Thursday, July 3, 2014

the formula of geometric volumes

the formula of geometric volumes and shapes by subtraction and addition

the formula of volumes can be used in accordance with geometry to consider the placement of the box and where within the box that would be most efficient to the box count or the shape you wish ...

indeed using volume displacement and or geometry both the displacement and size and shapes of the sheer lines can be found and divulged ... for examples of volumetric displacement formula V1 - V2

so shape of Vr = (V1 - v2 + derivative of the placement within V1) = (Vr1  + Vr2) =  (the derivative of the remainder of v1 - the sum of the parts Vr1)


further testing of the complexity of a rock placed within a volume such as for example a field can prove that the universe does calculate a volume and the placement of rock minus the corresponding volume of real space to a degree far beyond the capacities of our cpu's to formulate exactly within the time frame the universe used to calculate it and that if a compute could calculate it i would postulate that the universe was an infinite fractal with an infinite data set within and infinite data set recurring onto infinity and or a set of finites with fields of equivalent size as the originator field and therefore set within an infinity or truly inconceivable levels of computational power,
especially when considering the data set needed to represent each rock and atom in the field yet alone the air we breath or the skies above us even at the sort of resolutions we use to calculate the skies.

how much computing power in the universe and just how much power would be needed to run such a machine according to our own models of computational design..


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