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Matrix of density - Black holes RS

Black holes : Matrix of density

Forms energy at density may compress waveform,
While in scenarios of exceedingly low density such as black space between stars

Presumed & not always light, can be dense in the form of gravity well matrix

Wavelengths can be exceptionally long & modular theoretically exceeding bell space,
The space of the universal container in size..

Therefore becoming one of two alternatives, ultra dense or ultra low density.


Such an ultra dense material as a black hole contains the density to compress the wave length,
In principle depending on the properties of the waves within the medium to infinity..
However due to the nature of differing waves the combining principle of the combined waveforms may diverge from the principles found within this universe,

The differences found in heavy bosons and wu particles for example mean that particles perceptibly differing in principle and action compared to matter density; energy; Gravity and fluctuations in quantum and other forces create divergence in principle over time.

Existence thusly is not always the same in principle or function & or action or potential.

(c)Rupert S

Principally the compression and expansion of wave forms exists dependant upon how dense a material is, For example a sonic compression gun works by the effect as follows:

A wave of low or higher frequency (usually of unhearable ultrasound ...)
Passes through the air (relatively low density) & though an object such as a car, As the wave passes through the higher density matter the wavelength shortens and as the wave shortens it increases in energy yield,
Because the energy of the wave compresses into a smaller period of time.

Because of the sympathetic vibration & or simply because of the energy yield present in the wave..
The object fractures.

So in the case of black holes a space exists in a very small dot, The space in the dot is highly compressed in density & therefore the waves entering the dot increase in energy while the wavelength shortens..

All waves and fields diminish in measurable size & some field effects are affected, Loop, Reverse or change in polarity..
How gravity behaves on our worlds has little to do with the exact details of how force fields..
(The force fields interact with wave patterns by length & energy, The shift in wave form alters the effect)

As can be seen within this principle the wave form differs & so do the affected fields, Also the shift in density affects the fields shown by matter (One of the waveforms affected by density)

Examples of the density effect is the appearance of liquid, gas & solids..
In principle the differing wave length may be observed in the state, However as matter is formed of common "elements" like the proton,neutron,electron & under that mixture the energies of bosons W L

atoms obtain a combined field & a combined property, Energy level, audio, visual, sound & light..
Energy effects, the created effects of a matter waveform & combined waveform's form the existence & properties of matter & so many other subtle effects that affect & create reality.

Black holes can in this light be seen but not "SEEN" as examples of high density waveforms.

Gravity may be a subtle effect but not close to a super dense tight waveform & once that power becomes apparent, All matter invariably will compress within the density of its form.


Are black holes hot or cold :

Considering the information : Waveform compression increases the energy.. lengthening the wave lowers the average energy level over the waveform.

In consideration of this piece of information we can surmise the question are black holes hot or cold bodies in the following.

Compressed waves are higher energy per cm..

Increasing density limits the effect energy has on average because higher density matter needs more energy to be influenced energetically..

However the smallest motion that energy creates has a larger effect in higher density environments, However the higher mass of dense matter consumes more energy moving compared to for example gas.

How Many dimensions does a back hole have
How long a period of time exists within the black hole relative to the matter within it. (Time Period * (time period percentage compared to real time))*E / (dimensions * volume) = temperature over period of time

So hot black holes may have size limitations & be subject to hawking's radiation.
Cold blackholes may be subject to entropic loss & heat averaging.

Both are subject to time periods because of energy, However black holes may be neither hot or cold.

The mathematics are here & answer the question.

Reciprocal energy transfer BH-ATOM RS

Reciprocal energy transfer between levels, 1 for 1 ?
According to animation; quite reasonably inner energy within the bubble of an atom..
Trades force with an external bubble,

In theory the external bubble is the skin of a blackhole,
The basic logic is that a black hole being denser is in the same energy range as the atom,

Exchanging force; Therefore not losing energy information during Hawking radiation.
Cell to Cell transfer & by that we mean bubble boundaries is therefore most logically,

Following thermic law & generally higher energy to lower; Or Equivalent chaotic transfer.

Conservation of information/Energy is therefore proven & logical,
But no-one said that all the information has to be in the same order!

In the case of genetics, genetic transfer & physical interaction or atom smashing,
Or low power levels during brownout on computer chips?
Disorder & Chaos does come into play; Conservation of Energy does not guarantee exact replication.

In the case of Encryption & Cypher text & data & Compression; We have to prove that we Do in fact conserve data,
So proven to work; We do in fact have the proof we need to stipulate that:

Dark matter, Matter & Blackhole physics do indeed have a method to effectively Chaos Encrypt Data,
For our cause proving that we have no capacity to decipher the data; Does not prove that infinitely thought capacities beings will not be able to decipher.

Data preservation & thermodynamics does however potentiate our postulate & theorem of conservation,
Conservation of Energy, Mass & Time.

That is the logic.

(c)Rupert S

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

ME - myalgic encephalomyelitis - chronic fatigue syndrome

Myalgic encephalomyelitis - chronic fatigue syndrome

ME/CFS disease : thoughts : for further research

I think this is possibly a form of tick illness :

Like Lyme disease; root symptoms will obviously be inflammatory in nature & probably bone and joint cartilage issues; So most likely contaminants are present in the blood or lymph nodes,

Fine grained examination is bound to find something, The Alternative is a metal poisoning like Lead.

Rupert S

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