Friday, December 19, 2014

the price of uncertainty

In reference to the following article

the price of uncertainty

Think about the following situation...

Now imagine a black hole that had a size that allowed it to swallow the particle or quanta of light in only 30 to 49.99% it's probable locations...

now in the case of the uncertainty principle there is a good chance that the light/particle has been swallowed and thusly may be added or subtracted from the mass of the black hole...
Does such an event create a duality ? or an alternate probability version where it was swallowed..

Now imagine the situation where an atom is almost swallowed and it seems probable that it will be swallowed,
In the same time frame as another material is within range of absorption... but however remains larger than the event horizon of the black hole if the other energy source is not swallowed..

The event can be seen as containing the probabilities of three masses within a tiny aria ...
now imagine the first particle rotating round the black hole almost indefinitely and the second being a repeatable event...

What happens - is there a split in probabilities ?
Does information from the probably swallowed particle/quanta ever end up inside the black hole without it definitely ending up inside..

problem 2 :

In the situation where there is a permanent split in the tree of probable universes there is an expansion of the number of places that matter can and could be located..
With every division there is the problem of the spreading of energy,

As you may know with the energy levels within the atomic electron shell, Some energy levels simply fail to manifest,

However there is a chance that they will and so being a major problem for the universe as to regarding energy..

In regard a universe composed of sub-probability decision trees is most probably going to expend most of it's life-force/energy making alternatives.. and that is a big problem.

In an existence where there is no free energy.. Universes that expend energy making probable realities would ever diminish in energy,
Every decrease in central power and so end up thrown into entropies mouth.


So essentially a reality composed of probable alternatives that don't merge would end up suffering death or insignificance due to the force called entropy.

The alternatives for this eventuality are :

A : Infinite free energy.
B : Probabilities exist but never leave the main body..
C : It is all just maths and hot air

Friday, December 12, 2014

the universe of opposites

creation and the balance of positive versus negative force

the creation of time and the infinite harmony of the spheres of creation

one thing puzzling science for rather a long time is the lack of anti matter in our universe and obviously the fact that gravity and time appear to be two unbalanced forces in that there is only time not anti time and gravity have we found an exacting impulse of opposites ?

however in the proposition that there is a universe and an anti universe we find a solution for the basic problem for the creation of matter from pre universe conditions ....

for if the anti matter simply went in the opposite direction in time (a dimensional value or an expression of a sub concept of dimensionality... for one supposes time may not even be a dimension as we see it..

so basically with an opposing universe to counter our own in exacting measure there is no need to puzzle over the maths for one simply can say nothing made every thing for the sum of two exactly massing opposites is Zero and so we can solve our equation expressing that fact.

*thoughts in supposition*

however there is still the point that while we can say these things and think it says every thing we need to know, the miracle of life is still a wondrous blessing to be grateful for..

Friday, November 21, 2014

Humanity , the universe and vectors (random causality)

in reply to the "humanity is mostly empty space" (since atoms are supposedly empty space)


actually the human race is composed of the dimensions of motion,
the arcs of cos , sin and tan.
what the universe is actually is a formulated expression of dimension and the material from which humanity and the universe is composed is simply a small quantity of highly complex information and energy states held within a series of probable locations for that information and energy within a set of rules that are both simple and elegant,
the actual dimensionality of the universe being expressed ultimately as a highly precise series of vectors with a very high floating point and then an improbable Remainder called 'the quantum"' (c)RS

infact upon thinking this i took to black holes and one assumes one of three things :

ether all information about the space and contents are preserved precisely as they where (the rules of conservation and preservation)

or the information is shuffled to some alternative perspective / dimension

alternatively Hawkins radiation is simply the flushing and or randomisation of the preserved data and contents 
or alternatively the renewal of those contents into a new form...

what would science and we prefer the preservation of information or the replacement of it with the new and possibly free to change random.. ?


from the debate about free will (up to a point since we are all made from materials and formula's with a similar code)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Casimir force and the relation between fluids and viscosity

i was thinking about the casimir force as defined in a physics video and i was observing his example of a similar force in the form of two ships being attracted together when moored during rough weather and the fact that waves on the outside of the ships can take many forms that cannot be between them....

he referenced metals , however if you understand the relationship between a fluid and it's viscosity as defined by the electrical energy needed to tear the atoms of the fluid from the combined wave energy within a specific volume and the fact that that energy equates to the fluid's attraction to metals or other surfaces , depending on the electrical wave forms compatibility with the wave harmonic of the fluid...

defined as :

energetic wave : Ew
compatibility coefficient of the surfaces to the wave form of the fluid : Ccf
that the combined field ether is attracted by harmonic attraction or repelled by harmonic dissonance...
and or interfierence for it is entirly possible for a vibration to creat chaotic energy patters within the fluid or serface that will force changes in the viscosity and sticking potential of the fluid and thusly to change the casimir force between the atoms.

thus from this we understand the interaction of waves and energy upon the stickiness / fluidity and or attraction in both fluids , solids and sand..

however while the affecting electrons are behaving in different circumstances to the casimir effects found in electrical wires , the reasons for the force and reaction is the same.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The fight of life to bring complexity ( fighting the force of emptyness and entropy )

The laws of entropy are simple so simple that we divested ourselves of ignorance to it 100's of years ago or perhaps even subconsciously at the birth of life and or before it ever existed as we know it.

Entropy has a simple set of rules but it comes down to this :
Entropy hates complexity and will do it's best to remove it and or create meaningless data...

We use entropy daily accessing the internet to encrypt data for you can hide a great deal of data in seeming emptiness

Random data is an enemy of clarity and life works hard to remove a lack of clarity....
Yes clarity removes complexity within the process of speech and understanding but also preserves data for later generations,
In short clarity removes the uncertainty in what you know and actualises the presence of understandable data in the face of random data or the non existence of data..
(Both emptiness and random data remove the meaning to which life ascribes and through effort generates.)

To demonstrate a simple experiment of thought and deed simply observe vacuum formed random matter and observe that the rules of creation roughly translate to the creation of exact opposites that usually collide within a very small amount of time/actions per energy flow.

