Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Float, HLSL & SPIR-V Compiler Role

Float, HLSL & SPIR-V Compiler Role

Vulkan 1,1.2,1.3+ & DX10,11,12+ , HLSL & SPIR-V
Rule sets : Float,Vector,AVX,SiMD

General Instruction Optimisation Procedure  & Vulkan/DX Shader stack.

HLSL & SPIR-V Compilers jobs are to streamline code into efficient Float & SiMD,Vector,AVX Instruction sets that do the maths in the order most efficient for clock cycle use & Instruction load,store & set cycles.

HLSL & SPIR-V should be optimisation compiler sub-rules for valid Vector,AVX,SiMD instructions.
Complex maths is 90% going to be float & SiMD instruction are clock cycle optimiser's for uncomplicated maths with multiple vectors.

General Instruction Optimisation Procedure  & Vulkan/DX Shader stack.

Firstly the SiMD Shader base language is Assembler with script balanced scripting models

GPU: AMD,NVidia,STI,ARM,Intel ,RISC sets(IBM,Cisco,Del,HP,Fujitsu,Sun,Subset Micro-Processors,Thunder 2,CISC: AMD,Intel, IBM
(Others Exist.)

Basic instruction strategy of SiMD & Float adaptation of the main concerns for all programming models that funnel into SiMD/AVX/Vector & broadly Float..

HLSL,SPIR-V Code is a layer 2 abstraction over the code base Vectored Instruction Set,
Conceptually the baggage is imagining that there is a limitation to level 3 C Code..
Well as SiMD/Vector/AVX/Float is a Algebra maths formula, The basic solution is algebra.

Algebra is the super set within which Shader code exists as a subset of Float,
Understanding this fact is key to understanding the concept.

The role of the shader layer shall be divided into two parts:
Complex maths : (Integer, Float) & Simple Maths with multiple dataset values.

Firstly the Coder separates the two layers that solve the maths algebra.
(FLOAT)The complex maths Objects(Algebra) & (Vector,AVX,SiMD)the Vector rule set Objects.

Polygon (float) Values = Result A,B,C & then Vector to tessellation
Preferably we have the polygons worked out and saved in ram & then we tessellate.

Vector Instruction: Memory Loaded Objects (A,B,C,D,Ecetera)
Instruction sets of bit swaps being common in Interpolation & Anti Aliasing for example.

Vector instruction sets : AVX are in principle to redice CPU Cycle count on multiple Object(A,B,C,D) Simple Maths without testing the rule sets.

The world of Vector involves Bit Swaps (More complex algebra)
& Simple Mul (Multiply) + - & Division /

Bit swapping data sets appears to be a key player in SiMD/AVX
So arguing about Float matters.. and the role of Vector instruction is clearly defined as increasing instruction count per clock cycle for a limited instruction set.

Understanding efficiency is the object of the compiler & we have to test the instruction speed & efficiency versus FLOAT..

Bit Swaps are 3 Float instruction cycles for example versus 1 in AVX; With series of Objects to swap,
Series of 4 for example.

Float &Integer maths Instructions:

Dimensional code such as 3D Polygons,Curves,Ellipses,FTT,Blast & Maths related to vectored noise reduction such as Analogue Vacuum Tube Maths; Indeed Ohms law for example.

So imagine a world where simple algebra is the law, So algebra is soon complicated & involves 3 roll loops.

For example:

For A = 3, C = EMC², D = Entropy, E = Energy

therfor A + B

B = ( G = ( F - ((D/C)+(E*C))))

Exumé Temré
Vector is to simplify cycle, Float is to explain the butterfly

(c)Rupert Summerskill

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

CPU & GPU Problem Solutions

CPU & GPU Problem Solutions: Updates happen

Screen flicker Problems Games & Browsers/OS:

The reason for the flicker may be because of ram page overlap in the pre-fetch/Buffer... due to large ram sizes in the PCI fetch...
Glitching may occur with a low level driver with exceptionally low levels of buffer / Stack cache...The suggested frame buffer is 3 frames,

I optimise Frame cache to 7 the octagonal source code requirements of fetch and pre-fetch CPU/GPU processing tip should be overlapped by a pre organised DMA Compressed data fetch...The same goes for fibre channel architecture..

The frame buffer automatically allocates a loose Paging system.. flex Muscle: Align code & RAM Fetch/Write to Kilobyte Order boundary.

Ordered to be data aligned with the requirements of the cache cycle and data size...

64Bit processors order on 4Kb boundaries minimum up to 64Kb optimum... Larger buffers can afford to lose a 1 to 63 KB but not more to obtain optimum ram boundary aligned cache burst DMA Cache fetch & set/write.

In Vulkan and DX12 over estimated buffer may introduce latency, DMA Cached fetch is the answer.

(c)Rupert S


Compiler books & reading :

Vectored code : tessellation & other functions using SIMD & Compute Shader maths:

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Classic Physics

Theorem : Classic Physics : a Relative Version of events ATOMIC : RS

Classic physics presents the electron as a non quantum event: several versions available

Electrons may move though another dimension when tied to the proton...

the electron passes over a dimensional quartet, A symphony of harmony & attraction..

List : 1A Devastation (Classic Harmony)

By moving in 1 (rotating relative to atom)

2 that rotate on 2 axis around the central point of the atom..
Regard this event as moving on two axis relative to energy requirements to be lower or higher..
the energy is potentially an axis.

By regarding the Energy axis as dimensional; The 3 axis appear in reality..
However the electron moves though such speed in the hyperial dimension..
Hyper space or and subspace,
In & out relative to gravity axis AKA The gravity well or Expansion event : Time horizon.

