Tuesday, February 25, 2014

missing the feeling a psychiatric exam by proxy and logical assumption

missing the feeling a psychiatric exam by proxy and logical assumption

A problem with modern health care in the department of brain mechanics.....
not every where , Is that people do not get to discuss the issue with an intelligent and listening opposition...

Observation & studied diagnosis as Sigmund Freud or psychology might say is the centre of diagnosis....

Now science is founded upon observational study of both the benefits and problems with an idea or mode of thought but centred around logis the core logic of argument.

Science requires a case by case study of a principle where an idea is tested while implemented and can come under criticism and hypothetical testing.

So for example a drug that generically lowers dopamine levels is not the cure for every problem and its universal usage for all psychiatric problems is a form of malpractice and voodoo hocus pocus..

For example getting through the idea that someone is under weight is more important to the anorexic than making them hungry (but this can help & hemp oil for example) or using water retaining chemicals that make them look healthier by illusion.

Basically today we life lives of wealth by defending shoddy ideas , While good ones often go untended, that is obviously not always the case , However medical pharmaceutical companies go to great lengths to insure your treatment is not a simple chat or cast made of plaster.

The fact is today the treatment of injuries through non permanent methods is one of the most flawed propagated greed within societies.

(C)Rupert S

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Revolution in Processor clocks universal patent application

Revolution in Processor clocks universal patent application

The use of an atomic translation clock in CPU's and medical devices and the use of other outlined devices in transition.

some facts have come together today :) (c)RS

Several days ago there was a publication on a purer laser , it offers a light with less wave lengths in it,
due to its use of a transparent silicone layer...


Now when making a Bose Einstein condensate for scientific study and to make an atomic clock based upon the wave fluctuations of atoms one would have side band frequencies in the light used that would disrupt the condensate .... and to use expensive lasers .....

Now with a purer semi conductor laser it would be possible to make a very small condensate of a tiny size for relatively little cost.

the following article deals with the evolution of the Bose Einstein condensate >

The fact remains that since atomic transitions can be used to make a clock , That with the use of the silicon containing lasers it will now be possible to mass produce ultra accurate clocks .....

The relevance of this is many-fold , For example one very big point is computer and hardware device clocks ... In the past and present they often use silicone crystals and a circuit ,
This circuit seems precise but the new clock can and will exceed the speed of transition that the traditional clock can and will even with a circuit (this gets hot),
Thusally provide room for faster computation and more accurate interpretations of data ,
Usable by a factor of thousands to millions because of it's speed and precision....


Another clock is to use the spin direction of light ....
Having a known spin at point A to point B the vibration speed of light can directly be used as a clock .... in effect the light vibration is the clock....

The atomic spin that is relevant to the quantum computer will and is able to be used as a clock output for a CPU

The same goes for the use of sound vibration and vibration through ultra dense solids.

Black holes : Matrix of density

Such an ultra dense material as a black hole contains the density to compress the wave length,
In principle depending on the properties of the waves within the medium to infinity..
However due to the nature of differing waves the combining principle of the combined wave forms may diverge from the principles found within this universe,

The differences found in heavy bosons and wu particles for example mean that particles perceptibly differing in principle and action compared to matter density; energy; Gravity and fluctuations in quantum and other forces create divergence in principle over time.

Existence thusly is not always the same in principle or function & or action or potential.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

neural interfaces through proxy a feeling of communication

Neural interfaces through proxy a feeling of communication patent app (c)RS

Basically nerve impulses can be transferred from devices to the body by several methods...

Sound pulses / vibrations can transfer to the skin and from it using skin tension.. over muscled areas, As you may know muscles exist on anything from your face to your eyes and so variable ultra sound waves can be used to read eye movements and tension in skin read using it...

The same goes for micro Infra-red that can read small changes in skin and iris movements to feel what the gamer / liar is focusing on and thinking about.

Electric impulses don't need to know the system , just be compatible with the system to the degree a person or animal can learn to interpret it..

