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radioactive waste usage & recycling

Given the long life span of radioactive waste ...

All of it must where possible be used for the benefit of the community...

So for example radioactive compounds can be used bonded with antigens to target cancer...
(not that safe but sometimes necessary)

Radio-actives can be used in  thorium reactors ...

They can be used for pacemakers ..
They could be used for more clocks ....
For computer clocks for mainframes ...

For random event harvesting for RNG devices centralised in servers ....

Radioactive compounds all have uses ...

Stable isotopes can be used in space if a small amount of radiating compound is acceptable !

There are many uses of waste - use it or lose it !
No-one wants to lose 1.3 million tonnes of polluted water into the sea.

There is a use for every chemical; there is a use for every compound ...
There is a use for all that energy ...

Florescent bulbs ...
Lasers ....
Energy for spaceships & satellites ...

As references for scientific study ...

There are millions of uses for compounds and isotopes ...
Find a use for every mole of pollution .. that we create,
Waste is wasted ... now we do not want to get wasted by an inability to create Eco-friendly solutions.

End the need to bury the rubbish by recycling all of it - wherever possible.

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Every form of nuclear decay can be used as a source of energy....

For example Caesium Tokma reactors designed by Russia can convert lower forms of radioactive materials into energy.

Radio energy can be converted into power using an antenna .....

So really there is no form of radioactive waste that is not usable for power.

This realisation is a revolution.

The primary principle of the Tokma is that Ionised & Ionising Atoms (As in carrying a charge)
Travel to a Metal plate and transfer electrons to the plate..

The principle of the battery works by ionising acid & alkaline interactions...
In essence the charge carrying radiation acts like an anode/Cathode pair for charge transfer...
Ions are in effect Dipolar; If you regard the separate poles of - & + as separated...

So an acid, Alkaline battery joins Atoms in a chemical bond; though an electron resistant layer...
That layer is transparent to the Atoms themselves! But not if the electron cannot form the bond!

A Tokma in effect is an electron plate that receives the bond of an escaped Atom with a spare electron; But also a plate receiving high energy Radiation & so creating a free excited electron..

Solar cells work this way, The light activates a chemical or compound to release an electron..
That electron creates a current over a small distance; We use that current...

So principally all this comes down to is : No Radioactive Compound is useless!

We can also use Radioactive compounds for other tasks; let your mind roam free.

Rupert S


HFR Hydrogen Fusion Reactor

When you use a Hydrogen Fusion Reactor, There are several things to bear in mind....

One the reactor is GAS; Gas rises in the atmosphere when it escapes...
Gas does not stay contained!
Gas is not static & gas escapes daily....

There are various ways to contain the gas...

Magnetic (so what if the gas is not charges?)
Field; Do we have shields ?
Metal; Can it withstand Sun levels of heat? (20000c)

Hydrogen Fusion Reactor's produce highly excited energy forms such as,
Beta decay
All forms of nuclear reactions...

Black holes

HFR Produce large electric charges; Thousands of Volts & so produce large fluxing magnetic fields!
That is self evident in the SUN & is the same on earth!

So? Well you cannot truly contain one magnetic field with another...
Well yes? But you Are not expecting a..

Highly charges fast flux Magnetic Field
Very High Voltages in flux
Noise & radiation..
Sonic booms!

Yes the HFR Hydrogen Fusion Reactor is powerful!

But any radiation release is a huge disaster!

So please bear in mind that:

All metal reactors; Don't float in the air!
Don't stay in the atmosphere for extended periods...
Sink to the sea floor & onto farm lands...

Gas based nuclear reactors however:

Expand horizons quickly to cover a whole planet!
Extend radio gas into the ionosphere

Are Very dangerous & Dangerous very quickly!


Light from space as a source of renewable energy,

Now you know that solar panels with light focused from space works,

But we need to specialise the light wavelength so that neither ionization of the ozone layer or heating of the atmosphere happens,

We could direct a cable from the high atmosphere & potentially light collect on a balloon!

Bloons can of course direct light & energy & even carry cables to earth; But the wind is a problem,

We can direct solar energy from the sky if we like with batteries! on planes! or even recover a large energy supply with a solar plane over arizona..

So why not ?
Carry 64000 lead acid batteries into the Arizona desert sky and land them charged in Chicago ?

Cables are capable! but must be light; a 15 series balloon cable & 1500MWatts of solar panels work all day!

Batteries do not need to be Lithium 'Dawn'

We can laser water bubbles & create a motor or explosor or use solar panels to collect..

That light is high energy focused! so we can direct High energy! Efficient!

RS 2023-09-23


Tokmas, A lesson from another world

Firstly Gas ionizes
Secondly Gass goes Radio isotope

Thirdly Gass raises in the air
Radioactive chlorine, Oxygen & Helium bond

Iron shoot through the air in a magnetic field
Radioactive compounds are formed in a tokoma, Uranium for example (small amounts)

Firstly radioactive idinium, Chlorine, (not so much) Iodine....

Heavy compounds sink in the reactor causing turbulence...
Magnetic reactive particles interact with the field....

Micro black holes potentially form.... & explode, in those conditions unlike cern there is plenty of food!

RADIATION folks & Environmentally toxic & radio active compounds...

Not to mention Fire demons & soul eaters....

Heavy Atoms & Radiation of the faster kind like GAMMA!

Ask the japanese they researched this in the 1980's 1990's

They were not pleased!

What I say is not complicated research or reason....

Any A Level student with honours can potentially form a provable theorem on this topic given the right schooling discipline.

(Signed) Rupert Summerskill 2022-09

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