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JIT Compiler Dongle - The Connection HPC 2022 RS

JIT Compiler Dongle - The Connection HPC 2022 RS (c)Rupert S

JIT Compiler Dongle makes 100% Sense & since it has no problem acting like a printer! It can in fact interface with all printers & offload Tasks,

However in High Performance Computing mode of operation the USB Dongle acts as the central processor from the device side; That is to say the device such as the printer or the Display...

You can supply a full workload to the dongle & of course it will complete the task with no necessity of assistance from the computer or the device.

The JIT Compiler comes into its own one two fronts:

Compatibility between processor types.

Aiding a device in processing &or passing work to that device to run; Work that is shared & if required workloads are passed back & forth & shared,

Shared & optimised...

The final results for example are post-scripts? no problem!
The final results for example are Directly Compute Optimised Printer Jet algorithms? no problem!
The task needs to compute specifics for a DisplayPort LED Layout ? no problem!

The device is powerful so share, JIT Compiler for real offloading & task management & runtime.

Functional Processing Dongle Classification USB3.1+ & HDMI & DisplayPort (c)RS

Theory 1 Printer


Printers of a good design but low manufacturing cost of ICB printed circuits have a printhead controller,

But no Postscript Processor; But they do have a print dither controller & programmable version need to interface with the CPU on the printing device,

Print controlling is a viable Dongle & also Cache but workload cache has to have a reason!

That reason here given is the JIT Dongle that is able to interface with both Web print protocol & IDF Printing firmware.

But here we have postscript input into the JIT Compiles Kernel & output in terms of Jet Vectors & line by line Bitmap HDR & head motion calculations,

We can also tick the box on Postscript offloading on functioning PostScript printers; But we prefer to offload JIT for speed & size..

Vectors & curves & lines & Cache.

Theory 2 Screen

Itinerary as of printers but also VESA & line by line screen print & VESA Vectors & DisplayPort Active displays,

Cable Active displays require the GPU to draw the screen & calculate the Line Draw!

The Dongle activates like a screen with processor & carries the screen processing out; Instead of a smartwatch or small phone that does not have a good capacity for computer lead active display enhancements.

Theory 3 Hard Drives & controller such as network cards & plugs for PCI

Adapting to Caching & processing Storage or network data throughput commands, While at the same time being functionally responsive to system command & update makes JIT Dongle stand out at the head of both speed & function...

Network cards can send offloading tasks to the PCI socket & the plug will process them.

Hard-drives can request processing & it shall be done.

Motherboard ROMs & hardware can request IO & DMA Translation & all code install is done by the OS & Bios/Firmware.

Offloading can happen from socket to Motherboard & USB Socket & URT..

All is done & adapts to Job & function in host.

The 8M Motherboard & OS verifies the dongle, licences the dongle from the user..
& runs commands! Any Chipset, Any maker & every dongle by Firmware/Bios
What the unit constitutes is a functional Task offloader for OS & Bios/Firmware.

The utility is eternal & the functions creative & secure & licensed/Certificate verified.

Any Motherboard can be improved with the right Firmware & Plugin /+ device.



Technology Demonstration

Combining JIT PoCL with SiMD & Vector instruction optimisation we create a standard model of literally frame printed vectors :

VecSR that directly draws a frame to our display's highest floating point math & vector processor instructions; lowering data costs in visual presentation & printing.

(documents) JIT & OpenCL & Codec :

Include vector today *important* RS

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