Potentially the electron appears to be located partially in the place a quanta of electron potential would appear..

So doing the electron may be of any size we desire (In subspace) Potentially representing appearance in reality as the presence of a small field (Known to us as the Electron).

Field representation of all Mass & Mass-less objects; Does create the potential to support holographic presentation & Classic science views of solid & robust nature.

Classic views are thus .. Preserved in argument of holographic, Quanta & New Age Theories.

Dimensions are in effect free, Travelling in them is the thing that costs energy & effort.

(C)Rupert S

Monday, October 28, 2019

Spinning vortex : Black holes in the centre of metal core planets : Planet Core Theory

Spinning vortex : Black holes in the centre of metal core planets : 

Planet Core Theory:

reaction and mass : heat and energy

To surmise the heat created influencing electrons in the core excites matter so much that energy of atoms feeds the black holes speed,
However the energy of the matter is greater than can be absorbed by atom sized black holes.

Smashing electrons at the excitement levels of the core into smallish black-holes proves hard and luckily.. saves worlds from the energy absorbing capacity of smaller black holes..

Theory: The event horizon absorption energy (negative) is less than absorbed electrons with core heat from metal core (magnetic)

Magnetism is preserved and engendered by black hole heat and frantic chaotically inclined balanced centripetal motion..

Strong energies create the necessary speed & energy to prevent absorption of core mass.

(c) Rupert S

Thursday, October 10, 2019


Cloudflare Massive : news : QUAKE G VPS SERVER

Retiring XSEDE TACC's Wrangler system: Creates massive news bubble in VPS virtual private servers CF

No longer accepting allocation requests and will be decommissioned from XSEDE on September 30, 2019.

Plans for the 10000 Core Terabytes of RAM, Multiple GPU Dynamic Cloud VPS System to be used for tasks such as:

QUAKE SERVER : Multi Terabyte Node, Dynamic access maps
RIFT Servers
World of Warcraft
Star wars Online
Star-trek Online

Cloudflare Server node hive.

Amazingly the revolutionary TACC Wrangler ML System offers priority one multi port 10GB Ethernet with internet access of less than 15ms latency.. High security & key location in Texas Arizona..

Wonderful news.

Rupert S


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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Protein function observations - WCG - Protein Interactions : Prions

Protein function observations

"Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy Researcher Developing New Methods for Deciphering Protein-Protein Interactions"

Docking poses of a single protein pose significant processing time consumption ..

" ∼50 000 docking poses for each protein pair. Thus, for a given protein P, we considered about 50 000 × 262 = 13 100 000 docking poses."
"23 642 ISs, which were merged into 370 IRs to define our second “extended” dataset, PPI‐262" (Interaction Sites IR)
Limited computation time demonstrates how complex life is; Being billions of interaction for more complex life forms.

In this example we see that probability of a pose being relevant compared to for example vain size & shape.. Or the particular acid/base/alkaline & Chemical composure of the environments of function..
Also temperature ranges need to be born in mind as bodies function though a set range of temperatures..  18|31

In beings living in for example geothermic vents.. The environmental pressure upon proteins is rather more challenging for most of the life on our planet; Proteins are a key reason for challenge & survival.

Available interaction points also count as potential attack vectors for acids; Oxides .. Ozone and other functioning chemical interactions & changers; Decomposer's or modifiers.

Trypsin in the diagram (Figure 2) brings a memory of the influence large amounts of brain fluid in Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD).. and the bovine version.. however this will have to be examined.

"both SCcons and SCnotLig are designed to target conserved sites, their predictions often overlap substantially.24 By contrast, SCgeom disregards conservation and uses only physicochemical properties and local geometry to capture highly protruding interfaces not necessarily conserved through evolution."

Conservation of binding sites though evolution denotes stable evolution over time,
Binding sites appear to have sudden modifiers that lead to large changes in the dynamics of shape; Chemical interaction & evolved function,
In this rule conservation of function does indicate smaller changes to the evolution of species,
Larger & sudden shifts in function have large dynamic shifts in pattern though-out a biological systems function & design,
Deliberate or random changes.. Have sweeping effects on function & biodiversity,
Large changes or small the complex interaction of dynamic chemical interactions have large effects on biological function & these need to be studied.

Small shifts in chemical composition of proteins have varied effects upon the function of the bio ecosystem..
Such an example is left & right handed prions in Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), Smaller changes could potentially produce astonishingly large changes or almost unnoticed effects.

Some examples:
eating disorders
Auto Immune diseases

Regards Rupert S

Friday, July 12, 2019

WCG - Boinc - Community Science Proposals

WCG - World Community Grid proposed topics of interest

Boinc : Bare Metal VM

Firstly the world community at WCG propose to do many a worldly good for the aiding of social order & good health..


Study into the fungle foot infections including bovine fungle foot rot,
While this topic may seem minor the effects on society of bad feet is annoying and clinically depressing to so many.

Study of the various effects of tar including examination and computation of the locations and formation of tar & excessive poisons in the lungs,
Proposal includes all collected data & informed research in biomedical databases.

Healthy living is the requirement of mankind & alien species alike.

Study of bone fractures & the auxiliary study of XRay examination with radiation dosage assessments., Further study will improve on already successful research at WGC,WHO & MSF (UN)

Study of chemotherapy & radio interactions with antibody proposals for medical grade chemical usage minimisation & optimisation.

Study on the effects of skin burns on healing & of the environment-s best suited to self healing bodies; Under therapy & or ointment treatments.

Rupert S