Saturday, February 15, 2014

Female sporting events coverage

today and from the beginning  of the Olympics female sports have lacked coverage....

on the bbc the only gold medal achieved so far for the GB team was the female bob sledding and yet while the medal was noted (hay its a gold)
they didnt even play the run she did.

how mundain and unequal can you get when female tennis and football , netball or boxing eccetera gets Zero coverage in the the news.

by the sound of it you could start an all female sports channel and pay virtually nothing to cover it and it could be world wide.

it all started in 1995 when i used to practice with the Brighton women's basket ball team,

as usual people think its about work (the Tories like to say "yes women's rights means every one must work" in fact their policy seems to be that all women should work and that there is no man/woman at home to look after the kids (a kind of quality work i assure you) )

too little time is spent looking after the sports women do and too little effort is mad to cover their fine achievements ...

one example is female hockey , let alone the football league.

like i say one day there shall be some one who gives a shit for what women really accomplish, and just like blacks in so much of early american history and some coloured folks world wide - some one to carry the flag and if it has to be me let me be clear "cover all the sports rather than just the ones you prefer as a beer drinking bigoted man"

yours sincerely RS

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