Wednesday, December 18, 2013

radiation in the magnetic field a cause of many mysteries

The discovery means that Saturn's moons and Jupiter's are very likely bathed in high radiation fields for parts of their lives and could even be a contributing reason for the volcanic activity with deep penetrating radiation from the field....

Could lead to the formation of life and of course the dissolving of it.

Whirls in the field or vortexes could also be a contributing factor to volcanic excitation.

Whirls like cyclotronic generators emitting radiation as they lose or gain energy.


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Scientists solve a decades-old mystery in the Earth's upper atmosphere:

New research published in the journal Nature resolves decades of scientific controversy over the origin of the extremely energetic particles known as ultra-relativistic electrons in the Earth's near-space environment and is likely to influence our understanding of planetary magnetospheres throughout the universe.

(Image: Jacob Bortnik/UCLA)

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Monday, December 16, 2013

interpolation for devices

GPU, TV/Monitor, audio interpolation circuit

Interpolation is a method for Combining bit's of information into a usable form that improves the clarity of data, photo or sound & video..

the method involves taking a data set such as multiple local data points in a set and making a sub table that smooths a set of points between the existing data; That will provide additional calculation or visual/audio/media data..

Table of method:

Wavelet compression will be inverted so that the data point set becomes more precise..

Float and remainder are used to evaluate the difference between point of detail A and surrounding points; In addition modifiers can improve existing points by using surrounding data to provide additional input that improves the precision of the data.

Data can be expanded with MMX and AVX/Vector instruction sets and dithered in a higher precision.

Capacitor combined with resistor can be used to average the Sound/RGBA/Video/Data between digital points of a circuit.

Basically by interleaving the bits of 2 bit of color or sound videos can be built that fill the gap in the data table with a combination/additive color the circuit cross adds a portion of the other bit and adds a layer of combination taking a small bit away from the other to form a very high potential analog signal and or digital with random loss bits.

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