Principally scientists first of all wonder that since matter and anti matter are in theory created at the same time the total creation theoretically possible by the creation of a universe of energy is the creation of the exact opposite and theoretically due to the attraction of opposites the annihilation of both within a short time.

In order to prove the validity of my claim : (enhanced and reasoned complexity is the creations way of fighting entropy while accepting the fact that entropy will be used in the process)

I state the following for consideration :

The shortest way to remove complexity through entropy is to annihilate all existential matter through exact opposite.

The second method involves the explosion of matter into empty space spreading so wide that forces remove all complexity very quickly. (Can be observed when a man tries to breath in space without a space suite.)

Black holes are supposedly supposed to evaporate due to Hawkins radiation...
(Hawkins radiation can be expressed as the annihilation of ordered and defined data (Black holes supposedly preserve that) into meaningless entropic data,that is to say that the reason entropic forces use Hawkins radiation is that it supposedly removes defined data and replaces it with random and meaningless matter and or energy)

I propose the following fact for your consideration accept it as a proof so to speak.

The proven effects of thermodynamics is the simplification of the system and the reduction of the energy state uniqueness of the contained energy.
how does one prove this ?
Some evidence for reading :

Light a match and watch wood become simpler things.
Watch the process of decay – decay brings simplicity to matter and animals and germs , plants etcetera come to feed off the decaying complexity and indeed to further create possibilities for complex creation (hopefully non too random).
Within virtual data:
Face book mems – a complex but eventually understood picture becomes boring and obsolete through copying and eventual destruction through the spreading of the mem over the vastness of internet randomness and just like chaos that mem may well appear again at some time or another only to be yet again destroyed.. thus proving that yet again random crazy data wins the day....
However there is complexity and the fact that complexity folds off entropy for a time and perhaps for ever I will further analyse the issue of mimetic data on face book.

Random posts about food and or other common topics are often culled by intelligent minds and the full frontal assault of copies of the data you liked can be seen when ever you like a post that Facebook understands … further more sometimes but rarely you can see the appearance of an automatic rebuttal of what you are liking... in the form of articles that call what you liked false or try to lead you to like something else that may destroy your interest in what your liking , indeed it may compliment it and that is how chaos works,
Further more creative minds are trying to create ether new mimetic data and or remould old ones and thus proving that generically there is a movement to the introduction of meaning into posting ,
Even if the causes can appear to serve entropy by using random ordered data copied loads of times to defeat the forces of sensible and intelligent commenting..
However even such mimetic data that is often used to replace thought in a discussion can and do get created by the forces of originality while at the same time folding the hand a little to entropy.

As can be seen then the forces of creation are themselves the expression of meaning above and beyond the movement to silence and commonality that is sought by entropic forces,
Even if random data is used by both sides in this war or debatable opposites.
in any event i believe the creation of matter to be a defining point in the fight against entropy and furthered by intelligence.


significant dust

they say the world is made of dust that you go back to dust ....
but know the words you create of the significance of dust,
for one long ago there was nothing ,
within the splinter of times evolution you came to being from the foundation of a million seeds ,
the stars that died and where reborn in the after glow,
the creation seed of eternal fire and the ice of the infinite and stupendous mass of black space.

you are made of dust and that dust took near 7 billion years to come to be what you are

#science #creation #Reality #truth

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

are we what we eat (implications of quantum property sharing)

are we what we eat (implications of quantum property sharing)

well i consider the acceptance that we and all things share the properties inherited from that around us to mean that "we are what we eat"
in accordance with fully accepting that atoms share properties with other atoms next to them we can conclude safely that almost every thing shares with every thing else.
such a thing has a profound and universal implication for how we see our brothers and sisters ....
genetics and life...
disrupting this flow seems almost unholy to me.
let us role play the property sharing on several levels,
genetic sharing (sex)
social sharing - hormones and feelings
food and clothing...

simply putting the sharing principle into effect means that anything that is destroyed effects us....

living creatures sharing a common bond of empathy and mutual effect,
for in effect what you are saying is that every object and being has value to the observer and that ultimately we are all affected by every thing , including the universe.

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Error of saying the chines used a 3 hull wooden ship

The Error of saying the chines used a 3 hull wooden ship

some problems the chiness probably do not know about 3 hulled traditional wood hulls and why the british navy ditched the design ;-)

the royal navy found a few problems with 3 hulled ships....

here are a few examples:

the ship is not flexible enough so it breaks if the wave is too big

the ship is not flexible enough so it will fill with water on a big wave since it will and is imensly heavy.....

the hull offers no more defence than a 2 layered hull and in fact has to be thinner than a 2 hull ship will and can be , where the outer facing wood takes the impact of cannon fire.

when the outer layer of the wood inflates/expands in the water the inner hulls are too stiff and the outer hull cracks and or the inner hull can rot and or burn with the crew unable to put out the fire.....

infact because a 3 hulled ship is soo heavy i believe it can barely carry guns

yes on a yot with thin hulls it is possible to use 3 layers and or plywood....
however are the chines suggesting the use of the Japanese laminated wood ?

Sunday, August 31, 2014

dolphin birth

while watching this i was wondering about this "babies born tail first so they can breath" thing....

my thoughts are as follows :
dolphin skeletons and spines favour the forward movement ...
so a baby skull would be inconvenient if placed in such a place that it interfered with the mothers movement while bringing that baby to life... in the womb etcetera.
so the best answer should be that the baby is best advantaged while copying sympathetically the movements of mother as she swims , during pregnancy and during birth..
since because of the shape of the tail it might make it harder to birth tail first ... but then pushing on the head while the baby is inside to push it out would probably make more sense from a physics opinion.