Basically small light sensitive pads are placed close to the eye / skin and can read the light shift in the skin and or eyes and so provide a communication method both for what you feel and data transfer using human/mammal data compatible transfer protocol,
Thusly direct computer interface using a safe and re-usable method and this will provide both limb replacement or additions and feelings or programs such as tv or data storage and the same goes for direct neural interference using the above mentioned methods.

Menu's can be read , emotions read and interpreted through these methods....

People can learn to feel and interpret the signals like learning english and a good data rate achieved through ....

Heat / Light / Vibration sensitivity and of-course sound and electricity and taste.....

Eventually trained individuals / learners of the lingo can learn to understand almost any natural neural interface be it on the arm or on the head or neck and indeed connected through one nerve or another.

Rupert S

why phones under the breast might be a bad idea for cancer and a couple of ideas

basically i believe fatty tissue has higher water content and is a less oxygen intensive environment than muscle cells ....

so because of this is not as well designed for the hydroxide made in the cells by the passing radiation....

higher water content within the fat cells can i believe quickly turn into bad fats in a place not expecting a high rate of acid and alkaline... such as is found in active tissues.

so bad ions quickly turn into a long term illness in the vulnerable regenerating tissues of the breast.
and can quickly turn into dioxins..

but cancers are vulnerable to radiation also.. and i suspect breast cancer particularly so.

i might suggest placing a radiation defuser and or shield to lessen the radiation towards the body , so it is not concentrated close to the fat..

also i would recommend the use of a program like juice defender > https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.latedroid.juicedefender&hl=en


that lowers the data rate when the phone is not being used via the screen, and turning off data sending / wifi etc when the phones internet is not in use.. and juice defender does just such a thing and i use it myself.


cancer in breast due to phone is a possibility > https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151713749837474

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mars rover rock mystery in depth study and critique


the rock is rounded in the corners so unlikely to be lifted and looks dry so one might conclude unlikely to be sticky to the rovers specialised wheels

Copyright NASA - original Rock photo 1

wheels of the rover designed so that they do not hold onto rocks and dust
very small indents provide a very robust and smooth surface so rocks will not be lifted and so it is unlikely a rock passed through the air by being lifted.

Copyright NASA - wheels (photo 2)

so the question remains .... where are the photos of the rock this mystery rock broke off from and where are the chips or fractures in the rock that indicate the rock chipped from the bigger rock..

and in addition is the rock bigger than the tread ? probably
are there moved rock chips or scrape marks from where the rock skidded along the ground , well i don't see them. ;-)

where are the skid marks where the rover tried to climb a rock and chipped it...
unless all the rocks here are glued down , for example by oxidation.

earlier questions still remain unanswered :


today the Nasarians got us a new photo to look at :-)

the new story of the rock develops and it gets interesting :p

quote :

And it's not an alien life form. Research has revealed the 4cm-wide rock is a piece of a larger rock that was broken and moved by Opportunity's wheel in early January. The white-rimmed, red-centred rock caused plenty of speculation when it showed up in a picture taken on January 8th, but was nowhere to be seen in an image of the same area on December 26th 2013 - one man even sued NASA for failing to pursue its extraterrestrial origins. But analysis has revealed the rock is still special as it contains unusually high levels of manganese and sulphur, likely put there by water.

Read more: http://ab.co/N1SJxa via ABC Science

Copyright NASA - Photo 3

: end quote

the fact that the first rock in photo one at the top of the page is clearly rounded and clean , in photo 3 however  covered in brown dust and the second rock in photo 3 is not .... and doesn't look entirely like the original picture (photo 1) is of no interest... :p and as can be seen is of a differing shape...
could the rock really have been cut in half by the tire ? *shrug*

Female sporting events coverage

today and from the beginning  of the Olympics female sports have lacked coverage....

on the bbc the only gold medal achieved so far for the GB team was the female bob sledding and yet while the medal was noted (hay its a gold)
they didnt even play the run she did.

