Tuesday, February 25, 2014

missing the feeling a psychiatric exam by proxy and logical assumption

missing the feeling a psychiatric exam by proxy and logical assumption

A problem with modern health care in the department of brain mechanics.....
not every where , Is that people do not get to discuss the issue with an intelligent and listening opposition...

Observation & studied diagnosis as Sigmund Freud or psychology might say is the centre of diagnosis....

Now science is founded upon observational study of both the benefits and problems with an idea or mode of thought but centred around logis the core logic of argument.

Science requires a case by case study of a principle where an idea is tested while implemented and can come under criticism and hypothetical testing.

So for example a drug that generically lowers dopamine levels is not the cure for every problem and its universal usage for all psychiatric problems is a form of malpractice and voodoo hocus pocus..

For example getting through the idea that someone is under weight is more important to the anorexic than making them hungry (but this can help & hemp oil for example) or using water retaining chemicals that make them look healthier by illusion.

Basically today we life lives of wealth by defending shoddy ideas , While good ones often go untended, that is obviously not always the case , However medical pharmaceutical companies go to great lengths to insure your treatment is not a simple chat or cast made of plaster.

The fact is today the treatment of injuries through non permanent methods is one of the most flawed propagated greed within societies.

(C)Rupert S

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