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Revolution in Processor clocks universal patent application

Revolution in Processor clocks universal patent application

The use of an atomic translation clock in CPU's and medical devices and the use of other outlined devices in transition.

some facts have come together today :) (c)RS

Several days ago there was a publication on a purer laser , it offers a light with less wave lengths in it,
due to its use of a transparent silicone layer...

Now when making a Bose Einstein condensate for scientific study and to make an atomic clock based upon the wave fluctuations of atoms one would have side band frequencies in the light used that would disrupt the condensate .... and to use expensive lasers .....

Now with a purer semi conductor laser it would be possible to make a very small condensate of a tiny size for relatively little cost.

the following article deals with the evolution of the Bose Einstein condensate >

The fact remains that since atomic transitions can be used to make a clock , That with the use of the silicon containing lasers it will now be possible to mass produce ultra accurate clocks .....

The relevance of this is many-fold , For example one very big point is computer and hardware device clocks ... In the past and present they often use silicone crystals and a circuit ,
This circuit seems precise but the new clock can and will exceed the speed of transition that the traditional clock can and will even with a circuit (this gets hot),
Thusally provide room for faster computation and more accurate interpretations of data ,
Usable by a factor of thousands to millions because of it's speed and precision....


Another clock is to use the spin direction of light ....
Having a known spin at point A to point B the vibration speed of light can directly be used as a clock .... in effect the light vibration is the clock....

The atomic spin that is relevant to the quantum computer will and is able to be used as a clock output for a CPU

The same goes for the use of sound vibration and vibration through ultra dense solids.

Black holes : Matrix of density

Such an ultra dense material as a black hole contains the density to compress the wave length,
In principle depending on the properties of the waves within the medium to infinity..
However due to the nature of differing waves the combining principle of the combined wave forms may diverge from the principles found within this universe,

The differences found in heavy bosons and wu particles for example mean that particles perceptibly differing in principle and action compared to matter density; energy; Gravity and fluctuations in quantum and other forces create divergence in principle over time.

Existence thusly is not always the same in principle or function & or action or potential.

(c)Rupert S

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