Hologram Universes

Hologram Universes (c)RS

Vectors i believe are an ideal of a system that represents the hologram
my argument would be based upon the principles of geometry and the laws of conservation of energy.

geometry states : between two points the most efficient way to get from point A to point B without granularity is a line , a line is a vector.

if the universe stuck to the pure rules of geometry without error then the line and the circle are ideal examples of rules that are simple to reproduce and efficient in concept.

one would assume that simply sticking to the rules of geometry on an infinite replicating medium - represented within a hologram would in principle stick to an error free copy with exactingly perfect mirror effects.

a mirror effect could be proven when both the left and the right side of your face where exactly the same ( not many people are exact ideal representations of left and right replication )
the same for below as above within a fractal in an ideal environment.

so what are we to assume about the universe ?

few forms of life are perfect vectors
in a vector hologram universe the ideal is geometric symmetry for that is in theory the most efficient.

the brain is an example of a replicating system that follows rules to reproduce,
the brain is not perfectly symetrical mirroring ( however the brain does work well and reasonably error free )

hands for example are of a differing shape and size on the same body...
a fractal represents perfection perfectly ( it can also not if the rules are right )

based upon the assumptions of perfect replication and perfect reproduction one would assume that a hologram universe would be ideally perfect according to geometric principles and if it was not, that the product within it would almost certainly go back to perfection - because within maths perfection and simplicity are ideals not only of the mind but also of efficiency..
however perfection is perfectly boring is it not ? but then we do instinctively strive for perfection and efficiency.

result = (effort) x (knowledge + power + brain power)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Turning classic film into 3D footage (c)RS

Turning classic film into 3D footage

(c)Rupert Summerskill

proof of concept and patent app

by taking classic cinema films (the originals) and using 6 lasers of the 2 polarities and passing them through a frame of a film (a classic example alien) or Casablanca...

it is possible to analyse the crystal structure of the constituting frame and produce a frame of information that reproduces both the formation angles and structure of each grain in high resolution....

this allows for the post production process to take the data and map the light angle of each pixel from the camera lense and also the distance to target for each pixel within the frame bearing in mind the focal length of the lens used and the depth within which each level of blure and or sharpness is produced and upon which part of the pigment splodge the light arrived and in theory the exacting polarity characteristics of each pixel....

mapping these together and interpolating the data to produce high definition frames with a 3 dimensional content and other cool features such as white balancing and light characteristics / energy spectrum....

this process can also be applied to film for cameras and to some degree to darkroom printed mediums.

using GPU and or cpu processed data can be filtered and interpolated into properly amazing product worthy of cann and other places where classic footage is admired and played... for many seasons to come.

Pt 2:

Focal depth calculations 3D: using ML depth of field calculations based no blur & sharpness,
comparing lens information for F point and focal depth, The recovery of this information is entirely possible..
Additional information about the size of objects and people also helps clarify 3D estimations & Enumerated table emulation for 3D redistribution.

Putting the focal information in to VR is also possible, Ether to turn that information into 3D..
Or to visualise depth of field/view.

VR-VMP-3D - Vector tables/SIMD/RayTracing/High Precision Float & Light/Shade & Colour HDR Mapping & Polymorphic HDR 3D Sound, Texture emulation of feel, touch and sensation though Direct Compute Shaders & poly numeric maths.

Haptic 3D feeling/Sensation/Visuals/Sound & Audio for JS/script & code/Open CL/Direct Compute for 3D/Video/Internet HPC.

Friday, August 29, 2014

petroleum - the cost of burning

the hidden sides of burning gasoline and diesel

when ever a gas company is making profits off of burning gasoline and diesel in engines they take for granted that at a later date renewabls can be developed (after being stunted and slandered by the petrochemical industry)

but in this great famine of the gasoline world what will really be missing ?
what is the most invisible side of splurging all our gas on 1970 onward american gas guzzling cars ....

ill name a few things we shall miss :

plastics : glasses , lenses , steering wheels , car seat belts , wheels , paints etcetera...

pharmaceutical industry : solvents , drugs (plastic syringes also)

computer components : diode's , screens , cases , paints

shoes , socks , coats , hair combs , hair clips

phones : padding foam , cases , screens , L.E.D's

plastic films on things , water repulsive films

ladies and gentlemen the economics of the petrochemical industry have us burning it in cars and trucks when those things can easily be replaced by electric or organic.... people think that petroleum should be burned....

should it ?

#gas #Economics #environment #news

Friday, August 22, 2014

order disorder - chaos and entropy

order disorder - chaos and entropy


well ordered things always work as expected .... <> perfect order never exceeds expectations or does anything surprising...

order is efficient <> creativity comes from surprise

life is a system of ordered originality, how does that work*

one cannot expect every thing to work out as expected and have anything outside of that be true....
you plan for war is the survival of a man or a single family in the middle of a bombing run an act of perfection ? or an act of expectation.

do you imagine out perfectly ordered exterminations during purges will leave a single wild flower free ?

would you say in truth that Einstein exceeded his position as the executer of postage stamps... of staple things and an ordered rigid society. :-)

regulation is designed to handle the difficult assumption that a child - woman or man where capable of deciding anything that the rule parenthesise....
an assumption that a person is incapable of a single good act without fear can be proved true or false depending on how a child was and is raised... and bearing in mind the mind of the individual to self differentiate in expression but hold the hands of two twins , are both minds made up about the same facts to follow expectation - just as two bound electrons are supposed to be of opposite values within a synchronocity ... the quantum world differentiates by cause and balance's by act of war - Check mate

for a single most puzzling fact about the beginning of the universe is that order was not present in the actions of the big bang/inflations and sudden appearance of matter and according to our own desire to believe in the impossibility of something not appearing without it's corresponding pair (like socks eh)
for in the presence of created negativity , created positivity..

relationships can go years without the total destruction of love by the desire to get your own way and or be destroyed by getting it.

end of the day the world runs according to lose expectations of what a average person will do and say,
for the desire for perfectly predictable behaviour within a system you create perfect death , perfect slavery and perfect boredom..
100% predictability provide well planed results and 0% likelihood that a system will be as we are today...