how mundain and unequal can you get when female tennis and football , netball or boxing eccetera gets Zero coverage in the the news.

by the sound of it you could start an all female sports channel and pay virtually nothing to cover it and it could be world wide.

it all started in 1995 when i used to practice with the Brighton women's basket ball team,

as usual people think its about work (the Tories like to say "yes women's rights means every one must work" in fact their policy seems to be that all women should work and that there is no man/woman at home to look after the kids (a kind of quality work i assure you) )

too little time is spent looking after the sports women do and too little effort is mad to cover their fine achievements ...

one example is female hockey , let alone the football league.

like i say one day there shall be some one who gives a shit for what women really accomplish, and just like blacks in so much of early american history and some coloured folks world wide - some one to carry the flag and if it has to be me let me be clear "cover all the sports rather than just the ones you prefer as a beer drinking bigoted man"

yours sincerely RS

#liberty #equality #sports #feman #TV #sports


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

using the sun energy banding to find out about the sun

it means several things (c) RS

for example there are 2 bands of brighter light ether side of earth and a bright spot pointing right at us....

so that shows that sun light is more intense along the planetary line.... if that holds true to our star and any other we can see the axis of any star from that data ...
and also that more light is emitted towards planets and so actually lighting them more than in other lines outside of the natural planetary alignment,

what does that mean to us ? more light is produced for the planets in the system than elsewhere so that quite dark stars from some angles can produce enough light for liveable planets ....
also that main solar flare component is produced to the sides of the solar band (top and bottom) protecting life from the major blasts....

however combining 2 streams of light from the bright sections will provide a triangle of light (the rays come from slightly differing directions and if filtered can provide direct and accurate measurements of both solar size and power distribution.

the light in the directly facing us section is probably indicating that the light comes from the centre to that point and measuring that point will tell you diffusion data of star light through the star and approximately how big the centre energy point is.

Copyright Nasa

about >

Quote :


This image is a composite of 25 separate images spanning the period of February 11, 2013 to February 11, 2014.

It uses the AIA wavelength of 304 Angstroms and reveals the zones on the Sun where active regions and associated eruptions most commonly occur during Solar Maximum.

Image Credit: NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory / S. Wiessinger

: end quote

Friday, February 7, 2014

Revolutionary Brain surgeries that change the future of the young and old alike

Revolutionary Brain surgeries that change the future of the young and old alike

The barbaric seeming art of cutting the brain to solve epilepsy is what i saw on tv today ....
So while helpful it seems it simply revolted me.

So here goes : some functioning devices and help for the brain... (c) RS
Copyright my self first and for most and the united kingdom and the economic unit of Europe.

1 : The lensed lazier scalpel for the removal of tumours ....
Utilise the tiny lazier with tiny mobile pipe using cell pressure nano fibres for a computer controllable surgery device with suction to remove heat and debris...

2 : The use of micro beta / alpha particle radiation in micro capsules to kill tumours....

3 : The application of micro radio powered shock stabilisation devices of 3 microns or up depending on stabilisation issues with nano gold fibres to stabilise brain cells in excitation over a set limit of activity & epileptic fit , So that the brain can remain normally functioning...

4 : The application of hemp related products such as thc for brain calming...

5 : The application of micro doses of Botulinum toxin or other calming agents - To paralyse or calm , tiny parts of the brain partially and retain function, That can and will be restored without permanent loss.

6 : The use of cell channel reforming agents to make the small part of the brain rebuild itself and thus hopefully remove whatever was creating the problems and let the brain reform the neuron pathways.

(c)Rupert S

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Airport 3D Scanners

3D body scanners (c)RS

The scanners could make game characters and objects incredibly life like...
For games and medical practice / training

and do other useful things like finding cancers or broken bones ...
The people using it haven't the software or training to do these simple tasks....

Could even be used to make useful diagnostics and analysis for many reasons.

But is an invasion of privacy, the potential for scientific discovery though 3D Scanning is mind boggling.

(c)Rupert S