Monday, July 2, 2012

Na Synthetic DNA

there is a destinct line in logic to cross

the obvios :

Na is a metal and reacts to acids and pair swapping..

the chemical is unique ; normal DNA has swapable base pairs

it would not respond well in a nerve cell i believe and in the presence of such compounds as lithium,
a common pharmacutical drug..

it may not self repair as well
it may have to meny complex side affects to truely show all ramifications..

the presence of a metal would imply aquiring more of it from the enviroment..

the sea may not be an entirly sympathetic enviroment for it..

becouse the metal is a big atom it may well be torn from the dna readily... and ionised resulting in an acid etc..

highly responcive to magnetic fields.

*end* (C) RS

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