Sunday, July 20, 2014

vain detector pen (c)RS

Infra-red vain detector pen (copyright Rupert S)

infra-red also possible in pure polarised light

basically infra-red light is capable of shining through skin...

the device employs a simple detector that will energise when the vein is discovered ...

the significantly different light values re emitted by the light dispersion of the vein allows the simple CPU to trigger the luminous bulb/diode ... and should require a very low powered logic gate based upon a tested neural network .... 200 points or so so shouldn't even need a single AAA battery and might well be runnable off of a solar charging capacitor (c)RS

Saturday, July 5, 2014

what does total freedom cost you or mean

what does total freedom cost you or mean

so meant times we discuss total freedom and don't understand it's motives
we barely realise by how meant rules we live thinking ourselves constrained by laws,
we determine that we need food , and the treatment of things by the rules we determine ourselves to live by.

reality is different from how we conceive; for in fact we conceive by rules and are not unlimited and unbound entities at all , in order to explain why i would simply state the motive to acquire things is based upon the assumption that we need them,

need itself is determined by our limited capacity to acquire and maintain for in the presence of absolute power we have no need to get, make or take.

truth be told we have no idea of what total conception as achieved by creation and the creator really means to those who are determined and live by rules, such as ourselves.


As the creator of machines that are motivated by rules we create; We can observer that a machine made for a specific purpose acts within the rules framework that we (the creator) create,

Observation of life for machines comes without the necessity to regard life with question's as to the motives of creation, However as the motivation for creation becomes more complex the perception of the creation of the motives that created existence; Become harder to evolve into a logical reason for the creation (machine or biological entity etcetera),

From the viewpoint of the creation/machine/AI/entity the answers to questions like:

Why do i exist ?
For what purpose do i exist ?
Will i evolve ?
Do we have freedom ?

The complexity of questioning creation as to the motives of the creator event become harder and harder to perceive as the creation event complexity increases.

Life is rather more complicated than we ourselves can cope with in regard to :

"forming a bubble of concepts that we can sum into an answer; because like algebra the sum creates an answer from varying input."

Intelligence is very important as is the ability to contain the data required to complete the maths.

(The hitch hikers of the galaxy series asks these questions if we notice.)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

the formula of geometric volumes

the formula of geometric volumes and shapes by subtraction and addition

the formula of volumes can be used in accordance with geometry to consider the placement of the box and where within the box that would be most efficient to the box count or the shape you wish ...

indeed using volume displacement and or geometry both the displacement and size and shapes of the sheer lines can be found and divulged ... for examples of volumetric displacement formula V1 - V2

so shape of Vr = (V1 - v2 + derivative of the placement within V1) = (Vr1  + Vr2) =  (the derivative of the remainder of v1 - the sum of the parts Vr1)


further testing of the complexity of a rock placed within a volume such as for example a field can prove that the universe does calculate a volume and the placement of rock minus the corresponding volume of real space to a degree far beyond the capacities of our cpu's to formulate exactly within the time frame the universe used to calculate it and that if a compute could calculate it i would postulate that the universe was an infinite fractal with an infinite data set within and infinite data set recurring onto infinity and or a set of finites with fields of equivalent size as the originator field and therefore set within an infinity or truly inconceivable levels of computational power,
especially when considering the data set needed to represent each rock and atom in the field yet alone the air we breath or the skies above us even at the sort of resolutions we use to calculate the skies.

how much computing power in the universe and just how much power would be needed to run such a machine according to our own models of computational design..


Monday, June 23, 2014

universe singularities and life (free will)

the point on my mind for the regarding of the big bang from any direction is that the universe would be shrinking into a single point....

from my point of view the statement i would say is the universe ether ever simplifies and shrinks or grows ever larger and more complex in an ever shrinking amount of space....

this leads to a presumption of the universe being a black hole that forever shrinks in size ....

gravity as expressed as a movement of entropy....

entropy being the expression of the lessening of the data contained into an ever simpler form (more random)....

complexity stands against entropy and life is complexity,

life exists to counter the essential diminishing of the cosmos and to fight for the existence of itself..

such a thing could be defined as a rule that exists as part of the premise for our existence.

i would assume that life that wishes to survive does wish to stem entropy from diminishing the complexity of life...

to explain gravity in terms of simplicity is one of the easiest ways to explain why it exists...
hawkin's radiation removes the organisational structure of the compressed data and introduces more and more random data to the stored data in black holes....

this reduction in organisation is a natural part of how entropy functions and it can be proven that the originally complex data is reduces to random noise...

one supposes that there is a solution to this degradation of data ... however the random introduction of data into the system provides life's ability to change and do surprising things...

the question is do you really want an exact copy of yourself doing the exact same thing forever ?
would you rather grow information in new matrix's (children) and live amongst them,
or simply exist in a perfect world with a never ending series of exact copies of yourself that grows ever more bored of life and ever more predictable.

entropy is not the friend of protected data but it is the friend of those who will create new data.

any way back to topic,
the fluctuation of data in the black hole suffers hawkin's radiation reductions in complexity,
some would argue data is never lost in a black hole so one must ask what is hawkin's radiation then and to where does this information go ? back to source.

the actions of life to create more complexity that is not random chance is the means to it's survival,
however no child should be born without the chance to do surprising things.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

the nature of emotions and bonding amongst various species of animals and man

the nature of emotions and bonding amongst various species of animals and man (c)RS

feeling are something both from the soul and the mind
the complexity of emotions has been proven to turn people in to lovers , mad men poets and philosophers and or simply ignored as merit-less...

in the human species there are a wide veriety of emotions and bonding and i feel the emotional side of life has gone far beyond simple survival in it's remit and it can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that when it comes to the usefullness of emotions , it can and does come in at least 2 flavours ..

those feeling nessery for servival and those that make life a valid achievment upon this earth.

it can be stated for example that a monky may well morn the dead well beyond the point where it is displaying something simply for the sake of servival and that the mechanics behind greaving for example go beyond the nessesity to protect the tribe and can indeed have a detrimental affect on the viability of that animal..

a fine example is the greving dog looking after it's master when he or she is clearly dead or too sick to provide the sustinance that is the reward for the dogs loyalty...

