Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vectors and gravity

(c) RS

the big bang still exerts an in drawing effect on us and matter....

much like the force of vacume ( not vacume energy ) that sucks things back into the single point that is the past...

the matter blasted out exhibits a vector in this dimension which is not as we think it in the center of the universe but actually in another dimensional vector...

entropy pulls us to our deaths and gravity is a reaction to it...

matter together has a faster drawing in the other direction ( like a plug hole)

and time passes as the matter cant be pulled down the hole fast enough...

in deep space the speed of time is faster and close to gravity it passes slowly..

in effect 2 forces fight one another..

the taker and the giver,

in technical terms these forces are called god and the devil or god and death..

drawing you to a destination that ages you , while matter conserves your force and will keep you safe and alive.

effective time at the black hole edge is 0 with the matter in a black hole falling into it faster than the en-tropic state can take it out,

this creates energy and thusly a place where the black hole can in turn be a universe.

in short falling faster grants you time and keeps your energy safe,
but as you do so you fall ever deeper into the hole and thus further and further from the source of life.

in effect entropy kills you while providing you with your life.

in chaos there is but one force of note its called energy and we are created from it,
entropy is the opposite and destroys all energy forms..

according to various sources these two elements create being.

without ether we wouldn't exist but that existence is both of immense value and on a knife edge,
Death ever close , death ever nearer and ultimately the means of expressing life without chaos's infinity to grow it.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Velocity and time

Fine Structure Decoded - Bhushan Poojary 1st Conference Ever -Youtube video link-

basicly the speed of light is the maximum dimensional shift of the wave ( also proving that the universe is a wave :)

i was thinking Y could be argued to be speed and i was thinking that light speed is like a shift into another dimension or direction a vector in fact and this explains why time is different between moving objects going different ways at different speeds

and thus to this video my break through is that :

the universe is a wave dimensionality and maximum deformation is related to the mass and length of the string.
and that the speed of light is a limiter because of energy and breaking it would require leaving the string most probably.

also worm holes in that universe might require string hopping.

basically the density of the string determines the maximum speed a wave moves along the string and its mass how how and low and also speed...

entropy can be determined as energy loss over the string as the wave moves and could possibly be zero

also the size / density and nature of the string can be worked out from the speed of light.

it can also explain the re emission of energy from particles.

cheers RS (c)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dark Matter

(C) RS

the eventual outcome of the universe if sticking to simple physics is its eventual dissolution...

due to the fact matter becomes light and neutrinos and other non interactive or gravity inducing particals the universe in theory grows ever lighter....

the vacum energy or conversely suck force is the result of a force ever pulling energy from the universe...

i dread to think what force is doing this ... but it essentially comes down to a place where life and energy does'nt exist getting the whole universe and in turn just as the force of a cyclone sucks the air and pops energy out of vacum this force sucks additional matter into being.

becouse the matter largely comes in the form of mater and anti matter this does'nt mean a continual big bang creation theory... although it could easily be manipulated to make additional matter.. such as found in the big bang.

however if this is possible the eventual size of the universe is infinite and of course it will continue to expand.

and thus we can be the big bang creators like unto god.


Monday, July 2, 2012

string theory and cosmic life

cosmic string theory as displayed in the paper above offers a few simple posibilities as to how the universal child grows,

the cells formed by the structure mutualy repell acording to the laws of boundery theory..

forming micro cells that expand into full systems..

as the system expands it changes ; in a symetric symirlarity to DNA strings forming the living being.

some day this child will reach adaulthood ;)

and some day make children of its own.

for we are one and the same ; the balance the equasion will follow through and life will reach its state of being.

*this is not the end this is the beginning*

Na Synthetic DNA

there is a destinct line in logic to cross

the obvios :

Na is a metal and reacts to acids and pair swapping..

the chemical is unique ; normal DNA has swapable base pairs

it would not respond well in a nerve cell i believe and in the presence of such compounds as lithium,
a common pharmacutical drug..

it may not self repair as well
it may have to meny complex side affects to truely show all ramifications..

the presence of a metal would imply aquiring more of it from the enviroment..

the sea may not be an entirly sympathetic enviroment for it..

becouse the metal is a big atom it may well be torn from the dna readily... and ionised resulting in an acid etc..

highly responcive to magnetic fields.

*end* (C) RS