Monday, December 16, 2013

interpolation for devices

GPU, TV/Monitor, audio interpolation circuit

Interpolation is a method for Combining bit's of information into a usable form that improves the clarity of data, photo or sound & video..

the method involves taking a data set such as multiple local data points in a set and making a sub table that smooths a set of points between the existing data; That will provide additional calculation or visual/audio/media data..

Table of method:

Wavelet compression will be inverted so that the data point set becomes more precise..

Float and remainder are used to evaluate the difference between point of detail A and surrounding points; In addition modifiers can improve existing points by using surrounding data to provide additional input that improves the precision of the data.

Data can be expanded with MMX and AVX/Vector instruction sets and dithered in a higher precision.

Capacitor combined with resistor can be used to average the Sound/RGBA/Video/Data between digital points of a circuit.

Basically by interleaving the bits of 2 bit of color or sound videos can be built that fill the gap in the data table with a combination/additive color the circuit cross adds a portion of the other bit and adds a layer of combination taking a small bit away from the other to form a very high potential analog signal and or digital with random loss bits.

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