the bond of the pack can for example extend from a dog to a hamster or from a rabbit to a cat...

the viability of emotions and the perceived sophistication of the displayed emotion can and does relate for the most part to the size and function of the brain of the animal and human..

however the grounds for feeling may flourish in a snake , a hamster or a monkey or gorilla and based upon the species need for emotion can range from complex and long term to short lived enjoyment and tendencies to hang out in the same place or to protect or harm one another...

fairness and emotional rewards such as petting , gifting and nurturing are some but not all of the values and abilities displayed by the emotion generating chemicals and spirit.

for a fact the value place upon the emotion of happiness varies from person to person and animal to animal,
experience and expectations garner , value or devalue the application of emotion to the daily life of living being like mammals and some even dismiss their value completely but for some hind brain satisfactions like sex or dominance...

the range of emotional and character traits displayed amongst a species like the elephant , the chimp , the rhino , the tiger , the lion , gorillas and dolphins and in very apparently hind brained creatures like the bird are a well fought over and studied ground ... feelings and work range from "animals don't have feelings just reactions" to "every animal has some kind of emotional content" ..

however there is little dispute to the fact that brain size attributes and changes the value and sophistication of the emotion displayed,

an animal like the gorilla can range from kind natured with dominance to weak natured and cruel.

for example some gorilla males (alpha) are nurturing to the young no matter how well and hard they fight and are kind or caring or nurturing of the young and or show acts of mercy to others...

however not all gorilla males or females are like this and characters can range from menacing and or cowardly to brave , kind , temperamental , fair or one sided and obviously many other emotional or physical reactions and temperaments.

to sum my thesis i will state :

emotion is not just about survival any more.
emotion can be less or more than needed for survival.
emotion varies to much between individuals to be simply about the species.

*end* thank you feel free to leave comments.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

scanning for brain and body related bursting of veins

Scanning for brain and body related bursting of veins (c) Rupert S

For a start blood is iron based so can and should turn up on a weak magnetic scan.....

2 You can inject a magnetically responsive material that is harmless to the body...

3 You can use a radio emitting material (nano particulate biodegradable)

A simple sound harmonic set to a veins response can act like a radio scanner...

Cross phase harmonic resonance scanner (c) RS

Sound waves don't have to be at harmful levels to be detected and 3 dimensional analysed with computer based interpolation....

super conducting secrets and quantum effects

in reference to :

super conducting secrets (c) RS

my theory of the interaction can follow 2 types of charge...

the wirl pool serve to isolate a large portion of the electrons from the general free electron group and contain most of the noise and vibrational energy of the super conducting material....

there for leaving the free electrons travelling freely
(we may think of the charge we give a material as massive by our standards however relatively to the number of electrons in a solid there is very little charge)
so the charge travels freely within its field moving very few other electrons... for most are held rigid in the cyclones within the material.

in order for the seen resistance to magnetic fields to make sense these cyclones must be very small....

however due to the polarised properties of these cyclones the material will vibrate to the synchronisation charge of the pocket storms and at the same time....

the charges and masses of the combined electron mass should also make the electrons behave more like an atom with less quantum shifting....

that's my story what's yours ?

Rupert S

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

the big bang (the big cascade of light)

it is funny to think that it could be proven very soon that all matter is made from light.
the fact that the idea is basically from before the war and that the idea of life being founded upon waves was a functioning part of many a mythos makes the fact even more exciting.

basically what we are talking about is matter being static light (bearing in mind most if not all matter vibrates).

now there is serious debate about space and time... for i would consider.. if indeed life is a series of vibrating waves , what amount of space can and do they occupy ?

is it therefore possible to believe that we are indeed within a tiny dot inside a black hole ... simply because our vibrations over lap,
how many dimensions do we occupy , how much of what we see is relative to how we think and act.

life a boundless treasure.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Vibrational interference (noise) in quantum fields

providing a proof of wave scattering it seems to me...
and shows that light physically provides momentum (vibration) to atoms,
the motion seems to prove that the waving of light is an actual vector and that it gets passed on to the atom as a wave motion,

this in principle proves that heat and energy is almost always a vibrating wave fluctuation.
further more it directly connects to the idea of super cooled atoms forming a synchronised collection that acts as one is directly related to counter waves in the electromagnetic wave spectrum and vibration as a whole.


reference material necessary to read in reference to the above statements >

Monday, May 12, 2014

Processing data GPU and hardware to consider (application of thought to creativity)

hardware for processing your work can be a big handicap because of just how much processing power can be needed to finish analyses quickly...

in view of the fact that bitcoin mining is a gold rush there are some good calculation machines available and these can be used for generic processor intensive function and work)

in a sense because of all the time placed into making these especially for processing maths complex bitcoin transactions i would consider it worthwhile  to consider using them for honest work besides the dreams of Cray and IBM and sun that can and do provide economical smaller scale servers/mainframes.

the likes of cray and ibm however provide dedicated crypto processor units and i have seen some quite nicely designed processors that provide special crypto units for SSL processing and are infact most probably highly advantageous to mining coin or working out problems


Cuda versus OpenCL - HPC SuperComputing

Sunday, April 20, 2014

gravity is a vector as explained and proven

gravity is a vector as explained and proven

Black hole event horizon is not to be confused with surface .... It is in fact far from the surface ... and has a defined vector and that is why light cannot escape and only because light cannot we are told exceed a certain speed and for a fact this proves that gravity is a vector.

Put it like this if gravity was not a vector then light would eventually escape. (c) RS

You see something must be moving relative to light that prevents light from covering the physical space required to exit the event horizon..

For a while i have been thinking of gravity as a vector and in the context of light we can therefore surmise the following postulates:

Light is travelling relative to something.
Light moves on a hidden surface in space ... like a bran or transfers through it.
That sheet is pulled or moved by gravity and shaped by it > time dilation and compression theory.

In view that the time compression would likely relate to the fact that most forces appear to be waves,
We could assume that most of the universe function is expressed though wave or force line. (representing a line represented in Arc,Sin&Tan over time/space/bit),
Further more the wave function is itself an expression of a vector in dimensional space.

