Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Black holes and interesting facts

an interesting fact or 2

black holes emit light when thy absorb matter ....

apparently always ...

so a question : why are we not all being baked by a giant Gama ray burst projecting back at us from above the milky way ?  ;-)

why don't we see a massive cloud of gas above the milky way :p ...

is the milky way really old enough to have spewed all the material from around the milky way center (creamy center) and still be alive ? ;p

do you really think we are the one galaxy we can see that doesn't have a burning Star laser at it's center and that that isn't improbable ;-D

yes you know god is a totally improbable idea and aliens i mean every one knows we are the be and end all of intelligent life in the cosmos and we are supposed to believe that ; while the idea of an intelligent planner/interferer  is considered ridiculous. haha

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