more objective worth to the mind.

For example the Question where does the difference between Titan and Saturn come from being that they are in the same location by approximation, Now hydrogen & lower density mass; elements bleed ..

However Saturn would be exposed to the same mixture of chemicals & atoms so ... how much nitrogen does Saturn contain? how would we prove the presence of a mass filtered atom ? look deep

How much can we & will we see?

What about the theoretical size of the seed to the planets, Can we approximate the original seed size?

What chemicals originally clung to the seed body?

How cold was the seed?

How long does this formation take ?

Given the assumption that mars's magnetic field is assumed to protect the atmosphere of mars less than earth because the field became weaker over time.. How strong was Saturn's field & how does it fluctuate over time; Expand or diminish? If so when, where and why?!

When we talk about planets there are quite a few questions to answer or ask.

Questioning the planets, Asking of the stars.


Black holes and interesting facts

an interesting fact or 2

black holes emit light when thy absorb matter ....

apparently always ...

so a question : why are we not all being baked by a giant Gama ray burst projecting back at us from above the milky way ?  ;-)

why don't we see a massive cloud of gas above the milky way :p ...

is the milky way really old enough to have spewed all the material from around the milky way center (creamy center) and still be alive ? ;p

do you really think we are the one galaxy we can see that doesn't have a burning Star laser at it's center and that that isn't improbable ;-D

yes you know god is a totally improbable idea and aliens i mean every one knows we are the be and end all of intelligent life in the cosmos and we are supposed to believe that ; while the idea of an intelligent planner/interferer  is considered ridiculous. haha

Monday, June 11, 2012

Big Bang still happening

the concept of empty space ; we take for granted its empty :)
however its not ... the big bang is still happening !

all that you need is a lack of gravity and particles and the new atoms appear and thus proving that empty space ; really is not empty at all.

so what event did make it possible for there to be a 90% positive force universe ?

now that is a question that deserves an answer..

*to infinity and beyond*

Friday, June 8, 2012

Charged field found at center of milkyway

an interesting observation of the electrons moving around the milky way leads me to some questions...

in view of a video i saw the other day about the empty space being draged by gavity even from such a body as earth....

and thus deforming the space (that exists in space vacum empty space) and on earth between atoms ...

it leads me to assume that gravity can provide inertia , possibly
or that the magnetic fields from the black hole could do it :p

but in view of the fact that the spinning electrons and positrons are creating energy flows and emitting radiation i can only assume that the gravametric inertia slowly caused them to spin over millions of years...

i would postulate that these forces are also dangerous to space travelers as high energy particles , ions and charged particles are quite dangerous to living matter or indeed machines...