So what do we know ? Time is related to the wave function of light.

Now ether time is some mythical function and effects light without being effected ...

Or time directly relates as a function of the wave density of light,

At some point if you keep shrinking the wave of light into a smaller space (compress its frequency versus an alternate mensurable dimension)
It will appear to another side of reality as a proton or electron or an atom... since it's dimensional complexity will exceed the point at which a particle is formed.. in an alternate dimensional view point.

So basically what a black hole is space compression....,
However the dimension compressed is not on the same line as the atomic vector.

Space compressed relative to light means a higher frequency for light and hence a lower energy in another sense.. and so basically becomes dark energy/mass to us.

Frequency relative to energy (for energy is never ever destroyed)(just annulled or matched)

Rupert S

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

improving the connection in adsl cables and inside a pc and appliances (c)RS

 EMI RFI Noise Ferrite Core Filter for use in signal transfer (c) RS

basically an ferrite metallic core can and does reduce noise....

the concept is to use it on network cables to improve signal quality....

noise to and from the adsl box and to and from your network will visibly improve.

further more using it inside mobile phones and in computer components visibly improves their performance and reliability.

miniaturised versions and plates can be used on motherboards to visibly improve reliability speed and cooling because no noise equals faster chips and cooler circuits.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Universal Data Sets a cosmos made of light

so count that at one byte per atom and what is the data reference set ....
and what is it for a person  simply living in the world based upon known data within a persons visual aray in a single moment ....
data and the universe @Data sets and shift/get/fetch

Photograph credit: Flavio Ricci 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

missing the feeling a psychiatric exam by proxy and logical assumption

missing the feeling a psychiatric exam by proxy and logical assumption

A problem with modern health care in the department of brain mechanics.....
not every where , Is that people do not get to discuss the issue with an intelligent and listening opposition...

Observation & studied diagnosis as Sigmund Freud or psychology might say is the centre of diagnosis....

Now science is founded upon observational study of both the benefits and problems with an idea or mode of thought but centred around logis the core logic of argument.

Science requires a case by case study of a principle where an idea is tested while implemented and can come under criticism and hypothetical testing.

So for example a drug that generically lowers dopamine levels is not the cure for every problem and its universal usage for all psychiatric problems is a form of malpractice and voodoo hocus pocus..

For example getting through the idea that someone is under weight is more important to the anorexic than making them hungry (but this can help & hemp oil for example) or using water retaining chemicals that make them look healthier by illusion.

Basically today we life lives of wealth by defending shoddy ideas , While good ones often go untended, that is obviously not always the case , However medical pharmaceutical companies go to great lengths to insure your treatment is not a simple chat or cast made of plaster.

The fact is today the treatment of injuries through non permanent methods is one of the most flawed propagated greed within societies.

(C)Rupert S

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Revolution in Processor clocks universal patent application

Revolution in Processor clocks universal patent application

The use of an atomic translation clock in CPU's and medical devices and the use of other outlined devices in transition.

some facts have come together today :) (c)RS

Several days ago there was a publication on a purer laser , it offers a light with less wave lengths in it,
due to its use of a transparent silicone layer...

Now when making a Bose Einstein condensate for scientific study and to make an atomic clock based upon the wave fluctuations of atoms one would have side band frequencies in the light used that would disrupt the condensate .... and to use expensive lasers .....

Now with a purer semi conductor laser it would be possible to make a very small condensate of a tiny size for relatively little cost.

the following article deals with the evolution of the Bose Einstein condensate >

The fact remains that since atomic transitions can be used to make a clock , That with the use of the silicon containing lasers it will now be possible to mass produce ultra accurate clocks .....

The relevance of this is many-fold , For example one very big point is computer and hardware device clocks ... In the past and present they often use silicone crystals and a circuit ,
This circuit seems precise but the new clock can and will exceed the speed of transition that the traditional clock can and will even with a circuit (this gets hot),
Thusally provide room for faster computation and more accurate interpretations of data ,
Usable by a factor of thousands to millions because of it's speed and precision....


Another clock is to use the spin direction of light ....
Having a known spin at point A to point B the vibration speed of light can directly be used as a clock .... in effect the light vibration is the clock....

The atomic spin that is relevant to the quantum computer will and is able to be used as a clock output for a CPU

The same goes for the use of sound vibration and vibration through ultra dense solids.

Black holes : Matrix of density

Such an ultra dense material as a black hole contains the density to compress the wave length,
In principle depending on the properties of the waves within the medium to infinity..
However due to the nature of differing waves the combining principle of the combined wave forms may diverge from the principles found within this universe,

The differences found in heavy bosons and wu particles for example mean that particles perceptibly differing in principle and action compared to matter density; energy; Gravity and fluctuations in quantum and other forces create divergence in principle over time.

Existence thusly is not always the same in principle or function & or action or potential.

(c)Rupert S

Friday, February 21, 2014

neural interfaces through proxy a feeling of communication

Neural interfaces through proxy a feeling of communication patent app (c)RS

Basically nerve impulses can be transferred from devices to the body by several methods...

Sound pulses / vibrations can transfer to the skin and from it using skin tension.. over muscled areas, As you may know muscles exist on anything from your face to your eyes and so variable ultra sound waves can be used to read eye movements and tension in skin read using it...

The same goes for micro Infra-red that can read small changes in skin and iris movements to feel what the gamer / liar is focusing on and thinking about.

Electric impulses don't need to know the system , just be compatible with the system to the degree a person or animal can learn to interpret it..

Basically small light sensitive pads are placed close to the eye / skin and can read the light shift in the skin and or eyes and so provide a communication method both for what you feel and data transfer using human/mammal data compatible transfer protocol,
Thusly direct computer interface using a safe and re-usable method and this will provide both limb replacement or additions and feelings or programs such as tv or data storage and the same goes for direct neural interference using the above mentioned methods.

Menu's can be read , emotions read and interpreted through these methods....

People can learn to feel and interpret the signals like learning english and a good data rate achieved through ....

