Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vectors and gravity

(c) RS

the big bang still exerts an in drawing effect on us and matter....

much like the force of vacume ( not vacume energy ) that sucks things back into the single point that is the past...

the matter blasted out exhibits a vector in this dimension which is not as we think it in the center of the universe but actually in another dimensional vector...

entropy pulls us to our deaths and gravity is a reaction to it...

matter together has a faster drawing in the other direction ( like a plug hole)

and time passes as the matter cant be pulled down the hole fast enough...

in deep space the speed of time is faster and close to gravity it passes slowly..

in effect 2 forces fight one another..

the taker and the giver,

in technical terms these forces are called god and the devil or god and death..

drawing you to a destination that ages you , while matter conserves your force and will keep you safe and alive.

effective time at the black hole edge is 0 with the matter in a black hole falling into it faster than the en-tropic state can take it out,

this creates energy and thusly a place where the black hole can in turn be a universe.

in short falling faster grants you time and keeps your energy safe,
but as you do so you fall ever deeper into the hole and thus further and further from the source of life.

in effect entropy kills you while providing you with your life.

in chaos there is but one force of note its called energy and we are created from it,
entropy is the opposite and destroys all energy forms..

according to various sources these two elements create being.

without ether we wouldn't exist but that existence is both of immense value and on a knife edge,
Death ever close , death ever nearer and ultimately the means of expressing life without chaos's infinity to grow it.

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