Heat / Light / Vibration sensitivity and of-course sound and electricity and taste.....

Eventually trained individuals / learners of the lingo can learn to understand almost any natural neural interface be it on the arm or on the head or neck and indeed connected through one nerve or another.

Rupert S

why phones under the breast might be a bad idea for cancer and a couple of ideas

basically i believe fatty tissue has higher water content and is a less oxygen intensive environment than muscle cells ....

so because of this is not as well designed for the hydroxide made in the cells by the passing radiation....

higher water content within the fat cells can i believe quickly turn into bad fats in a place not expecting a high rate of acid and alkaline... such as is found in active tissues.

so bad ions quickly turn into a long term illness in the vulnerable regenerating tissues of the breast.
and can quickly turn into dioxins..

but cancers are vulnerable to radiation also.. and i suspect breast cancer particularly so.

i might suggest placing a radiation defuser and or shield to lessen the radiation towards the body , so it is not concentrated close to the fat..

also i would recommend the use of a program like juice defender >


that lowers the data rate when the phone is not being used via the screen, and turning off data sending / wifi etc when the phones internet is not in use.. and juice defender does just such a thing and i use it myself.


cancer in breast due to phone is a possibility >

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mars rover rock mystery in depth study and critique

the rock is rounded in the corners so unlikely to be lifted and looks dry so one might conclude unlikely to be sticky to the rovers specialised wheels

Copyright NASA - original Rock photo 1

wheels of the rover designed so that they do not hold onto rocks and dust
very small indents provide a very robust and smooth surface so rocks will not be lifted and so it is unlikely a rock passed through the air by being lifted.

Copyright NASA - wheels (photo 2)

so the question remains .... where are the photos of the rock this mystery rock broke off from and where are the chips or fractures in the rock that indicate the rock chipped from the bigger rock..

and in addition is the rock bigger than the tread ? probably
are there moved rock chips or scrape marks from where the rock skidded along the ground , well i don't see them. ;-)

where are the skid marks where the rover tried to climb a rock and chipped it...
unless all the rocks here are glued down , for example by oxidation.

earlier questions still remain unanswered :

today the Nasarians got us a new photo to look at :-)

the new story of the rock develops and it gets interesting :p

quote :

And it's not an alien life form. Research has revealed the 4cm-wide rock is a piece of a larger rock that was broken and moved by Opportunity's wheel in early January. The white-rimmed, red-centred rock caused plenty of speculation when it showed up in a picture taken on January 8th, but was nowhere to be seen in an image of the same area on December 26th 2013 - one man even sued NASA for failing to pursue its extraterrestrial origins. But analysis has revealed the rock is still special as it contains unusually high levels of manganese and sulphur, likely put there by water.

Read more: via ABC Science

Copyright NASA - Photo 3

: end quote

the fact that the first rock in photo one at the top of the page is clearly rounded and clean , in photo 3 however  covered in brown dust and the second rock in photo 3 is not .... and doesn't look entirely like the original picture (photo 1) is of no interest... :p and as can be seen is of a differing shape...
could the rock really have been cut in half by the tire ? *shrug*

Female sporting events coverage

today and from the beginning  of the Olympics female sports have lacked coverage....

on the bbc the only gold medal achieved so far for the GB team was the female bob sledding and yet while the medal was noted (hay its a gold)
they didnt even play the run she did.

how mundain and unequal can you get when female tennis and football , netball or boxing eccetera gets Zero coverage in the the news.

by the sound of it you could start an all female sports channel and pay virtually nothing to cover it and it could be world wide.

it all started in 1995 when i used to practice with the Brighton women's basket ball team,

as usual people think its about work (the Tories like to say "yes women's rights means every one must work" in fact their policy seems to be that all women should work and that there is no man/woman at home to look after the kids (a kind of quality work i assure you) )

too little time is spent looking after the sports women do and too little effort is mad to cover their fine achievements ...

one example is female hockey , let alone the football league.

like i say one day there shall be some one who gives a shit for what women really accomplish, and just like blacks in so much of early american history and some coloured folks world wide - some one to carry the flag and if it has to be me let me be clear "cover all the sports rather than just the ones you prefer as a beer drinking bigoted man"

yours sincerely RS

#liberty #equality #sports #feman #TV #sports

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

using the sun energy banding to find out about the sun

it means several things (c) RS

for example there are 2 bands of brighter light ether side of earth and a bright spot pointing right at us....

so that shows that sun light is more intense along the planetary line.... if that holds true to our star and any other we can see the axis of any star from that data ...
and also that more light is emitted towards planets and so actually lighting them more than in other lines outside of the natural planetary alignment,

what does that mean to us ? more light is produced for the planets in the system than elsewhere so that quite dark stars from some angles can produce enough light for liveable planets ....
also that main solar flare component is produced to the sides of the solar band (top and bottom) protecting life from the major blasts....

however combining 2 streams of light from the bright sections will provide a triangle of light (the rays come from slightly differing directions and if filtered can provide direct and accurate measurements of both solar size and power distribution.

the light in the directly facing us section is probably indicating that the light comes from the centre to that point and measuring that point will tell you diffusion data of star light through the star and approximately how big the centre energy point is.

Copyright Nasa

about >

Quote :

This image is a composite of 25 separate images spanning the period of February 11, 2013 to February 11, 2014.

It uses the AIA wavelength of 304 Angstroms and reveals the zones on the Sun where active regions and associated eruptions most commonly occur during Solar Maximum.

Image Credit: NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory / S. Wiessinger

: end quote

Friday, February 7, 2014

Revolutionary Brain surgeries that change the future of the young and old alike

Revolutionary Brain surgeries that change the future of the young and old alike

The barbaric seeming art of cutting the brain to solve epilepsy is what i saw on tv today ....
So while helpful it seems it simply revolted me.

So here goes : some functioning devices and help for the brain... (c) RS
Copyright my self first and for most and the united kingdom and the economic unit of Europe.

1 : The lensed lazier scalpel for the removal of tumours ....
Utilise the tiny lazier with tiny mobile pipe using cell pressure nano fibres for a computer controllable surgery device with suction to remove heat and debris...

2 : The use of micro beta / alpha particle radiation in micro capsules to kill tumours....

3 : The application of micro radio powered shock stabilisation devices of 3 microns or up depending on stabilisation issues with nano gold fibres to stabilise brain cells in excitation over a set limit of activity & epileptic fit , So that the brain can remain normally functioning...

4 : The application of hemp related products such as thc for brain calming...

5 : The application of micro doses of Botulinum toxin or other calming agents - To paralyse or calm , tiny parts of the brain partially and retain function, That can and will be restored without permanent loss.

6 : The use of cell channel reforming agents to make the small part of the brain rebuild itself and thus hopefully remove whatever was creating the problems and let the brain reform the neuron pathways.

(c)Rupert S

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Airport 3D Scanners

3D body scanners (c)RS

The scanners could make game characters and objects incredibly life like...
For games and medical practice / training

and do other useful things like finding cancers or broken bones ...
The people using it haven't the software or training to do these simple tasks....

Could even be used to make useful diagnostics and analysis for many reasons.

But is an invasion of privacy, the potential for scientific discovery though 3D Scanning is mind boggling.

(c)Rupert S

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Anti Oxidants and cancer

you will find that anti oxidants act very beneficially in most cases but that lung cancers are exposed to oxygen so that they survive more commonly as they are in an environment they can use them optimally (c)RS
you see anti oxidants are proven to help cell growth here because the cancer grows faster in a hostile environment.

once a cancer is made my a radio active reaction they can then be protected by the very nutritions that help the body , because hate or love cancer its a part of your body and thus'ly benefits in the same way.

if anything this trial proves the positive reaction cells have to anti oxidants.. since the antioxidants stabilise the rather unstable cancer genetics and cell walls ?
about >
Antioxidants Speed Up Lung Cancer
Scientists have discovered why two antioxidants accelerate tumor growth in mice.

Friday, January 24, 2014

links to great pdf's and space programs that are great for research

European Space Agency

The Impact of Space
Activities upon Society

PDF's in full colour of the plans for space , our dreams and history

a sample of the free publication ( a great read for adults and kids alike)

the greatest space pics of mankind

French space agency


Space Agencies and Governmental Institutions


Aeronautics and Space Agency of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) – 2004 (ASA in 1972) BELGIUM
Belgium Federal Science Policy Office (BELSPO)
Space Research in Bulgaria - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (SRI-BAS) - 1987
Croatian Space Agency (CSA) - 2002
Czech Space Office (CSO) - 2003
National Space Institute -Technical University of Denmark (DTU Space) - 2007 (DSRI in 1968)
Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES) - 1983
Finnish Space Portal
National Center for Space Studies(CNES) - 1961
German Aerospace Center (DLR) - 1997 (DARA in 1989)
Institute for Space Application and Remote Sensing - National Observatory of Athens (ISARS-NOA) - 1955
Hungarian Space Office (HSO) - 1992
Astronomy and Space Sciences Committee – Royal Irish Academy
Science Foundation Ireland
Italian Space Agency (ASI) - 1988
Netherlands Space Office (NSO) - 2008
Norwegian Space Center (NSC) - 1987
Space Research Center - Polish Academy of Science (SBK-PAN) - 1977
Science and Technology Foundation - Space Office
Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) - 1991
Russian Federal Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS) - 1992
National Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA)- 1942
Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI)
Swedish National Space Board (SNSB)- 1972
State Secretariat for Education and Research (SER)
National Space Agency of Ukraine (NSAU) - 1992
United Kingdom Space Agency (UKSA) – 2010 (BNSC in 1985)  


Algerian Space Agency (ALSA) - 2002 EGYPT
National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (NARSS) - 1971
Libyan Centre for Remote Sensing and Space Science
Royal Center for Remote Sensing (CRTS) - 1989
National Space research and Development Agency - Federal Ministry of Science and Technology (NASRDA)- 1999
South African National Space Agency (SANSA) - 2010
National Mapping and Remote Sensing Center - Ministry of National Defence (CNCT) - 1988


National Commission for Space Activities (CONAE) - 1991 (CNIE in 1961)
Brasilian Space Agency (BSA) - 1994
Canadian Space Agency (CSA) - 1989
Chilean Space Agency - 2001
“Decree concerning the Establishment of a Presidential Advisory Committee Known as the Chilean Space Agency”
Supreme Decree n. 338 of 17 July 2001(original version)
Supreme Decree n. 338 of 17 July 2001(unofficial translation)
Colombia Space Commission (CCE) - 2006
Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency (EXA) - 2007
Mexican Space Agency (AEXA) - 2010
Space Agency of Peru - National Commission of Aerospace Research and Development(CONIDA) - 1974
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)- 1958
Aeronautics and Space Research and Dissemination Centre – National Authority of Civil Aviation and Aeronautical Infrastructures (CIDA-E/DINACIA) - 1975
Bolivarian Agency for Space Activities (ABAE)


Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF) – 1993
Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO) - 2005
Australian Government Space Portal
Azerbaijan National Aerospace Agency (ANASA) - 1975
Bangladesh Space Research and Remote Sensing Organisation (SPARRSO) - 1980
China National Space Administration (CNSA) - 1993
Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) - 1969
National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN) - 1964
Iranian Space Agency (ISA) - 2003
Israel Space Agency (ISA) - 1983
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) – 2003 (NASDA in 1969, ISAS in 1964, NAL in 1955)
National Space Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan (KAZCOSMOS) - 1991
National Space Agency (ANGKASA) - 2002
National Remote Sensing Center of Mongolia - 1987
North Korea Space Agency (NKSA) - 1980
National Space Agency of Pakistan - Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) - 1964
Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) - 1989
Space Research Institute - King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST)
Center for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing - National University of Singapore (CRISP-NUS)
National Space Organization (NSPO)- 1991
Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA) - 2002
Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) - 1991
Emirates Institute for Advanced Science and Technology (EIAST)
Space Technology Institute (STI) - 2006